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Episode 70 Aquaristan Church

「Eh, what’s wrong?」

Selena started at his sudden grab.

It wasn’t only Selena. Yua, Mona, and Aishi were the same. Yua glared at him as if saying「What are you doing? 」.

However, she immediately perceived his serious mood. And right after, following after Seiya’s statement, the shock hit them once again.

「It seems Moka Fenix-san was just kidnapped by someone.」

Selena couldn’t understand the situation. That’s how it should be. After all, her hand was suddenly grabbed and she heard that her mother was kidnapped.

It is difficult to believe it in the first place and it is more so impossible to calmly accept it.

That’s why, Seiya just relayed the facts, which he heard from Lily.

Some time after Nari and Lily left the house for Aquamarine, they heard an explosion. When the two looked back in a hurry, they found that it was in the same direction as the house, from which they left just a while ago.

The two hurried home and saw the smoke rising above the Fenix family.

The church and police-like organization were already on the scene.

They looked for Moka everywhere but failed to discover her. When they heard from the church’s official that there was a big possibility of kidnapping, Lily immediately contacted Seiya.

「Are you speaking the truth?」

Faced with Seiya’s statement, Mona decided to confirm. Selena looked somewhat absent-minded and Aishi was holding her hand.

「Just how did you hear that? I didn’t see you using a telepathy stone」

Mona’s question was a normal reaction. Normally, in case you need to transmit something over a long distance, you need to use a telepathy stone. However, he didn’t see the signs of him using it.

Adding to that, he suddenly proclaimed that Selena’s mother was kidnapped. It was hard to believe even if you wanted to. Selena and Aishi were of the same opinion.

From Selena’s expression, you could guess that she still hoped that it was just a bad joke. However, Yua showed her the reality.

「Seiya and Lily can talk even without a telepathy stone……..」
「Is that true?」
「Kind of」

Mona made an unbelieving expression.

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Using telepathy without a telepathy stone is the same as calling people without a telephone. Even if it called a telepathy stone, you still need to speak to transmit your voice.

However, forget about a stone, he did it in silence. You can’t help but be surprised.

「Let’s assume it to be true, what should we do, Selena?」

Being suddenly called, Selena released an idiotic voice. She seemed to still have a hard time to believe. Towards such Selena, Mona said.

「Put yourself together, Selena. This is your problem. We will cooperate with your decision」
「That’s right. We will follow Selena-senpai」
「You two」

Selena decided to face the reality for the first time.

「That’s right, bird woman. Now you need to decide what to do next」

Hearing Seiya’s words, Selena slapped her cheek and switched the gears.

「I got it. I have no choice since even lolicon said so. Let’s head for the church first, tell Lily and Nari to meet us there」
「Understood. Let’s go then」

For now, they decided to visit the church. However, Seiya didn’t tell them everything at the moment.

That is, there was a high possibility of Moka being brought in the dark territory. He still wanted to keep it to himself. [1]

Nothing has been decided yet. Saying so inside his heart, he moved towards the church.

The church was relatively close, so the five arrived in no time. The church was larger than any building in the vicinity, its grandeur was obvious even to the children.

In front of the church, they saw Lily and Nari, when Nari discovered Selena, she cried.

「Mother, it’s mother. If only I had left later, I would have been able to prevent it. I’m……」

That was Nari’s regret. If only I went out later than I did…..Nari’s heart was about to be crushed under the pressure.

Towards such Nari, Selena gently said.

「Wrong. It’s not Nari’s fault, relax」

Selena gently caressed the head of Nari, who was crushed under her regret.

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It was for the sake of calming down Nari, as well as calming herself.

After a while, Nari calmed down and the seven opened the big door and entered inside.

Inside of the church, there was a receptionist girl behind the counter and a lot of magician-like people.

The magicians inside looked at their group all at once.

That gaze was an unfriendly one. That wasn’t something that was hard to understand. The reason is, the church wasn’t a good place for students of the magic academy.

There was a big notice board with lots of request hanging on it. The requests ranged from subjugation to collection.

According to the system, the requests from the clients arrive at the board and every magician clan picks one of them to complete.

Each request has a corresponding difficulty level. Some of them, even above the senior magician class. There are times when the church directly assigns a mission.

For example, monster subjugation. They need a swift response, so there is often no time to stick them on the board. That’s why they ask influential magician clans to immediately deal with a threat.

In other words, the area was filled with magicians searching for work. In their eyes, the students only come here to play.

As a result, they weren’t looking at Seiya’s group with good intentions.

After entering the church and receiving the glares of a bunch of adults, Yua gripped Seiya’s sleeve and Lily shrank behind him. Nari was holding Selena’s hand while scared.

This was unavoidable. A student was after all different from a full-fledged magician.

A creature that lives, eats and supports his family relying on magic.

They experienced a lot and their aura unknowingly changed.

It wasn’t surprising for Nari to become scared of them.

On the side note, Yua and Lily, who experienced the Great Dalis Canyon, weren’t scared in the least. They just wanted to stick to Seiya.

Seiya ignored the adults and approached the counter. His actions were not timid or awkward, but completely natural.

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Seeing the calmly approaching Seiya, a part of adults sent him an interested gaze.

There was a beauty in her twenties behind the counter.

She wasn’t on the level of Yua and Lily, but she was still a beauty from the world’s point of view. Such beauty faced Seiya with a smile and was ready to listen to his request.

At that time, while he still didn’t manage to speak, Yua pinched his wrist for some reason.

「Greetings. What bring you here? 」

As expected of the church’s receptionist. Even towards a student, she responded by the book. However, her perfect smile cramped soon after.

「An apostle, Bagil Eight, is supposed to stay here. I want you to call him」
「Ha? 」 [2]


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