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Episode 61 Final Round

「At last, it is time for the final round!」

The lively girl’s voice resounded across the stadium.

After the unforgettable match against the Aruna’s team, they successfully reached the final round.

「The live commentary is provided by me, Nils. Also, today, an unexpected person will join me! The Holy Church’s apostle, number eight, Bagil Eight-san! 」
「Best regards」


The students in the stadium cheered. That was understandable. After all, an apostle came to provide a commentary.

The thirteen apostles are famous existences that you can’t easily see. Besides, Bagil himself was quite handsome, he was popular like an idol.

「Bagil-sama, I heard from the principal that you graduated from this academy」
「It is indeed so. Can you please drop this 「-sama」 of yours? I just can’t get used to it」

Nils was confused by his words.

「Rather than an apostle, I’m here as an OB from this academy」 [1] 「S-so it was like that. Then, Bagil-san」

Feeling rather nervous, she called him with「-san」. Hearing her, Bagil nodded with a smile.

Facing this smile, not just Nils, but the whole audience cheered. [2]

Bagil was here today not just because he was an OB. He is here to prevent the principal from messing with the tournament like in the first match.

Originally, Bagil wanted to become a commentator starting from the second match, but Leonardo didn’t let him.

Bagil was convinced that Leonardo was investigating Seiya. He didn’t have any evidence, but he could see that Leonardo was interested in Seiya.

Besides, Seiya is accompanied by some kind of spirit. Leonardo was probably interested in that too.

Even Bagil was surprised when he saw Lily for the first time. After all, you can’t see fairies and spirits around the city, even more, she was participating in a tournament.

If Bagil wasn’t aware of his secret, he would have already reported to the Holy Church. However, Bagil knew about their complete contract. That being said, he never expected to see her attending the school.

But Leonardo didn’t know about his secret. Because of that, there was a high possibility that Leonardo would come up with something to reveal this secret.

「The teams are appearing on the stage! First, the team that appeared like a comet and defeated their opponents one after another! Team 86! 」


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The audience cheered once again.

It was true that they appeared like a comet and defeated their opponents one after another, but the cheers were mostly directed at Yua and Lily. That’s how it should be. There were two absolutely beautiful girls present. It wasn’t surprising to see the male part of the audience scream.

But they weren’t everyone, the girls also cheered. They cheered for Seiya.

The figure of Seiya in the qualifiers, who didn’t let the girls fight and took on every opponent himself. The figure of Seiya in the finals, who despite facing the strong opponents was always in the front. The notion of「I want to be protected by Seiya-sama too」 begun to quietly spread across the academy.

「Their opponent is, of course, that team! The academy’s strongest team! Team student council! 」

Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. [3]

Seiya thought, that once they appeared, the audience will become silent, but he was wrong. Even if the student council was usually avoided, they still seemed to be popular.

「All right, both teams have appeared. Bagil-san, what do you think of the student council? It is said that the three’s teamwork could even give a special magician a headache」
「Eh, you are right. But the other team is also worthy of attention. That boy’s swordsmanship is quite a marvel to look at」
「I see」

Such words resounded from the commentator’s seats. There was only one boy in the two teams. Of course, it was Seiya. Seiya looked at Bagil and remembered the previous day.

Yesterday, after he won the second match, Raiga called him into his room.

When he arrived, he saw Raiga and Bagil discussing something with serious expressions.

Seiya sat down next to Raiga and Bagil started talking.

The talk was about the sudden change of Aruna in the first round. According to Raiga and Bagil, it was Leonardo’s own spell『Possession』.

A spell that utilizes his contracted spirit to take control of someone’s body. It seems to be Leonardo’s field of expertise.

When Seiya was still in the Senabia Magic Academy, he also read about such spells. But it was his first time seeing it.

According to Bagil, Leonardo, most likely, wanted to uncover his real identity, there was also a possibility of him trying to attempt it again.

That being said, the target needs to have a strong body and he wasn’t able to use it in the second match. The only possibilities left for him were the members of the student council.

In Bagil’s opinion, if he uses this spell on them, the result would be several times stronger that in Aruna’s case. If that happens, the existence of the dark element would be the key. In the worst case, Bagil asked to give priority to their safety, even if it requires him to use the dark attribute.

Seiya will create a barrier from the inside and Bagil from the outside, in that way, he would be able to use the dark attribute. Bagil and Raiga agreed on that, and the meeting came to an end.

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When Seiya recalled that, he looked at the student council. He didn’t tell Yua and Lily about it.

Like that, they will be able to fight without any worries. As long as nothing happened, Seiya planned to do so too.

From the other side, Selena walked towards Seiya. For a greeting before a fight, her eyes were a bit too hostile.

Sure enough, nothing friendly came out of her mouth.

「I didn’t expect that you would reach the final round. Not bad for a lolicon. However, this is the end. We will defeat you」 [4] 「Feel free」

After this short conversation, both teams were ready for the match.

「Final match of the final block. Start」

With the judge’s announcement, the curtains of the final fight had opened.


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