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Episode 52 Seiya’s Ability

「Number 86 is the winner」

Together with the announcement, Seiya, Yua, and Lily came out of the barrier. When they appeared outside, the audience was staring at them in awe.

「Did they win again?」
「They should be in the first place, together with the royal guard」
「The royal guard had three people, but the blond guy was the only one who fought from the other team」
「The other two didn’t fight even once」
「Isn’t he a bit too strong?」

The participants were slowly whispering to each other.

On the fourth day, Seiya’s team had won 14 times and lost 0 times, their winning rate is one of the highest.

There were only a few matches left. The teams that could enter the final block from the C block at this point were number 86, Seiya’s team, and number 12, Yua-sama’s royal guard’s team, only those two.

Team 86 won every single match with only Seiya taking the field.

He defeated his opponents with the Hollins, wrapped in the water mana, or by using pure martial skills, there were plenty of variations.

That’s why Yua and Lily were just waiting in the shadows. So their skills and spells are still unknown, especially Lily’s.

The reason why they continued to fight this way could be attributed to Seiya’s mistake in the first fight.

It seems that his first opponents were intermediate magicians and were considered quite strong. And Seiya, who defeated them in a moment, became the center of attention in a blink.

Therefore, Seiya used it to gather the attention only on himself and continued to fight in this way.

「It was easy….Seiya….」
「You were amazing! 」

Yua and Lily hugged his arms and praised him.


Seiya thanked them and they stuck to him even closer.

Seeing the three, the male part of the audience enveloped Seiya in the jealous stares. Apparently, an appearance of the blond guy being hugged by the silver-haired and the blue-haired beauties was a sore in their eyes.

The three were looking for a place to sit when the three girls approached them.

「You are quite relaxed, Kiritsuna Seiya」

The strong-looking black-haired girl with a ponytail said to Seiya. There were the silver-haired and the chestnut-haired girls next to her.

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The silver-haired girl was Elen, Seiya’s classmate. The black-haired and the chestnut-haired girls were standing there looking down on him somewhat, while Elen was awkwardly fidgeting by their side.

「Who are you anyway?」

Seiya asked the black-haired girl, disregarding the courtesy. She didn’t care too much and introduced herself. [1]

「The captain of the royal guard, Sunir Chronicle. Yua-sama, be at ease, the royal guard will erase any man who approaches you 」

The girl named Sunir knelt like a knight pledging her loyalty, but Yua just silently hid behind Seiya’s back.

「You became quite close with Yua-sama. However, you will be defeated by me」
「We, the royal guard, are your last opponent in this block」

Following after Sunir, the brown-haired girl said to Seiya.

「I see. Sorry, but we will be the ones who will advance to the final block」

Said Seiya, as if it was a natural outcome, and Sunir said while flashing a small smile.

「Sorry to disappoint you, but we will be the winners. We are different from the teams you have been fighting until now」
「Our winning rate is the same」

The girl with the brown hair seemed convinced of their victory.

「Well then, I’m looking forward to our fight, Kiritsuna Seiya」

Sunir said so and left somewhere. The brown-haired girl and Elen followed after her, but Elen didn’t look that energetic.

However, Seiya wasn’t in a mood to care much.

「You are a source of trouble, Yua」

Said Seiya towards Yua, who was hiding behind his back.

「I’m bad around them……But with Seiya here I am fine…..」

Yua said with a relieved face while hugging him from behind.

「There is also me!」

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When she energetically said so, a smile appeared on Yua’s face. After that, the trio sat on the nearest bench.

It was getting late, most likely, the current match will be the last for today.

And when that match was concluded, the teachers, Seran and Najenda came to declare the end of the matches for today. However, it didn’t end with just that.

「Eh, the next is about tomorrow. The teams, capable of getting to the final block, are only number 86 and number 12. And since the winner will be decided only after they fight it out, I want to have this fight to be the last one tomorrow」

Following the Seran’s declaration, the audience became agitated. They were hyped up for things to come.

「That is all. Dismissed」

After Najenda’s words, the students started going back.

During the qualifiers, everyone gathered in the hall instead of the class, after that, matches are being held. There is some time for a strategy meeting, but it is mostly matches all day long.

Seiya goes back with Yua and Lily.

Because of the qualifiers, they were unable to meet with Nari often, so they decided to go home as they were. After the three ate dinner, they gathered together in Seiya’s room.

Of course, it was for a strategy meeting.

「About tomorrow’s match, most likely, it will be too much for me alone」

Seiya opened the meeting.

「Judging by their words, they might have a countermeasure against me」
「Seems likely. Does that mean that it is time for my debut? 」

The two agreed with his opinion.

During such strategy meetings, Lily spends her time in the adult form. Recently, she was in the adult version every night. And when the meeting ends, she assaults Seiya before Yua’s eyes as it is.

Rather than stopping her, Yua takes advantage of the situation and joins the attack. That was his current daily routine.

「That might be so. They call themselves Yua’s royal guard. It is to be expected of them to have the information about Yua. If that happens, I will either use the unknown『Mantle of Light』together with the Hollins or it will be the time for Lily’s water attribute」
「Sorry….I’m dragging you down…..」

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Yua apologized for the lack of use in the qualifiers.

「Don’t dwell on it, Yua」
「That’s right, Yua-chan. You just need to do your best in the final block」
「Thank you….」

Yua thanked the two with a smile. Then after the strategy meeting and Lily’s temptations, the team was ready for a fight that will decide the C block representative in the finals.


  1. So the girls properly receive names from the author, poor males. 

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