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Episode 45 Rare Visitor

The apostle came and Raiga decided to greet him, so Seiya tried to leave the room.

「Wait, you should come with me」
「Me too?」

Seiya wondered why he should attend. But he soon figured out the reason.

「That’s right. He is here for you」
「Me? 」
「He probably found the traces of dark magic in the dark territory. It’s no wonder that he knows about its existence. There is also a rumor that Arunia family sends their juniors to hunt the magical beasts. He might have heard that too」
「So it’s like that」

Seiya’s mood switched in a moment. The two headed to the room where the apostle waited.

When the two entered the room, they noticed the silver-haired man sitting there. Raiga sat across from him and Seiya sat next to Raiga.

When the servant, Melena, placed the tea and left, the silver-haired man spoke.

「We’ve seen each other multiple times, but it’s the first time we are speaking. I’m one of the thirteen apostles, Bagil Eight. Thank you for approving of my unexpected visit」

Bagil introduced himself and lowered his head, it was Raiga’s turn to follow suit.

「A special magician, Raiga Arunia. It’s indeed an unexpected visit, but there is no problem. And he is…」
「I already know. Kiritsuna Seiya-kun, right? 」

Raiga was about to introduce Seiya, but Bagil beat him to it.

Hearing his words, Raiga smiled wryly.

「So you know about Seiya. Are you here because of the kidnapping incident? 」
「Yes, I was asked by the seven sages to look into this case」

Bagil immediately answered Raiga’s question, so Raiga continued to ask.

「How much do you know?」
「Only that he is a student from Windistan」

Bagil gave an honest answer. However, Raiga thought that he knew more and asked another question.

「Anything else?」
「He is suspected of using the dark attribute and destroying the kidnapper’s facility. He also possesses an ability to pass through the Great Dalis Canyon. That’s about it」
「Good work figuring it out」

Raiga bitterly laughed.

Bagil removed his gaze from Raiga and looked at Seiya.

「By the way, you are Kiritsuna Seiya, right?」
「Yes. I’m Kiritsuna Seiya」

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Since his opponent was an apostle, Seiya used the polite speech.

When Seiya affirmed it, Bagil made a convinced expression. At that moment, Raiga asked a question again.

「So, did you report to the seven sages about Seiya?」

Asked Raiga with a serious expression.

「Please be at ease. I’m here not as an apostle of the Holy Church, Bagil Eight, but an individual, Bagil Naveria. Besides, the seven sages have already closed the case」

Raiga narrowed his eyes at Bagil’s answer and asked the next question.

「What do you mean by that?」
「It’s a simple matter. I just want to know the truth behind the incident. If you tell me the truth, I will go home satisfied」
「I see」

Bagil didn’t report, but it can be treated as a threat. If he didn’t tell the truth, Bagil might report it to the seven sages.

「Well then, Seiya-kun. Can you enlighten me on what happened in that facility? 」

Seiya looked at Raiga seeking an advice, but he said that he would leave it to Seiya.

In the end, Seiya decided to tell what happened in that facility.

「The top of this facility was the man in the white coat, I think he wasn’t a magician. The moment before I was about to be killed I used the magic of the dark attribute to erase the man and the whole facility. Then, I met the daughter of this house and, I’m currently staying here」
「The daughter of this house was kidnapped? I didn’t receive such a report」

Bagil looked at Raiga with a surprised face, and Raiga calmly answered.

「Relax. I didn’t report that」
「Why? 」
「Because I used our information network」
「Was it the association?」
「That’s right」

Bagil glanced at Raiga with the tired eyes and returned his gaze to Seiya.

「By the way, you said that you erased the facility, didn’t you think about the criminals and other people?」
「No, not really」

Bagil lagged for a moment.

「Classmates too?」
「A didn’t really care about their fate at that moment anymore. They always used violence against me and even abandoned me in the end. I’m not strong enough to help those kinds of people」

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The eyes of Bagil became somewhat harsh. [1]

「Don’t you regret it? There might have been other people there」

Bagil raised the volume and stared at Seiya, not losing to him, Seiya also looked back.

「I do not regret it and do not plan to. It’s their responsibility for being caught. I didn’t have the leeway to save those that obediently waited for the rescue」

Seiya revealed his true thoughts.

This isn’t wrong from the standpoint of a magician. The moment you start to learn magic you should learn to protect yourself. If you got yourself into trouble, you are on your own.

