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Episode 55 Student Council

「Why are you even here?」

Selena’s expression hardened upon seeing Seiya.

Why you are saying, because I was invited」
「Invited by whom?」
「By Nari」

The moment she heard Nari’s name, she began shaking violently.

「Y-y-you didn’t have your fill with Lily-chan and laid your hands even on her?!」
「I can’t believe it. This lolicon」

Shaking Selena pointed at Seiya with her trembling finger. While Seiya was contemplating how to react, the savior appeared.

「Sister? What’s wrong? The finger you use to point at my senior is trembling」

Nari, who went to gather the materials, conveniently came back.

「Na-Nari, senior, you mean, this guy?」
「Yes. That’s right」

Selena was shaking even more than before.

「This man who, despite having a fiancée, has her sister as a lover? This lolicon? 」
「I am aware」

At this moment, inside Selena’s head appeared the picture of Nari clinging to Seiya despite him having a fiancée and a lover.

「Se~nior. Even if you have a fiancée and a lover, please love me the most」
「Yeah, of course, Nari」

Just like that.

「You can’t Nari. Please come back」
「What do you mean? 」
「This man is no good」
「What was that all of the sudden?」
「I mean, if you are going to go out with someone, please choose someone normal」
「Wait, you have misunderstood. We are not in this kind of relationship」

Nari intended to solve Selena’s misunderstanding.

But because she didn’t deny the “lolicon” tag, she even said “I’m aware”, Seiya received some mental damage.

He thought that Nari who says what she really thinks is scary.

「Am I wrong?」
「Un. Senior is Yua-san’s fiancé and Lily’s lover. And Lily is my friend」
「But lover…..」
「Lily says that she is okay with that, isn’t it fine then? 」
「What’s wrong, Selena?」

When the sister fight was about to happen, a door, leading to a different room from Nari’s, opened and two girls appeared.

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One had a green hair extending all the way to her hips, radiating an adult atmosphere.
Another one was a petite expressionless girl. She had a short light blue hair and eyes of the same color.

Once Nari noticed the two, she greeted them.

「Ah, Mona-san, Aishi-san」
「Ara, hello Nari-chan」
「It’s been a while, Nari」

Seiya buried the damage to his heart and looked at the two.

「Ah, it is the first time for senior to see them. The girl with the green hair is Mona Tempest-san. The president of the student council in the Arsenia Magic Academy. She is one grade above you」
「Best regards」

The girl named Mona radiated an adult feeling. She had a well-sculpted face and impressive bust. Exactly how you can imagine a “big sister”.

Seiya thought that she is the president you can count on.

「And this blue-haired girl is Aishi Absona-san. She is one year below you and performs as the secretary」
「Best regards」

Aishi was expressionless, but you can still understand from her face that she was wary of Seiya.

「And he is Kiritsuna Seiya-san」
「So you are the person Selena calls an adulterer and lolicon」
「Woman’s enemy」

When Nari finally introduced Seiya, Mona lightly touched on the subject, but Aishi stared at him with menacing eyes.

「This is wrong. This is my sister’s」
「That’s right. You two, this man is an enemy of us, the student council, I will punish him right now」

Selena said this and begun to gather her mana.

「Hey, Selena」

The three wanted to stop her from gathering the mana. But she completely disregarded the two and continued to gather it.

Nari was flustered and couldn’t figure out how to react, but the two from the student council had given up on persuasion and begun to gather their own mana to counteract whatever it is she was trying to do.

「Please stop, all three of you」
「Don’t worry, Nari. I will punish this lolicon」
「Selena, calm down」
「That’s right, Selena-san」
「It’s all right」

Selena didn’t give up under the persuasion and continued.

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If Selena successfully invokes her spell, this house might receive some serious damage. And if Mona and Aishi used their own spell to stop her, the house might even collapse.

However, if they do it right, the casualties will be reduced to zero. But their success rate is at 50% at best,


Nari directed her flustered eyes his way.

「It’s all right」

Seiya tried to reassure her and patted Nari on the head. [1]

And in the next moment, he activated magic of the dark attribute without any hesitation.

Seiya muttered『Dark Wave』in his mind. Following that, the mana gathered by the three vanished without a trace.

「This is?」

The three from the student council couldn’t catch up with the sudden development. That’s how it should be. After all, it was their first experience with the dark magic.

The reason why he decided to use the dark magic is that he was in the center of it and it happened because of him.

At the same time, it concerned Lily’s friend and his precious junior Nari, of course, he used it.

「Sister, senior is a good person」
「Don’t “but” me. Sister, we will talk plenty about you nearly destroying the house later」

Selena’s appearance after the scolding was somewhat amusing. Looking at the two, Mona approached the laughing Seiya.

「Was it you?」
「Kind of」
「It was my first time experiencing this. How is it possible to erase the mana? 」
「It’s a secret」

There is no way Seiya would admit that it was the dark attribute.

「Fufu, you are right. Whatever it is, I appreciate your intervention, Kiritsuna Seiya-kun」

When Seiya said so, she laughed and joined Nari in scolding Selena.

Aishi too came to Seiya and said「I am grateful」then walked towards Selena.

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Seiya looked in the direction of the voices and found Yua and Lily exiting from Nari’s room. The two immediately asked him.

「Dark attribute, you used it……?」
「Yeah, but it’s fine」
「All right….」

Apparently, the two left the room after they felt the dark attribute. When Selena’s group noticed them, they asked Seiya.

「Could it be that your fiancé is Yua-san?」
「Yes……Seiya is my husband…..」

The question was addressed to Seiya, but Yua answered for some reason.

However, Selena didn’t mind it and was surprised at his fiancée being from the special magician’s family. The other members of the student council too looked at Seiya with stunned expressions.

「I never expected for the special fiancé to be you of all people」
「I see, with Seiya-kun’s power I am convinced」

The members of the student council seemed to be aware of Seiya for some reason.

「What do you mean?」

When Seiya asked, Mona was the one who answered.

「It is a hot rumor in the academy. The student council’s team and the special fiancé’s team are considered favorites in the qualifiers」
「I see. And? 」

This time, Selena answered.

「We have to win against you. This would be the best proof of our strength as the student council. Besides, I don’t feel like losing to a lolicon」

Selena unleashed her fighting intent.

「Sorry, but we will be the ones to win」
「We won’t lose to a lolicon」 [2]

Quietly said Aishi.

「Well, we will have a chance to settle it. Seiya-kun’s team will be able to meet with us only in the final round, let’s do our best, everyone」

With that, the members of the student council returned to their room.

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「We are going to win. Being labeled as a lolicon, I can’t just stay silent forever」
「Un! 」
「Then how about the strategy meeting in my room?」
「All right」

Seiya’s team returned to Nari’s room and discussed their future plans.


  1. Secret technique. 
  2. Is being a lolicon a sin? 

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