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Episode 46 The Special Magician and the Apostle (1)

In the open area, at the Arunia estate, stood three people.

This big place had the size of a football field. In such a place, the duel between the special magician, Raiga Arunia, and the apostle, Bagil Eight, was going to be held.

Of course, the barrier that can convert the physical damage into spiritual covered the field. No matter what happens, no one will die.

Everything was set for two people to fight with all power.

「Are you ready?」

Between the two stood Seiya, playing the role of the referee. Although, everything he had to do was to declare the start of the duel.

「Yeah, I’m ready」
「No problem」

Raiga and Bagil answered to Seiya.

「All right. Then, start! 」

After he declared that, he immediately distanced himself. He didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

「Come out.『Brunak』」

Bagil moved first. He summoned the ice spear, Brunak, and closed in on Raiga.

「『Lightning Rod』」(TN: Previously known as Lightning Needle. I decided to change that after some deliberation)

Against the closing Brunak, Raiga deployed a green magic circle and released the lightning.

The green lightning pounced on Bagil with the crackling sound, but Bagil immediately released a spell to avoid that.

「Hear my call.『Ice Wall』」
「So you aren’t called Quickmaker just for show」 (TN: Something tells me that your chant was even shorter, Raiga)
「Thanks for that」

In the next moment, the ice wall appeared before Bagil and protected him. Seeing that wall of ice, Raiga thought that the level of an apostle is high after all. But Raiga wasn’t a man who could be intimidated by just this much.

「Sharing the bonds of divine protection of lightning, manifest in my hand『Thunder God Oni』」(TN: Left Oni as it is, hope you don’t mind)

Once his chant ended, a big battle ax appeared in his hand. Holding the battle ax, that easily exceeded one meter, he swung it at Bagil as it was.

「Fun!」(TN: Exertion sound)
「This is!?」

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Bagil tried to deflect the battle ax by his Brunak. However, the moment before the Brunak touched the Thunder God Oni, Bagil changed his intention from blocking to dodging.

The Thunder God Oni landed on the ground where Bagil was a moment before. And after a slight delay, the ground below the Thunder God Oni shuddered.

「Is this a type of pursuing lightning?」
「Good job noticing」
「Yeah, there is no way a person like you will use ordinary attacks」

Said Bagil with a small smile on his face, but his face didn’t relax in the slightest.

「That’s why it seems that I can’t afford any leeway. Change.『Ice Change』, 『Brunak』」

As soon as he acknowledged that, he immediately cast a new spell. But this time, the target of his spell wasn’t Raiga, but the Brunak in his hands.

When the spell was completed, the Brunak showed a change.

The tip of the spear became longer and it assumed the form of the spiral. In addition, a little below the spear tip, an ice blade in the form of the shark’s dorsal fin appeared. Finally, in the middle of the spear, the beautiful ice rose bloomed.

Seeing the transformed Brunak, Seiya thought of an ice dragon. He also thought that this spear was produced for the sole purpose of penetration.

(This is an apostle….)

Seiya honestly admired the power of the thirteen apostles, at the same time, he also became worried about Raiga. (TN: Do not underestimate the power of the doting father)

After he saw the transformed Brunak, Raiga’s expression tightened.

「Again, an incredible weapon you brought out here」
「Yes. This spear is in possession of the ice dragon’s soul. Even if you are the special magician, once it pierces through, it will be the end」

Bagil took a stance with his spear and looked at Raiga, you can find that Bagil’s face relaxed at some moment.

However, Raiga too had some strength to spare.

「True, this will be the end once pierced, but only if you hit」
「You mean?」
「My name is Thunder God, right?」
「It can’t be!?」

Bagil looked at Raiga with astonished eyes. The same was true for Seiya.

「Yes, it’s precisely that. The divine protection of the thunder god is by my side, envelop me in your power『Thunder God』」

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In the next moment, Raiga’s body was wrapped in lightning. This appearance reminded Seiya of the now dead lightning beast, but the nature of lightning was different this time.

The lightning wrapped around Raiga. That form in itself was the manifestation of his second name, Thunder God. (TN: Thunder God is using the form of the Thunder God, while holding the Thunder God Oni in his hand, wow)

Seiya never expected to bear witness to this spectacle.

「Here I go」

Raiga said those words, but the moment they reached Bagil, his figure was already nowhere to be found.

「I’m here」

Bagil hurriedly looked in the direction of the voice only to find the figure of Raiga with the battle ax in full swing.


Bagil desperately tried to parry the blow with the Brunak, but all he achieved was to avoid a fatal wound. He was blown away by the Thunder God Oni and fell to the ground.

「Not yet」

However, in the next moment, Raiga already appeared next to the fallen Bagil and swung the Thunder God Oni with the same amount of force.

「Hear my call.『Ice Wall』」

Bagil immediately tried to defend himself with the wall of ice, but the moment the Thunder God Oni touched the ice wall, it evaporated in a blink.

「Damn, drifting ice maiden『Ice Rock』」

The ice wall evaporated and the resulting fog worsened the vision. Using this opportunity, he attacked Raiga with a new spell. Below the fallen Bagil, the water-colored magic circle appeared. The magic circle produced innumerable ice shards, which then flew at Raiga.


To avoid the attack, Raiga distanced himself from Bagil.

Seiya, who watched their fight, couldn’t produce any words.

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The speed of the Thunder God Raiga was comparable to his own, to master such a complicated spell, that’s what you should expect from the special magician.

But Seiya didn’t notice. Being able to track Raiga’s movements was a proof of ability on its own.

An average magician wouldn’t have been able to track his movements at all. Even if he is conscious of them, he won’t be able to discern them.

That’s why, Seiya who was able to follow him, could be considered a person of ability.

Seiya also admired Bagil’s movements. His action against the fast-approaching Raiga showed his impressive decision-making ability.

It was indeed the battle between two powerful people.

Betraying Seiya’s impressions, Bagil was struggling quite hard. Although he had some methods to fight his high speed, it was nothing concrete.

He thought that, since he didn’t know from where Raiga will attack, it was fine to attack in all directions at the same time.

That was his plan of actions, and he was able to make it a reality.

But he couldn’t say that it will allow him to win.

Raiga’s defense, that was hard to overcome in the first place, became even tighter with the appearance of lightning. To break it, there was a need for a concentrated attack.

However, doing so will create the openings for Raiga to take advantage of.

Truly a great pinch. Even with the power of one of the thirteen apostles, it was difficult to stop Raiga.

「You suddenly became so quiet」
「Damn it…」

He could only stare at Raiga, who held the Thunder God Oni with a relaxed expression.

Strong defense and movements that he couldn’t perceive. The attack is said to be the best defense, but it won’t work in this situation. No, there is no point to think about it in the first place.

(It seems I have no choice but to use that….)

Bagil thought in his heart of the spell that can instantly reverse the situation. Due to the great power of this spell, there were risks involved.

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He usually hesitates to use it, but right now, there was no hesitation. In the beginning, he proposed the duel to have a chance to talk with the daughter of Thunder God, Yua. However, at this point, it didn’t matter any longer.

As of now, I’m just enjoying the fight with a strong person, and I want to win, thought Bagil.

That’s why I will dedicate my all to win.

「Draconic Transformation, release!」(TN: Temporary)


In the next moment, with a loud roar, Brunak in Bagil’s hand changed its shape into a dragon.


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