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Episode 53 The Final Match of the Qualifiers

On the next day, every match in the C block but the last was over. The last match was scheduled after lunch.

After lunch, when they reached the arena, they could see a lot of new faces. Most likely, they came from the other blocks.

Amongst them, you could find Aruna and co.

「Try your best, Seiya-kun」
「We passed to the final block」
「Let’s meet in the finals」

It seems that Aruna, Glenn, and Connie advanced to the final block.

「Ah, I will work hard」

Seiya left these words and headed inside the barrier together with Yua and Lily.

Once inside, the three confirmed their strategy once again. The announcement followed soon after.

「It is starting」

Said Seiya, hearing the announcement.

「I’m counting on both of you」

Seiya separated from them and moved independently.

At this point, Seiya was already using『Mantle of Light』, although very weak. It was his countermeasure against their surprise attack.

Seiya moved through the treetops. It looked like he wasn’t using any magic to do that, so the participants and the bystanders were quite amazed.

While moving through the treetops, he found a figure of a person. It was the silver-haired girl, Elen.

She was holding the ice blade, Bliss, and was scanning the surroundings.

Seiya stopped and observed her. In the end, he couldn’t find anyone else around her.

However, he was able to confirm that she was the decoy very soon. If it was anyone else but Elen, he wouldn’t have been able to figure it out.

But as long as it is Elen, the story is different. Seiya already defeated her once. That’s why, if Seiya saw her, he would have relaxed his guard and attacked her.

Seiya speculated as such.

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「Trying to make your opponent lower your guard, troublesome strategy」

If Seiya guessed right, Sunir came up with this plan. The plan that was built on confidence to be able to deal with Seiya.

However, he decided to thwart their plans.

Seiya jumped from the tree and landed in front of Elen.

Once she noticed him, she took a stance with the Bliss, but Seiya didn’t summon the Hollins.

「Is it okay to not summon your weapons?」
「Regretfully, I’m too afraid of the girls hiding over there」
「I do not know what you are talking about」
「I see」

Without looking at Elen, he summoned the Hollins, while watching the grass by the side.


When he tried to summon the Hollins, suddenly, the brown-haired girl jumped out of the grass and fired a spell.

「Now, with my power『Arms Block』」

In the next moment, the Hollins, that was supposed to land in his hands, turned into dust.

Elen’s Bliss crumbled too, but she didn’t panic and summoned it anew.

The brown-haired girl who destroyed his weapon and Elen stood before him.

「So your countermeasure was to destroy my weapon?」
「That’s right. I had properly watched your previous fights. As the result, the theory that you can’t use any spell of the water attribute was born」 [1] 「I see」

Seiya didn’t use any spell in the previous matches. He only used a pure mana attack in the first match and fought with the Hollins, wrapped in the water mana, the rest of the time.

In other words, they mistook Seiya for a magician that couldn’t cast spells and thought that once the Hollins was destroyed they will be able to win.

「Such an amusing fellow. Come to think, what is your name? 」[2] 「I didn’t introduce myself, isn’t it? I’m Pikarunina Edelrunanits. It might be hard to pronounce, so you can call me Pika」

The brown-haired girl said as such and smiled.

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「I see. Let me tell you something good. Your theory is right. Without those twin swords, forget about casting spells, I can’t even control my mana properly」

Unrestrainedly lied Seiya. Without being aware of this, Pika made an understanding face.

「So we were right. Will you retire then? 」

Pika asked Seiya as if it was natural to retire in this situation. However, he had no intention to retire.

「But you can’t do any…..」
「Sorry, that was a lie」

While Elen was screaming her name, Seiya suddenly accelerated and moved to her front. In the next moment, his hand penetrated the area around her heart. [3]

Pika became dust as she was and retired. Elen, who was left behind glared at Seiya.

「As expected you reacted to my movements. With this, your trump card should have been rendered useless, am I right? 」
「True. But I’m different from before. This time, I will definitely scatter you」

The curtains were lifted for the battle of Elen and Seiya.

On the other side, Sunir stood before Yua and Lily.

「Greetings, Yua-sama. I do not want to fight Yua-sama if possible」
「Too bad……It’s impossible…..」
「I see. Tonight’s wind in my palm『Creastnuts』」[4]

When Sunir cast her spell, a whip appeared in her hand. With this whip, she immediately assaulted Yua and Seiya.

Yua and Lily dodged the whip by retreating backwards.

