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Episode 62 The Power of the Student Council

Selena moved first. Selena took out two guns from the holsters on her legs and pulled the triggers. A bullet flew out, it was a mana bullet, not a material one.

Unlike ordinary handguns, hers had a rectangular red barrel and a red magic stone embedded in the muzzle. The magic stone was the source of the bullets.

This gun is called『Magic-powered Handgun』or『Magic Gun』, a weapon that shoots mana bullets. Thinking about it, everyone should use this convenient weapon, but, regretfully, it has a drawback. Mana efficiency.

To use it, you need to channel your mana into the magic stone, where it will transform the mana into the mana bullet and shoot it out. The consumption of mana during this process is big and almost no one uses it.

Seeing her with two guns from the start, you could speculate about her enormous mana pool.

In response, Seiya summoned the Hollins and struck the bullets down.

「O, such high-level moves right from the start! This is the final battle. Bagil-san, what do you think about this match? 」
「Let’s see. The weapon of participant Selena is quite a rare article. Moreover, she seems to have a talent in dual wielding them. There is an apostle that wields two guns too, but she is not much inferior」
「Who knew! Participant Selena’s skill isn’t inferior to an apostle. How are the opponents going to deal with it? 」

Without paying attention to the commentators, Selena continued to fire rapidly without any mercy. However, Seiya struck them down as if they were nothing at all.

「You aren’t bad」
「Well, thanks. But you aren’t done with just this, right? 」
「Right. Aishi! 」

When Selena called the expressionless girl in the back, she lifted her left hand forward.

「『Iced Archer』」

In the next moment, in Aishi’s left hand, an ice bow appeared. She loaded an ice arrow and shot it at Seiya.

Once Selena confirmed the launch of an arrow, she resumed the rapid-fire. But even with an arrow closing in on him, Seiya was repelling the bullets just as he was before.

Disregarding the arrow, he concentrated on the mana bullets.

Seiya grinned and the light arrow that came from behind shot down the ice arrow.

Of course, it was an arrow shot by Yua. There was the Yurial in her hand.

「Such a development! Participant Yua shot down the ice arrow by an arrow of her own! 」

The commentator Nils and the audience were surprised by her display of skills, but the six in the arena weren’t surprised in the slightest.

After shooting down the ice arrow, Yua created Yuriel and tried to attack Aishi, but her path was barred by Mona.

With her swaying green hair and a cane in her hand, she said.

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Right after that, strong winds assaulted Yua. The winds broke her balance for a moment, but she quickly recovered and tried to attack Aishi, who was behind Mona, again.

However, she instinctively felt danger and dodged backwards. Following that, she found multiple knives struck in the spot she was before.

「This is……」

When she looked at Mona, Mona directed a smile at her. However, instead of Mona’s smile, a myriad of knives spinning in the air clockwise was reflected in her eyes.

They were just quietly spinning in the air but were incredibly intimidating.

Yua faced Mona with the Yuriel and the wind blew again, but this time, it was a gentle wind.

The wind picked up the knives stuck in the ground and brought them behind Mona, where they mixed with the rest.

「I won’t let you reach Aishi」

Mona gazed at Yua with a smile, and Yua frustratingly glared back.

「Big sis, leave it to me!」

The voice came from behind. It was Lily. Lily created a multitude of water spheres around her, jumped, molded them into a myriad of water bullets and released them towards Mona.


Mona lifted her big cane above her head and activated a spell.


The moment she said that the multitude of knives behind her flew in the air, collided with the water bullets and fell on the ground.

While she was at it, Lily cast another spell.

「Water Cannon!」

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The water closed in on her from above. However, Mona, without getting flustered, pointed her cane at the water cannon and muttered again.


Once she muttered that the water cannon weirdly turned and fell right beside Mona.

「I won’t go down so easily. I remembered this attack from the first round. That being said, attacking from above and adding the force of gravity to your attack is quite impressive」

As Mona said, although she revealed an opening by jumping that high, she used the gravity to add the power to her attack.

That was Seiya’s proposal, even if she blocked it, she won’t be able to remain unscathed. Mona noticed it and chose to avert the attack instead of blocking it.

「But big sister slipped through!」
「You are right. However, those are things that couldn’t be helped. We decided since the beginning that I would be your opponent」

As she said, they preemptively decided who would be responsible for who. And Mona’s opponent was Lily.

While Mona was facing Lily, Yua arrived at Aishi with the Yuriel in hand. Aishi tried to release an ice arrow at Yua, but she dodged and successfully closed in on her.

And the moment Yua arrived up close and tried to strike her, Aishi grinned.