You can’t approve of a magician that just waits for the rescue, even if the magic seal stone binds him.

However, Bagil didn’t agree with his opinion.

「Calm down」

Bagil stood up and roared and Raiga said that in a deep quiet voice.

「Excuse me」
「It’s not like you can’t understand what Seiya is saying. You should know his grades in the academy」

As he said, Bagil knew his grades since he looked through them for the reference.

「At the bottom of the class…..」
「That’s right. Did you want him to fight the kidnappers and rescue everyone? 」
「What if you hid your power?」

Asked Bagil while looking at Seiya instead of Raiga.

「No, I learned how to use it the moment before I was killed」
「I see, sorry」

Bagil and Seiya abandoned the polite speech at some point, but they didn’t bother.

「So, why are you letting him stay, Raiga-dono?」
「Because he is my daughter’s fiancé」
「Yeah, that’s right」

Bagil couldn’t understand what he was saying. Usually, a special magician won’t pick a user of the dark attribute magic as his daughter’s fiancé.

「Did you aim to obtain a dark attribute magician?」

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Bagil thought that there was an ulterior motive so he asked, but the answer was different.

「Wrong. My daughter wanted him as her fiancé and Seiya agreed. The dark attribute doesn’t really matter」
「So it was like that」

Bagil took a deep breath and changed the topic.

「By the way, I heard that there was one more girl who returned from the dark territory. Who is she? 」
「She is the fairy from the Great Dalis Canyon. I contracted her and brought her back」

Instead of Raiga, Seiya answered his question.

「You mean complete contract? How did you do it? 」

Seiya’s answer was too shocking so he froze with a stupid face. If the people outside saw his face right now, they would have been disappointed in the thirteen apostles.

「The method is a secret. However, even I say, only I can do it anyway」
「Who on the earth are you? Wielding the power of the dark attribute and making the complete contracts with the faeries…」

Looking at Seiya, Bagil lost his words. But Seiya wanted to know the answer even more.

「That, I want to know myself the most」
「Did you lose your memory?」
「Kind of」

Bagil thought that it was untactful of him and apologized. However, from the standpoint of Seiya, who heard a lot of thing about himself in the Senabia Magic Academy, it didn’t amount too much.

「So, will you tell the seven sages that he is the dark attribute user and can contract the faeries?」

Raiga asked for a confirmation from Bagil.

Raiga was the most afraid of the Holy Church becoming aware of this matter and taking Seiya away.

If that happens, Yua’s new trustable companion will go away.

After Yua met Seiya she had completely changed and was radiating happiness. That’s why he didn’t want for her to revert to her previous self.

「Rest assured. I don’t plan to report unless something happens, but I will be grateful if you grant me an opportunity to talk with your daughter」

Bagil won’t report about Seiya, but he wanted to hear the story from Yua’s standpoint. Raiga’s answer to that was already decided.

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「That might be impossible」
「Why so?」
「Because I don’t want her to remember the time she was kidnapped. She is enjoying her life right now, so I won’t forgive anyone who messes with her」

Raiga said his true thoughts, but Bagil couldn’t retreat at that point.

「And If I say that I will report about Seiya-kun to the seven sages?」
「In that case, I will erase you」

Although he didn’t release his killing intent, he still put Bagil under considerable pressure. To counter that, Bagil released the pressure of his own.

When a special magician and one of the apostles clash, normal people usually lose their consciousness, but Seiya was as natural as ever.

「Do you know what will happen if you kill an apostle?」

In case Raiga really kills Bagil here, he will become an enemy of the Holy Church, the apostles, and the association.

If that happens, you can’t continue to live peacefully in the Leiria Kingdom. However, Raiga just laughed.

「In this case, I will just fight. Alter all, I’m the special magician and Seiya has the power of the same level. My daughter is strong. We even have a fairy. Do you have the confidence that you can start a war? 」

Raiga looked convinced of his words. Although the numbers are pitiful, he thought they would win. He held a strange confidence in them.

Bagil thought of such a Raiga as weird and thought of a compromise.

「Raiga-dono, how about the duel with me?」
「Yes. If you win, I won’t report to the seven sages and give up on talking with your daughter. If I win, I want you to grant me an opportunity to talk with her」

True, if they duel, they will both survive. And the method of「the weak will listen to the strong」is often used in Freestan.


Just like that, a rare duel between a special magician and an apostle started.


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