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Episode 69 Aquamarine

On the next morning after the fierce battle with the student council, Seiya woke up in his bed. But today he wasn’t alone.

On top of the bed, he could see a figure of another person. It was Yua. Last night, she fell asleep in his room instead of her own. If it was the usual, Lily would have come with her, but last night, Yua came alone.

The reason is, Lily wasn’t at home. At this time, she probably just woke up in Nari’s house.

Yesterday, after the battle with the student council and the award ceremony, they joined with Nari and held a celebration party. There, Nari suggested Lily to spend a night in her house, and she ended up agreeing.

Therefore, Seiya and Yua spent a night with just the two of them for the first time in a while.

Seiya woke up Yua who was sleeping next to him. She was still a little sleepy, but today they couldn’t afford to oversleep.

「Wake up, Yua」
「Mn, Seiya. Good morning….」
「O, good morning」

Yua greeted Seiya and lightly kissed him. Without any intention to evade, he accepted her kiss.

After the morning kiss, they went to the dining room for breakfast.

Raiga and Kana were already present there.

「So you woke up」
「Good morning. Both of you」
「Good morning……」

When the two took their seats, breakfast was brought out. And when everyone started eating breakfast, Raiga opened a conversation.

「I didn’t have a chance to tell you yesterday, but you officially became the representatives of Arsenia Magic Academy. In other words, you will compete in Leiria Magic Tournament. I think you are aware, but be careful about your power. The Holy Church hosts the Leiria Magic Tournament after all」[1]

In reality, Leiria Magic Tournament exists to gather the outstanding magicians in one place. A festival aimed to find the talents to join the Holy Church. That’s why they often scout excellent students during the tournament.

「It is all right」
「All right…..」
「I see」

Then, Kana changed the topic. Kana wanted to replace the heavy conversation with a light one. Such is a special magician’s wife.

「By the way, are you two going to the Aquamarine today?」

Aquamarine is an annual festival to honor the water maiden held at the end of June. It is famous across the whole Leiria Kingdom. It starts in the city of Moru and lasts three days starting from today.

「I’ll go…..」
「Just the two of you?」
「That’s how it seems to be」
「After all, Lily isn’t here」

Seiya and Yua were in a mood to enjoy the Aquamarine.

Lily will go around with Nari and join them on the second day. Because of that, today, there were only two of them today.

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「Yes, excessive flirting in public is prohibited」

Kana teased the two with a grin.

「It’s fine, I will choose the right place first」

Kana let their remarks slide while Raiga breathed a sigh. Breakfast concluded on that note.

Aquamarine became increasingly active after its opening, even more than Christmas Eve. There was twice the number of stalls, but more than that, the number of people was overwhelming.

It spanned across the 2-kilometer-long street and was filled to the brim with people, to the extent that you needed to make an effort to proceed further. To make matters worse, the procession will pass here on the final day.

So the streets were filled to the brim on the first day and the third day. Seiya and Yua dived into this sea of people.

Both weren’t in their uniforms but in their casual clothes. Seiya was wearing black pants and a short-sleeved shirt, while Yua was wearing a white one-piece dress and a gig straw hat.

Yua’s white skin and white one-piece dress were complementing each other, to the extent that people turned around to look again. However, when they saw Seiya and Yua linking arms, the male population glared at Seiya.

However, Seiya didn’t pay any attention and enjoyed the festival.

「Even so, it’s amazing」
「Every year is amazing……」
「Are you coming every year?」
「Un…..because of my father’s work…..」
「I see. Did you get tired of it? 」
「No…..I’m together with Seiya, so it’s fun…….」

Towards the sweet space that the two created, people around them felt as if they ate too much cotton candy, it was that sweet.

The two immediate forgot Kana’s warning. That wasn’t surprising. They weren’t able to do it leisurely since a while ago.

With the fan club, the royal guard, the student council, they weren’t able to spare too much time for themselves, they intended to fully enjoy their time together. At that time, Yua found a certain someone.

「Nn? This is……fate, I guess」

Seiya looked at “someone” with a bitter smile. The other side seemed to notice them too and asked.

「So lolicon also came here?」
「I’m not a lolicon, bird woman」
「What? Bird woman?!」
「Was I wrong?  Fenix is an immortal bird, right? 」
「That doesn’t mean that I’m the bird woman」

Yua ended up discovering the members of the student council, who they fought yesterday. By the way, you probably understood, but the bird woman was referring to Selena.

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「You came to sightsee the Aquamarine too?」
「Yes, that’s right. Also, although late, congratulations on the first place 」
「Yeah, thanks」

After they defeated the student council yesterday, they didn’t meet each other.

The three lost their consciousness and simply weren’t able to. This was their first meeting since the finals. The three were in their casual clothes instead of their uniform.

Selena was wearing black knee socks and a mini skirt, paired with a somewhat childish t-shirt.

Mona was wearing a one-piece dress like Yua, but unlike her, she had bulges where there should have been bulges, it was slightly erotic.

Aishi had a white t-shirt, hot pants, and sandals. Easy-to-move outfit.

The three’s appearance was pleasing to the eye and gathered the attention of the surrounding males since a while ago. Of course, the jealous stares for Seiya were included. [2]

「I must say, your last plan was impressive. The last freezing spell was exceptionally dangerous」

The conversation inevitably touched upon the topic of the fight.

「Thank you very much. I never thought you would be able to overcome that」
「That’s right. I thought it was our absolute victory」
「Well, let’s forget about yesterday and enjoy ourselves」

The six rode on Mona’s proposal and decided to enjoy the festival. But Seiya suddenly remembered something.

「Hey, bird woman」
「Haa? For what? Do you want to thank me for wasting all of my mana yesterday? 」

Hearing her words, Seiya spontaneously laughed. The same was true for the rest of the crew. Everyone knew what he meant, except for Selena. [3]

「Wrong. It’s Lily. You took care of Lily yesterday. It is about that」
「So it is about that. You don’t really need to worry. She is Nari’s friend. Besides, Lily-chan is cute」

Nari’s house, where Lily is staying, is also Selena’s house since she is Nari’s older sister.

「I see」
「See you then」
「Yes, see you later」

The group split up here. However, at this time, a voice reverberated in his head.

(……ya!……ya! Disaster!)
(What’s wrong, Lily?)
(Seiya! Disaster! Nari’s mother was kidnapped)

Hearing the telepathy, he immediately grabbed Selena by the arm and dashed.


  1.  Should I change Leiria Magic Tournament to Leiria Magic Games? 
  2. I imagine males as zombies, just beauties instead of brains. 
  3. I have no idea too. 

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