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Episode 44 Waking Up with the Beautiful Little Girl

The next morning, after they returned from the Aquamarine festival, for some reason, Seiya woke up in Lily’s bed instead of his own.

Next to Seiya, there was the child version of Lily quietly sleeping.

「Why am I inside Lily’s room?」

Seiya was wondering why he awoke inside her room.

Lily’s room is the farthest, it is further then Seiya’s and Yua’s room. That’s why it is difficult to make a mistake.

However, Lily was still inside the dreamland and he had no way to know.

「I thought I should be in my own room, but why…」

Seiya decided to thoroughly investigate his memory of the last night.

「Come to think of it….」

Last night, when he was about to fell asleep, the door opened. And the bewitching adult version of Lily entered the room.

「What’s happened, Lily?」

When he asked that, she proactively approached him.

「Ufufu, night crawling」[1] 「Don’t joke with me」

Seiya made a troubled face and Lily responded with the puffed cheeks.

「Seiya-kun is terrible. I was working hard at Amacon today, don’t you have a reward for me? 」

Lily approached the place next to Seiya with her bewitching atmosphere exponentially increasing. Any male will have his reason crumble before her.

However, Seiya answered as usual.

「For that I’m grateful, but Yua worked just as hard」
「That’s true, but I don’t have much time for myself. I spent this time for your sake and you refuse to give me a reward, Seiya-kun is so terrible~」

Lily gazed upwards at Seiya with bewitching and tragic eyes.

As she said, the time for the adult version to appear is limited. And since she spent her precious time to help him, he thought to satisfy her request.

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「All right. So, what do you want to do? 」
「Thank you, Seiya-kun. Can you come to my room right now? 」

Lily made a happy face and brought Seiya to her room. And the moment they entered the room, she immediately pulled him on top of the bed.

「Seiya-kun. Sleep with me today」

Different from the usual, Lily’s expression was serious. At that moment, Seiya figured out what she wants.

What Lily wanted was an exchange of mana required by their contract. And exchanging the vast amounts of mana required time.

That’s why it happens during the night.

When Seiya obediently lied on the bed, Lily embraced him from behind and gently whispered into his ear.

「Thank you」

Seiya’s consciousness was cut off at that moment.

The time passed and he found himself in her room.

「What happened after that?」

Seiya tried to recall it but didn’t succeed. At that moment, Lily, who was sleeping next to him opened her eyes.

By the way, Lily was naked and somewhat tired, despite sleeping.

He asked such a Lily about the last night, but Lily made a “What about it?” expression.

Apparently, only adult version knows about the events of the last night.

After that, the two headed to the dining room to have breakfast.

When they reached there, Yua and her parents were already there. They seemed to have waited for everyone to gather before starting.

For breakfast, there were pancakes, eggs, sausages, and salad. As for drinks, there were fruit juice, coffee, tea, milk and so on.

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After the breakfast started, Kana, Yua’s mother, spoke to Lily and Yua.

「Yua-chan, Lily-chan. How about we go shopping today with just us women? 」

To her words, Yua and Lily made a questioning expression, so Kana explained to them.

「It will be hot soon, right? Let’s buy some clothes for that. How about a one piece that will make Seiya-kun melt? 」

Kana grinned while looking at Seiya, who was troubled how to react. And Yua and Lily immediately answered.

「I’ll go…」
「I’ll go!」

Answered Yua and Lily with serious expressions. Kana watched the two’s behavior with「Ufufu」and said to Seiya.

「Seiya -kun is a blessed person」

Hearing her words, Seiya didn’t know how to react again. Seeing such a Seiya, Kana laughed with「Ufufu」again.

Seiya thought that she might be an S deep inside. [2]

After the breakfast, the female team left and Seiya was called by Raiga.

When he entered the room, he found Raiga sitting on the sofa, so he sat across him.

The conversation started soon.

「First, about yesterday. Everything was solved without a problem」

Yesterday is about the case when Seiya made the berserk audience unconscious. After that, Raiga acted as a witness and there was no accusation directed at Seiya.

「I see. I bothered you」
「Don’t worry, you’re my future son after all」

Raiga said while laughing, but soon his expression turned serious. Seeing this, Seiya also became serious.

「But the members of the association have their eyes on you」
「Association? Ah, the special association」
「That’s right」

Association is an organization of special magicians, it’s completely independent of the Holy Church.

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They wield great power and even have some influence on the church’s actions. This organization has a freedom to move around uninhibited.

For example, if Aquaristan’s church wants to inquire something from Windistan’s, first things first, it needs to send the request to the Holy Church. Then, the Holy Church will receive the answer from Windistan.

Then that answer will be relayed to the Aquaristan. If the answer is positive then they can act.

This procedure alone takes a lot of time.

However, the special magicians association can act without those bothersome procedures.

You can say that the existence of the special magician association restrains the Holy Church and the Holy Church restrains the association.

This mutual restraint brings peace to the Leiria Kingdom.

Still, Seiya couldn’t help but ask.

「Why are they interested?」

Seiya couldn’t figure out why the association had its eyes on him.

However, Raiga’s answer was unexpected.

「Because I have the two of you staying with me. Lily is no problem since she is adopted, but you are a freeloader. There seem to be some guys that think you have the potential to become a special magician, so they are investigating you」
「I see. So it was something like that」

Raiga was meeting with important people of Aquaristan, but at the same time, he met a few other special magicians.

「There are currently 12 special magicians in this country. All of us wield tremendous power and if we ever fight each other, the damage will be enormous. Just like that, every clan tries to recruit the promising talents to strengthen their ranks, and I’m no exception」
「And that’s why they have their eyes on me? 」

That’s the story you can believe. Special magicians are powerful and influential. If there is a new special magician to appear, it is natural to investigate.

「That’s how it is. From the standpoint of the other special magicians, you can become a big existence one day. That’s why they will launch a thorough investigation」
「Oi oi, please spare me from this annoyance」

I finally obtained a peaceful life, there is no way I’m participating in some association, thought Seiya.

「I thought to stop them, but hiding things will make them even more suspicious. Therefore, I chose to ignore it」
「Hah, understood」

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And after their conversation has ended, a green-haired servant girl, Melena, entered the room.

「Excuse me, there is a guest wishing to see you」
「Me? I didn’t receive any notice」

Facing such a person as Raiga, most of the people will make an appointment first. But he had no appointments scheduled for today.

But he still came. He either mistook the time or is an insane person.

However, Melena’s reply was something he didn’t expect.

「He is one of the thirteen apostles and he is aware of his behavior」
「One of the thirteen apostles? All right, let him in, I will meet him soon」

The atmosphere surrounding Raiga changed in a moment.


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