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Episode 59 Telepathy

The black smoke enveloped the area, and when it dispersed, people were able to see inside. There was a yellow dome of light in that place, together with an unharmed Seiya and Yua inside.

(Somehow, I made it in time)

Right before the explosion, he managed to deploy『Wall of Light』in the shape of a dome, around them. Like that, they weren’t harmed.

(As expected, Seiya, you are just)
(He is not going down so easily……)

The two, who were convinced that they caught him by surprise, were honestly impressed.

On the other hand, Yua became depressed and looked at Seiya’s face. She had an apologetic face, but Seiya didn’t mind. He patted her head and told her not to worry. Of course, she didn’t hear him.

Being patted by him, she narrowed her eyes in bliss. The audience jealously looked at them, who expressed their love even in the world without any sound.

Aruna and Glenn attempted to disrupt them, who created the pink space for themselves during the match. However, because of the barrier, they didn’t succeed. [1]

Even more, because of the silent world, their complaints didn’t reach.

In the end, everyone was forced to wait until they finished expressing their love.

And once the barrier was lifted, Aruna immediately pounced at him with her katana. Seiya repelled the katana with the Hollins. But suddenly, a hurricane appeared and the wind blades slashed at him.

Seiya defended with『Wall of Light』and Aruna attacked him with 『Fire Slash』.

He deflected it with the Hollins, but at the same time, became completely unguarded for a moment.

As if aiming for that moment, Glenn struck with『Wind Fang』.

At that moment, Yua entered the fray and prevented it with the Yuriel. She was just observing him a moment before, she wasn’t spacing out.

In a world without sound, the communication through voice isn’t possible. That’s why it was dangerous to participate in the same fight.

In Seiya’s and Yua’s case, they are able to understand each other to a certain extent, but it is not perfect. In the soundless world, it might be a hindrance.

That being said, Glenn’s and Aruna’s cooperation was perfect, as if they were able to communicate with each other.

Actually, this teamwork was practiced by them with the silent world in mind during this year. Their cooperation was established after considering all kinds of possible outcomes.

Because of this reason, their cooperation was way above Seiya and Yua.

(This teamwork is troubling….)

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Seiya understood how much effort they put into the practice of their teamwork.

At first, he thought that they used something like a telepathy stone, but it was prohibited in this tournament.

Then, the only remaining possibility is endless practice. In present circumstances, Seiya’s and Yua’s teamwork was greatly below theirs.

There, Seiya looked at Lily, who tried to break Connie’s barrier. Yua pulled on his clothes and nodded. Apparently, she understood what he thought.

Seiya nodded and Yua swiftly moved to Lily’s side.

Because she went to Lily, Seiya needed to face Aruna and Glenn by himself.

This time, Glenn initiated the attack with his wind-clad ax. Seiya enveloped the Hollins and himself in the light-attributed mana and stealthily activated『Mantle of Light』.

With his increased physical abilities, he deflected the ax and, at the same time, flung away Aruna with an elbow strike. Seiya accelerated and slashed at Glenn, but he somehow managed to defend himself.

While Seiya was attacking Glenn, Aruna came from the side with『Fire Slash』.

However, just before reaching him, it was extinguished by the water wall.

(Did you wait? Seiya! )

It was Lily, who was fighting Connie just a while ago, who protected Seiya. Lily said that and Seiya answered.

The two were having a conversation within the silent world, but the opponents didn’t hear their conversation.

The two used something like a telepathy. Of course, they didn’t bring a telepathy stone, since it was banned. This telepathy was a byproduct of their complete contract.

Unlike the ability to sense each other’s position, it can’t be used over long distances, but it would be fine if it was just inside the stadium. Like that, they were able to talk even in the silent world.

(Lily, I will be the opponent of these two. Assist me when you are able)
(All right! )

Aruna and Glenn, who weren’t aware in the slightest, continued to attack Seiya and Lily.

Glenn cast 『Wind Blade』in succession. However, just before reaching Seiya, it was absorbed by Aruna’s katana.

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The power of Aruna’s fire increased to an incomparable degree. With such a katana, she attacked Seiya.

Seiya intended to accept the blow with the Hollins in both of his hands, but at the same time, Glenn circled around Seiya, cast『Wind Blade』and threw his ax.

A magnificent teamwork, but it was naive in front of Seiya and Lily.

(Seiya! Squat! )

Lily’s words arrived and he did as she told. Aruna and Glenn thought that it was strange that he chose to squat, instead of blocking or dodging, but they didn’t retreat.

(Water cannon!)

Right after that, an incredible shockwave hit them. Water cannon scored a direct hit.

The two weren’t able to react and were blown away.

Glenn tried to defend with his ax, but he was too late. Before he was able to do it, Seiya pierced his chest with the Hollins.

(This is the end, Glenn)
(So I lost….)

Glenn turned into dust and retired. Only Aruna and Connie were left.

(All right, let push forward)

Seiya approached Aruna at high speed with the intention to attack, but she dodged by jumping backwards.

(I won’t lose)

Aruna said inside her heart.

Seiya attacked and Aruna jumped back again, but this time, Seiya slashed at her when she was still in midair.

Having no other choice, she blocked with her katana.

(I won’t lose)

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Aruna said to herself as such. However, the moment she clashed with the Hollins, a water tiger appeared on her other side. It was Lily’s water tiger.

Aruna tried to slash at it with the katana, but Seiya had no intention of letting her. Then, Aruna subconsciously glared at the water tiger with her left eye.

At the next moment, the water tiger that tried to attack her evaporated.


Seiya became flustered and took some distance from her.

(I definitely can’t lose)

Aruna muttered in her heart. However, Aruna’s consciousness was already distant.

(Seiya, this is?)
(Yeah, it is not normal however you look at it)

Different from her usual appearance, she had the violent aura, her hair became longer and her eyes became hollow. However, her left eye was the most unusual amongst it all.

A fire dwelled in it.


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