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Episode 51 First Match

The faces of the men entering the barrier reminded Seiya of Zach’s trio in the Senabia Magic Academy, who used to call him Unknown and bully him.

The insides of the barrier were full of giant trees, the light had a hard time to reach the ground. It was a deep forest where grass grew on the ground.

It was slightly cold inside the forest since the trees obstructed the sun, so Yua and Lily were glued even closer to him than before. However, besides the cold, there was another reason. The three people from before were just too disgusting.

Seeing their behavior, Seiya said.

「You two, can you leave this match to me?」

While they were struggling with an answer, Seiya explained the reason.

「Those three are irritating, so I want to punish them. So please watch over me from the shade of a tree」
「All right….」
「Un! 」

Yua obediently agreed. If there was killing intent in his eyes, Yua would have stopped him. However, when she looked at his face, she immediately understood.

Forget about killing them or not, he wasn’t even viewing them as his opponents. When you find a rock blocking your road, you just need to remove it.

And when the trio entered the barrier, a loud voice resounded across the forest.


This voice was probably Seran’s. He probably used a reverberation magic to transmit his voice across the forest.

While Seiya was thinking about that, he slowly walked through the forest. There was no weapon in his hand.

In places such as this forest, it was important to locate the enemy before everything. That’s why Seiya started looking around for them.

But Seiya thought it was troublesome to search for them all by himself. Therefore, Seiya decided to walk around without any weapon to lure them out.

If an attack flew your way, there should have been an enemy on the other side.

However, maybe the enemy thought it was suspicious or they simply didn’t find him yet, there were no attacks coming his way.

Without any other choice, Seiya leaned on the closest tree and sat down. If the enemy doesn’t want to attack, I will just sit and wait. If it fails, I will just search on foot.

Other participants, who saw this happening before their eyes, raised a startled voice. However, in the next moment, their surprise multiplied. Seiya closed his eyes and began napping.

Looking from the outside, Seiya was definitely sleeping. Of course, Seiya won’t actually sleep during their important first match.

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Instead of his sight, he concentrated on his sense of smell and hearing.

For that purpose, he channeled the mana of the light attribute into his ears and concentrated on the sounds close by. His appearance somewhat resembled Kair, his former classmate.

Approximately three minutes after he focused on the surrounding sounds, he opened his eyes.

「I know you are here. Come out」

When he said that, the four-eyes and the baldy appeared from the tree shadow.

「Good job noticing. I’m surprised」

Said the four-eyes, stretching his hand towards Seiya.

「What about the other two? Did you leave them behind, since they aren’t able to become a reliable fighting force? Or did you came here to show off? 」

Following after the four-eyes, the baldy said his piece.

「Who knows, maybe you are right」

Seiya’s attitude underwent a sudden turn. The four-eyes, apparently dissatisfied with his attitude, said.

「Where is your previous respect? Were you showing off before the girls? 」

Towards the four-eyes’ statement, the baldy laughed. However, Seiya spoke his real intentions.

「You show respect towards those who you actually respect. right? Why do I need to give any face to you? The last time was only because of the teachers, I never respected you in the first place」
「You *******! 」

The four-eyes raised his voice, hearing Seiya’s real intentions. At that time, a big fireball flew towards Seiya from behind.

The four-eyes and the baldy aren’t doing anything. It seems it is the brown-haired man. The big fireball flew towards him at tremendous speed.

Seiya immediately summoned the Hollins in his right hand and wrapped it in Lily’s mana of the water attribute.

And the Hollins, covered in the mana of the water attribute, easily cut the approaching fireball in two.

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「So your attribute is water. Let us show you the power of the seniors」

The three men simultaneously lifted their right hands and started chanting.

Using the power of the light attribute, he could defeat them before they finish their chant, but he decided to properly wait to the end.

「「「The heart of the maiden of fire, burn in flames『Flaming  Needle』」」」

They created a myriad of needles and launched them at Seiya.

The three thousand needles, created by the trio, attacked Seiya. They probably wanted to weaken him first, only to slowly torture him later. There were no signs of them making a follow-up move.

Seiya summoned the Hollins in his left hand too and wrapped it in the mana of the water attribute. Following after that, he channeled the mana of the light attribute towards his brain and arms.

He raised the power of his arms, the nerves transmission speed, the processing speed of his brain and his vision.

After that, he spun the twin swords Hollins and calmed the needles one by one.

Seeing the figure of Seiya cutting down all those needles, you can’t think of it as humanly possible.

The three people inside and the audience outside saw an incredible sight before them. After all, Seiya erased all of the three thousand needles in just three seconds.

Seiya calmly walked towards the men.

「Damn, stay away. Monster」

The baldy and the brown-hair tried to escape while pathetically screaming. Against the two, Seiya threw the Hollins and accurately pierced their hearts.

The stabbed people fell to the ground and became the dust particles, thus retiring.

In front of Seiya, there was the four-eyes feeling weak in his knees and sitting on the ground, Fear was painted all over his face.

「You, what are you? A human couldn’t possibly move like that」

Asked the four-eyes with as if seeing a monster, but Seiya answered unconcernedly.

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「There are plenty of magicians that can do that」

Seiya answered as a matter of course. Although visually impressive, there were people that could replicate it. However, to the four-eyes, Seiya’s movements were outside of his comprehension.

「There is no way a student can do that. Even if he can, it would be a thousand at most」
「I see」

At this point, Seiya already lost interest in the four-eyes.

「What was that, what was that, what was that? I do not understand」

The man raised his voice, failing to understand a thing. Towards this man, Seiya launched the water mana at him.

「This is the end」

With just the mana of the water attribute, his heart was pierced and he vanished.

「The match is over. Number 86 is the winner」

And following their victory, Seran’s announcement resounded across the forest.


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