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Episode 58 Silent World

「『Silent World』」

With these words as a sign, the sound disappeared from this world.

(This is…..)

Seiya understood that there was no sound in this world. Yua understood at the same time, she tried to call Seiya but no words came out.

Not, it was not like they didn’t come out. Strictly speaking, she did say it. However, these words couldn’t reach Seiya.

The other sounds were like that too. They existed, but couldn’t spread.

This is the Aruna’s trump card, 『Silent World』. Connie was able to successfully cast it only by sacrificing his magic book.

Because of that, Connie is now unprotected.

Lily noticed it and attacked Connie.

(Water cannon!)

The water cannon, conjured by Lily, flew towards Connie. However, before it was able to hit him, it scattered midair.

It looked like there was an invisible barrier in the air.

(Water laser!)

Lily switched from the water cannon to the water laser and tried again.

By reducing its size, its penetrative power significantly increased. If this barrier’s identity is『Sound Shield』, it should be able to penetrate it.

However, the moment it hit the barrier, it scattered in the same way.

(It’s a lie…..)

Seeing her attacks vanish without any results, Lily spaced out. But the final block is not that forgiving to let her do it.

That being said, when Aruna tried to cut her with the katana, it was repelled by a small sword. Seiya’s sword.

Seeing Aruna dashing in her direction, Seiya immediately injected the light-attributed mana into his legs, accelerated and protected her.

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After being deflected by Seiya, she changed her target from Lily to him. Once again, Seiya repelled her with the Hollins in his left hand.

In that moment, a big ax attacked Seiya from the side. It was Glenn’s ax.

His ax was clad in the wind and looked even sharper than before. This ax swung at his right side.

Seiya tried to parry with the Hollins in his right hand but noticed that he didn’t have one.

(Crap….I forgot to pick up the one I threw earlier)

This particular Hollins was stuck in the earth behind Aruna. Seiya thought about creating a new one, but very soon discarded this idea.

Without any other choice, he channeled the light-attributed mana into his clothes and increased their defensive power.

(Please endure)

There is no way his clothes would be able to protect him against this ax. Seiya was prepared to receive the damage. Glenn’s ax reached his uniform and was able to easily cut through it.


The moment before it was able to slash at his body, numerous light arrows rained from the sky. [1]

Glenn and Aruna, in order to avoid the arrows, took their distance from Seiya.

Although the arrows were raining all around him, not a single one hit him. Seiya looked behind him and saw a figure of Yua, holding the bow, Yurial, in her hands.

They looked into each other’s eyes and he wordlessly thanked her. Seiya picked up the Hollins and took a stance.

Yua erased the Yurial and created the Yuriel once again. Then, she attacked Aruna.

Right after that, the ax clad in the wind tried to attack her from behind only to be stopped by the Hollins.

As is she completely believed that Seiya would protect her, she didn’t pay any attention to it and continued to fight Aruna.

Aruna repelled the Yuriel with her katana and activated a spell.

(『Fire Slash』)

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Aruna’s katana was enveloped in fire and slashed at Yua.

(『Wall of Light』)

However, the light wall appeared and protected her from the 『Fire Slash』. Despite that, Aruna continued to repeatedly cast it.

On the other side, Glenn swung his ax and attacked Seiya with『Wind Blade』. Seiya used the Hollins to cut them apart.

Looking at this spectacle, the audience was surprised at everyone’s ability. The reason is, they were able to continuously cast spells even without the sound.

Normally, to cast a spell, a magician needs to chant. It’s not necessary to say it aloud though; you can also recite the chant in your mind complementing it with a strong mental image.

However, it is not that easy. A lot of magicians need to boost their imaginations by saying the chant out loud.

However, in a world without sound, even if you say the chant, it wouldn’t reach your ears. You won’t be able to know if it was said properly or not.

That worry may produce a fatal opening for your opponent to exploit.

Aruna’s team anticipated that and integrated the magic stones in their weapons. That’s why, when they use this spell, they would be able to trample on their opponents, who weren’t able to chant.

However, Yua didn’t look affected in the slightest. With her plans busted, Aruna changed her approach.

When Aruna looked at Glenn, he noticed it and nodded. Then he cast 『Wind Blade』again.

However, this『Wind Blade』didn’t fly towards Seiya but circled around him.

Seiya thought that it was aimed at Yua and tried to warn her, but there was no way his words would reach her. Yua didn’t notice a thing and continued to fight with Aruna.

Seiya tried to cast『Wall of Light』. However, different from his expectations, it didn’t hit Yua and flew past her.

Seiya couldn’t comprehend, but very soon found out the answer. It flew straight to Aruna.

It will be dangerous if this succeeds.

(Make it in time!)

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Seiya cast a spell in a hurry.

While Aruna hit『Wind Blade』with『Fire Slash』.

In the next moment, a big explosion happened.


  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the purpose of the silent world? 

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