「『Iced Hunter』」

In the next moment, her bow transformed into a scythe. She swung that scythe at Yua’s neck.

「『Single Light』」

Confirming that the bow changed into the scythe, she channeled the light-attributed mana into her legs, accelerated and evaded the blow.

「『Iced Night』」

When she said it, this time, it changed into an ice blade. Aishi held the ice blade and attacked Yua.

Yua blocked with the Yuriel, but in the next moment, she received a big surprise.

The moment they touched each other, the Yuriel froze.

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She released the frozen Yuriel and created another one. This time, she enveloped the Yuriel in the light-attributed mana, so it won’t freeze upon contact.

They collided once again, and this time, the ice blade broke.

She discarded the broken blade and activated the spell in her hand.

「『Iced Night』」

Immediately after, an ice blade of the same size appeared in her right hand.

「What is happening…….In this match, no one is chanting yet………..」

The always-energetic Nils became quiet since a while ago. The audience was like that too. Currently, no one was able to comprehend this match.

In this world, where chantless is rare, you can’t see such a fight easily. It was even more unexpected to witness it in the student’s tournament.

「Being surprised is understandable. But if you look at them one by one, you won’t find it that weird. Participant Selena’s guns are based on『Transformation』spell, participant Mona has a green magic stone with『Wind Way』stored inside of it, embedded in her cane. Participant Aishi’s blue necklace is made from magic stones. Most likely it stores something like『Ice Make 』inside of it. Those are common spells, and depending on the usage, they can greatly influence the fight」[1]

The audience didn’t seem convinced by Bagil’s explanation.

What Bagil said was possible, but the magic guns required a tremendous quantity of mana to be used repeatedly. Mona’s『Wind Way』creates a wind way, as you can guess from the name, but the number of ways is abnormal.

Aishi’s『Ice Make 』is able to create ice, but the magic stone should have been already used up. However, Aishi used it thrice.

This situation was clearly abnormal. Last year, the student council didn’t use any of it and the students were able to comprehend what they saw.

The problem was with the trio who opposed them. They were able to chantlessy compete against the student council.

They were able to hold their ground against the student council, which is rumored to have the power to compete against a special magician. The audience wasn’t able to piece things together.

This wasn’t anything but an abnormality. If they knew that it wasn’t their full power, they would have fainted already.

「Thank you for your explanation. Then, can you please provide an explanation about the other team? 」

At Nils comment, Bagil broke in a sweat. Bagil didn’t know all of their secrets, but he knew a part of them. It was enough to make him hesitate with a response.

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「Eh, participant Seiya most likely uses the『Summon』type magic to summon his twin swords. I think his swordsmanship deserves the attention too. I’m speculating that participant Yua has multiple 『Summon』magic stones hidden on her. Participant Lily’s water spheres are quite noteworthy, they might be created through the use of something like participant Mona’s『Wind Way』」
「The meaning is, the three are hiding the magic stones somewhere on their body? 」
「That is what it appears to be」

OF course, that was a lie. He didn’t know about Yua, but he could guess about Seiya and Lily to a certain extent. However, saying this will bring the panic.

The student council team though that Bagil was lying. They didn’t know Seiya’s secret, but their observation and intuition told them as such.

There was no presence of magic stones in Seiya’s magic. They felt that Yua’s magic wasn’t of the『Summon』type in the first place. And they felt only the water attribute from Lily’s spells, no『Wind Way』was present.

An apostle should be aware of all those things even without fighting directly. Yet Bagil said a wrong thing.

Selena thought of that as strange, and at the same time, her interest in Seiya increased.

She wanted to become stronger, yet, there was no one in the academy who could compete with her. With that as a reason, she wasn’t able to improve any further.

That’s why Selena was delighted to meet the opponent she could fight seriously.

Selena thought. Thought about her strongest magic. Thought that her opponent’s level was different from the ones before.

She also thought that she wouldn’t be able to best Seiya with her usual way of fighting. With that as it is, she needs a new strategy, a new kind of attack.

「If it is now…..」

Theoretically, this spell was completed. She was almost able to cast it hundreds, no, thousands of times. However, she didn’t succeed even once. She was afraid.

The spell she was about to activate was difficult to control, even for her. In a case of this spell going out of control, there might be victims.

Even if they were inside of the barrier, there was a chance that the barrier won’t be able to persist. [2]

She was uneasy even thinking about activating it. Selena didn’t have the courage to use it up until now.

She tried it once before and wasn’t able to finish it. The fear stopped her. At that time, she swore.

If there is the next opportunity, I won’t have any regrets.

「Abyss of the fire maiden, appear before me『Atos』」 [3]

Selena chanted in a powerful voice.


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