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Episode 54 Nari’s House

Nari’s house was within 20 minutes of walking from the coffee shop. Her house seemed to be the one with three stories and a gray wall surrounding it.

It is smaller than Yua’s house, but it is considered to be on the big side in the Leiria Kingdom. It radiated an easy to live atmosphere.

Nari entered from the main gate and the others followed after her. They climbed the stairs and reached a room that seemed to be the living room.

「Ara, Nari. Welcome back」
「I’m home, mama」

Upon entering the living room, they noticed the red-haired woman sitting on the sofa.

Her age was close to that of Yua’s mother, Kana. A gentle-looking woman. Apparently, it was Nari’s mother.

Certainly, her hair and eye color were the same and her atmosphere somewhat resembled Nari.

「Are they your friends?」
「Un. Seniors and friends from my academy」

Nari’s mother looked at Seiya. She didn’t just look, she gave the feeling of being able to see through you, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Kiritsuna Seiya, Nari’s senior. I apologize for the sudden visit」
「It is fine to not be so polite. If you are Nari’s friends, you can come anytime, I do not mind」

Laughed Nari’s mother at Seiya’s formal attitude. After Seiya, Yua introduced herself next.

「Seiya’s wife, Yua Arunia」
「Yu, Yua!?」

Seiya tried to stop her in a hurry, but she didn’t understand what was wrong with that.

「It is fiancée, not wife」
「It doesn’t matter….」
「Arara, this is youth. Arunia should be a special magician family. And you are the fiancé. So you are the rumored special fiancé, Kiritsuna Seiya-kun」
「Eh, well」

Hearing the word “special” coming out, Seiya assumed an attitude that was different from usual. Instead of his attitude in the class, he was now feeling like an actual member of the family.

「I see, I see」

Nari’s mother saw his behavior and looked convinced of something.

「Nari’s friend, Lily!」

And the tense atmosphere was blown away in a second. Lily cheerfully stated her name.

「So you are Lily-chan. I always hear about you from Nari. This girl is always talking about Lily-chan」
「Please, mama」

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When she touched upon the matters at home, Nari became flustered and stopped her. Seeing Nari behaving like a young girl should, Seiya flashed a smile.

「Fufufu, take care of Nari from now on」

Being asked to take care of her, Lily happily answered. Seiya and Yua were laughing at the side.

「I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Nari’s mother, Moka. Best regards」
「Mama, I will show them the information about the finalists」
「All right, Take you time, you three」

Having finished the greetings, Nari brought them in her own room.

Apparently, she didn’t want them to spend too much time with her mother

They found Nari’s room once they climbed the stairs to the third floor from the living room. There were five rooms on the third floor, her room was the closest.


When they entered the room, they found a lot of cute and pretty things, it gave the impression of a normal girl’s room.

Nari entered the room and sat on the bed, Yua and Seiya sat close to the table, and Lily sat on the bed, next to Nari. [1]

「I’m sorry for mother’s previous behavior」

Nari apologized with a helpless attitude.

「Don’t worry」
「Good mother……」
「That’s right!」

The three didn’t seem to be bothered and spoke to reassure her.

「Excuse me」

At this time, a girl in maid attire walked into the room.

The maid quietly placed for cups of orange juice and some sweets then left the room.

Apparently, this woman was this house’s servant. While Seiya was thinking about such things, Lily swiftly emptied her cup.

「Well then, please wait here for a moment, I will bring the data here」

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To gather the materials, Nari intended to leave the room. However, Seiya stopped Nari.

「Ah, Nari. Can I use a toilet? 」
「Yes, it is on the other end of the corridor once you exit the room」
「All right」

Seiya left the room. Nari walked towards the second floor, while Seiya walked towards the toilet.

The toilet was in the opposite direction of the stairs, so Seiya proceeded to the farthest end of the corridor. Once there, he did indeed find the toilet there.

While attending to his business, he discovered a certain something. It was a picture hanging on the wall.


In the painting that he was impressed with, there was a fire bird.

It was a scene of the fire bird about to take off from the ground. But although it was a painting, it gave off a feeling that it was about to move. Seiya was dazed by the fire bird that was about to come alive. [2]

Seiya admired the picture for some time but eventually headed back to Nari’s room. However, he wasn’t able to easily reach her room.

「Ah! You are….」

Suddenly, a voice appeared. Seiya immediately looked in the direction of the voice.

There was a red-haired girl with twin tails and eyes like topazes.

「O, from the student council….」

Seiya desperately tried to remember her name, but couldn’t quite recall it. When he tried to remember her name, only words like 「student council」 and 「lolicon」 appeared. It wasn’t easy.

Fortunately, the girl introduced herself again.

「Vice president of the student council, Selena Phoenix. Hello there Kiritsuna Seiya」
「Yeah, that’s what it was」

The girl before him was the Arsenia Magic Academy’s student council’s vice president, Selena Phoenix.


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