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Episode 60 Mysterious Flame

Fire violently burned, but Aruna didn’t seem to notice.

Aruna enveloped her katana in fire, but this fire was different from the one before. It was disturbingly red.

Aruna noticed Seiya and laughed.

(Here she comes…..)

In the next moment after he thought that, Aruna was already before him.

She swung her katana with her right hand and Seiya attempted to accept the blow with the Hollins, but upon collision, the Hollins broke.

The katana continued on its way to Seiya’s neck. At that time, Seiya looked at the fire, dwelling in her left eye.


Lily created a Gedo-chan (a dragon that was strengthened to the limit) and blew away Aruna, who almost cut through Seiya’s neck.

However, at the same time, Gedo-chan evaporated and disappeared.

(I was saved, Lily. Thanks)
(Un! But this is…..)
(Yeah, this is not Aruna)
(Then? )
(She is possessed)

Seiya was convinced, once he looked in her eye.

Aruna, who was blown away, stood up and glared at Seiya. At that moment, a sound of a big explosion reverberated across the stadium.

When the two looked towards the direction of the explosion, they saw Yua in a stance that suggested that she released something from the Yurial. And Connie became a cloud of dust and retired.

Apparently, she pierced through Connie’s barrier by shooting the Yuriel from the Yurial.

Indeed, this technique was able to defeat even the strengthened lightning beast, it wasn’t surprising that it was able to deal with Connie.

「As expected of you, Yua」

Seiya was surprised at her decisiveness.

He never thought that she would use it inside the academy. By the way, once Connie retired, 『Silent World』was forcibly dispelled and the sound returned.

「Finished….only one left….」

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Said Yua once she arrived at Seiya’s side. However, once she saw Aruna’s appearance, she immediately changed her expression.

「Seiya…..this is? 」
「Don’t know. But it is strong」
「No doubt……」

Yua nodded and created the Yuriel in her hand. Seiya created the Hollins too and enveloped it in the light-attributed mana.

Since this had happened, there was no need to conceal his power anymore.

As if she was waiting for them to create their weapons, Aruna attacked right after they did that.

Seiya accepted the blow with the light-clad Hollins.

「Who the hell are you?」

Asked Seiya, while blocking her blow. He never expected to hear the answer, but that “something” did answer.

「Well, who knows. By the way, aren’t you going to use your power of darkness? 」
「You, how do you……」

Seiya had no idea why it knew about the dark attribute. At present, only Yua, Lily, certain people in the Arunia family and an apostle, Bagil, knew about it.

No one should have known besides them. However, the “something” inside Aruna said.

「Heh, you can’t defeat me without your dark attribute」
「I see. So if I use it, I will be able to defeat you」
「However, once you use it, everything will be over, you know? 」
「Who cares」

Seiya separated from Aruna and cast『Flash』, but its target wasn’t Aruna, but the audience.

The audience wasn’t able to react to the sudden『Flash』and lost their sight. Utilizing this opportunity, Seiya switched the mana around the Hollins from light to dark.

The audience won’t be able to see for at most 30 seconds. Seiya used『Mantle of Light』and was prepared to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

「Apparently, you dislike towards the dark attribute wasn’t a lie」
「Yua, Lily, please restrain it. I will deal the final strike」
「Un! 」

Yua poured the light-attributed mana into the Yuriel and closed in on Aruna. However, Aruna swung her katana to meet it.

「『Flame God Break』」

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In the next moment, a mass of fire falls towards Yua. Yua avoided this mass and tried to cast『Holy Hammer』. However, right after, the ground below Yua ruptured.

Yua lost her balance and fell on her knee. Not willing to let go of this opening, Aruna cast『Flame God Break』again.

However, just before reaching Yua, 『Flame God Break』vanished without a trace. Of course, it was due to Seiya’s『Dark Wave』.

「You finally used it」
「Of course, it is your weakness after all」

While the audience wasn’t able to see, he could use the dark attribute to his heart’s content.

That being said, if he used some large-scale spells, there would be a risk of audience detecting it. Because of that, he could only use some simple spells. By even like that, the dark attribute wasn’t to be underestimated.

Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』at Aruna. Aruna chose to defend.

「『Dance of the Flame God』」

In the next moment. A dazzling flame vortex appeared around Aruna. It was able to defend against『Dark Wave』.

「Not strong enough, huh」
「It is fine…….」

At that time, he heard a voice from behind. There, was a figure of Yua loading the Yuriel into the Yurial. A white light was agglomerating at the Yuriel’s tip.

「Holy Law」

Yua released the bowstring. Clad in the sacred light, the spinning Yuriel flew at Aruna.

When Aruna looked at the Yuriel, she quietly murmured.

「Useless struggle.『Breath of the Fire Dragon』」

Suddenly, a wind blew in Yua’s direction. That wind was considerably hot and melted the flying Yuriel.

Next, this hot wind tried to melt Yua’s soft skin.

However, the fiancé, of course, won’t allow it.

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「『Dark Wave』」

The hot air was completely disintegrated on the molecular level.

The matter disappeared from that place, and, due to the difference in pressure, the wind blew again. But this time, it was just normal wind, that being said, it was still quite strong.

Up to this point, it was about 18 seconds. Someone amongst the audience might regain his vision very soon.

Aruna didn’t react to the wind and closed her eyes. Seiya looked at such Aruna and smiled.

「Lily, now!」
「All right!『Water Barrier』! 」

Together with her scream, water gathered around Aruna and bind her.

「Useless. I can easily evaporate your water. Once it all evaporates……」

True, her previous attack didn’t stand a chance and evaporated. But Lily was perfectly aware of it herself.

「I know! But, will you be able to evaporate all of this water before being cut down by Seiya!?」

At this point, Aruna noticed. The surrounding ground was damp, there were water puddles all around her.

All this water was left over from her previous spells during this match.

The deflected water soaked the ground. The was also plenty of vapor in the air. Currently, the atmosphere in the stadium was quite humid.

And as Long as it is water, Lily can easily manipulate it.

Even if Aruna vaporized it, Lily could gather it again.

「Yeah, this is the end」

Seiya maximized『Mantle of Light』and the mana wrapped around the Hollins, then, he closed in on Aruna.

Like that, the Hollins penetrated her chest and erased the mysterious being inside of her.

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The mysterious flame said「We will meet again」and disappeared. After she was released from the mysterious flame, Aruna collapsed on the ground, turned into dust and retired.

After Aruna’s retirement, they won the first round, but there was no announcement. Well, that was understandable.

After all, the audience had just regained the vision after『Flash』.

Just as they regained their vision, they saw that the match has ended. They couldn’t understand what happened.

「Etto….The winner of the first round of the final block is the team 86.」

The audience cheered after the late announcement.

Although they didn’t know what happened in the end, they were excited seeing this rare high-level match.

On the other hand, in the VIP section.

「Excuse me」

A silver-haired man entered the room where a man in glasses and a man with scarlet hair were.

「Isn’t it Bagil-dono. Thank you for coming」

Zadman greeted Bagil, but he ignored him and approached Leonardo.

「Leonardo-dono, what was that?」
「Are you referring to?」
「Playing dumb? It is about the possession of that girl」
「I wonder what you are talking about」
「Leonardo-dono! 」

Bagil knew. The flame that was inside of Aruna was Leonardo’s contracted spirit. However, Leonardo was pretending not to know.

There was a tense atmosphere in the VIP room.


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