「Lily, continue to hide your power for now…..」
「All right!」

Saying so, Yua created the rapier Yuriel.

「I gathered a lot of intelligence on you, Yua-sama. Please give up」

Sunir tried to coil the whip around her foot, but she jumped and deflected it with Yuriel. However, the whip suddenly bent and wrapped around Yua’s foot while she was still midair.

Once she caught Yua, she pulled her closer. But Yua twisted in the air and lunged at her, trying to pierce with the Yuriel.

Sunir released her foot and moved to the side to avoid the attack.

「As expected of Yua-sama, but I won’t lose」

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Sunir cast a spell with her free left hand.

「Maiden of the wind, blow and dance upon this land『Wind Fang』」

The strong wind assaulted Yua, but she cut it in two and came attacking Sunir.

Sunir channeled the wind mana into her whip to harden it and accepted her strike.

And the moment they collided, she dispelled the effect and made the whip coil around the Yuriel, stealing it from Yua’s hand.

「Yua-sama, you should be aware. You have bad compatibility with me. I also know your spells and fighting style. You won’t be able to break my wind attribute with your light attribute」

Sunir told her to give up, holding the Yuriel in her left hand.


Yua created the Yuriel once again.

As she was told, Lily watched everything from far away. She didn’t even consider the possibility of Yua losing and wasn’t worried in the least.

Yua attacked with the Yuriel, but she accepted the blow with the Yuriel in her left hand. Two Yuriels scattered sparks once collided.

At the same time, as she received the blow with the Yuriel, Sunir attacked with the whip in her other hand. However, Yua successfully blocked it with『Wall of Light』.

Sunir let go of the Yuriel and leaped backwards to create some distance.

「『Triple Length』」

Towards retreating Sunir, Yua casted『Triple Length』and extended Yuriel.

And with the elongated Yuriel, she pierced Sunir’s thigh. At that moment Sunir a painful expression.

Yua dispelled『Triple Length』, put power into her legs, accelerated, and pierced Sunir’s heart.

After being pierced by the Yuriel, an astonished expression appeared on her face.

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「Why? Yua-sama didn’t fight like that before」

Sunir was surprised at the fighting style she didn’t see before. Before, Yua was fighting by moving at high speed and using martial skills. But today, it was different

However, Yua saw Seiya fighting in the Great Dalis Canyon and found it suiting her.

「Thanks to the person I love…..」
「To this man?」

Sunir became dust and vanished.

With the Hollins being destroyed, Seiya fought Elen, who wielded the ice blade Bliss, bare handed.

Seiya could create the Hollins any time, but he never did so. The reason is, he anticipated the final block.

If there are other people capable of building theories like Pika, it might become needlessly harder. That’s why he wanted to spread some misunderstandings around.

「Even if you do not have a weapon, are you still going to only dodge?」

Said Elen towards Seiya who was dodging all of the Bliss’ blows. Right now, Seiya didn’t have a weapon, but by using weak『Mantle of Light』he was able to cope with her movements.

But of course, you can’t win by dodging.

「All right, I’m about to fight back」
「I won’t lose」

Elen was on guard against Seiya. Still, it was meaningless.

There are differences between Seiya, who experienced the Great Dalis Canyon, and Elen, who grew up in the academy.

It is the attitude towards the battle.

Elen, who was fighting in the academy, thought that if she lost, it is fine to try harder next time.

However, Seiya, who had been through the real life and death fights, didn’t have such thoughts.

At this point, the victor was decided.

In the next moment, Seiya strengthened 『Mantle of Light』for a second and cut her neck with bare hands.


Elen wasn’t able to comprehend what happened. She was just surprised at her line of sight getting lower and scattered into dust, thus retiring.

The people outside the barrier didn’t seem to understand what happened. However, the teachers, Seran and Najenda, although weren’t able to see, still felt something.

But the looks they were giving him didn’t contain any positive emotions. It was the opposite, they were blaming him.

Seiya, who didn’t know anything, looked towards the approaching aura.


There, he found Yua and Lily.

「How was it on your end?」
「Big sister beat her!」
「I see. With this, we are in the final block」

Just like that, they advanced to the final block.


  1. Somehow, I want him to summon Gedo-chan, for giggles. 
  2. About time, the brown-haired girl is too long. 
  3. If it was real, that would have had some different connotations. 
  4.  Ideas? クレアスナーツ. 

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