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Episode 43 Beauty Contest

When Seiya arrived at the spectators’ seats, there were already plenty of people.

Their numbers exceeded five hundred; they took all of the seats. Just as Seiya thought to watch the contest while standing, he discovered an empty seat in the center.

Even though the seat was empty, no one approached it. For some reason, everyone chose to stand.

When he looked around, he discovered someone he knew.

「Did you come to greet some people in the beauty contest, Raiga?」[1] 「So it’s Seiya. What is happened with Lily and Yua? 」

Sitting there was a special magician as well as Yua’s father, Raiga Arunia.

The spectators took their distance from Raiga, but Seiya didn’t bother and sat next to him.

Seeing him sitting next to Raiga and casually starting a conversation, everyone around got suddenly agitated.

Some of them said「What is this brat doing!?」,「Do you want to die!?」,「Are you an idiot!?」, but Seiya didn’t hear that.

「Those two are participating in the beauty contest」

Without any care for his surroundings, Seiya answered Raiga’s previous question.

「I see. Is your target the melon bread? 」
「Kind of. By the way, what about Melena? 」
「As for her, I handed her some money, so she is sightseeing the festival right now」
「All right」

It seems that Melena is enjoying the festival. [2]

However, why is he in such a place, though Seiya. How does the greeting of important people lead him to be here? Besides, a person of Raiga’s status should usually be in the section for the important guests.

「Are you here for a job?」
「You can say that. There is a possibility that the winner will be kidnapped. I’m a countermeasure」
「I see, you are the special deterrent」
「That’s about right」

Apparently, Raiga uses his presence to deter any possible kidnappers from an action. Raiga is famous not only in Aquaristan but across the whole kingdom. He is perfect as the deterrent.

While the two were talking about those things, the beauty contest finally began.

There were nine participants. Of course, Lily and Yua were among them, but they were on a completely different level from the rest. To be honest, it’s on the level when you can only pity other participants.

And Seiya noticed something. That is, Lily’s body was bigger than usual in certain places.

Instead of the little girl, she changed into the enchanting adult version.

When she became aware of Seiya’s gaze, Lily showed him a smile. While Seiya was smiling in response, the host woman said loudly.

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「All right, this year’s aquamarine beauty contest, in short「Amacon」, starts now」

When the woman said her piece, the audience erupted in loud cheers.

First is the interview, in order from left to right.

Yua is third and Lily is fifth. The interview included questions about motivation, melon bread and so on and so forth.

When the first two’s interview has ended, it was finally Yua’s turn. The host asked Yua:

「Entry number three, such a cute girl. What is your name? 」
「So you are Yua-san then. Why are you participating in the Amacon? 」
「For my fiancé……」
「Eeh, so you have a fiancé?」
「I have…」

The hall became quiet. The host big sister was troubled how to react too, adding to that, the atmosphere in the hall became somewhat weird.

「So it is for your fiancé, how wonderful. By the way, is he present in the audience right now? 」
「He is….」

The audience was looking around with  Who is it? Who is it? question in their eyes. For some reason, their stares also contained bloodlust.

Not caring about the audience, the host asked Yua「Where is he? 」. And Yua, without any hesitation, pointed at Seiya with her finger.

「Eh?! You mean, the one next to Raiga-sama?!」

The host, as well as the audience, stared there. There, next to Raiga, was the figure of Seiya with the troubled facial expression.

The audience eyed Seiya with killing intent and blood thirst, but thankfully, Raiga was there, so no one pounced on him.

At that time, Seiya though that Raiga is quite convenient. Of course, he never said that aloud.

The host gathered her courage and tried to approach Seiya.

While looking at Raiga next to him, the host woman approached Seiya step after step. And when she finally reached him, she immediately asked a question.

「Fiancé-san. Can you please say something to Yua-san? 」

Being asked that, Seiya honestly answered.

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「Do your best, Yua」

When Seiya showed his support, a broad smile appeared on Yua’s face.

Her smile was dazzling. Everyone who saw her smile sent the hateful stare at Seiya, but he didn’t care.

Yua’s turn has ended and it was the turn for the next one. The fourth woman was somewhat nervous after Yua, but she tried her best.

And after her, it was the adult version of Lily’s turn. The host woman handed the mike to her and started asking questions. [3]

「The next one is number five. What is your name? 」
「It’s Lily」
「Why are you participating in the Amacon, Lily-san?」
「For the person I love, I suppose」

Answering the questions, while wearing a bewitching atmosphere, she immediately stole the attention of the males in the hall.

And after hearing Lily’s answer, just like with Yua, they started looking around with frenzied eyes.

Of course, they were looking for the person she loves.

The audience thought to vent the anger from Seiya’s case on this person instead.

「Is the person you love your boyfriend?」

The host proceeded with the questions.

「That’s wrong. We have already passed that step」

Lily answered while emanating the bewitching atmosphere. The audience perked their ears and the host asked further.

「Could it be, a fiancé?」
「That is also different」

The host tilted her head at Lily’s answer.

Further than a boyfriend but not a fiancé, just what was the answer, she thought. Without reaching any conclusion, she asked Lily.

「Then, then what is your relationship?」

Hearing the host, the audience held their breath and waited for an answer. And Lily, radiating even more allure than before, answered.

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「A Mistress」

After her answer, the host froze, the same applied for the audience.

Only Seiya was making a troubled face. Lily laughed as if she was enjoying it.

「As I said, a mistress」
「A mistress? Not a fiancé? 」
「Can’t be helped. My lover has a fiancée after all」

At her answer, the audience gets even more agitated than before.

In their eyes, you could read「This beauty is a mistress!? Who is this idiot!?」. If they ever find their target, they will immediately pounce on him.

You should stop searching for that lover, thought Seiya. However, the idiot host proceeded with the questions.

「Where is that fortunate lover of yours?」

Why did you ask?! Seiya screamed in his heart. After all, he could already tell what will happen after that.

Lily flashed an evil grin and quietly pointed at Seiya.

「There, it’s Yua-chan’s fiancé. Nee, Seiya-kun♡」

In the next moment, the people in the audience became berserk.

「「「Kill……Kill…Kill him. This harem *******」」」

While shouting that, the berserk audience assaulted Seiya.

Seiya stood up and looked at the berserkers, coming at him at full power.

Seeing his plight, Raiga said.

「Don’t hurt them too much」

Raiga wasn’t worried about Seiya, he was worried about the audience.

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Facing the pouncing berserker, Seiya gathered his mana.

「Mana release」

The moment Seiya muttered that the berserkers started to fall one after another. Also, the rest of the audience, excluding Raiga and Seiya, have all fainted.

What Seiya did was mana release that he used in the first day in the new academy.

Although he released only about a tenth, so no one got hurt.

The host was troubled, looking at the fainted audience.

「Etto, what should we do about the Amacon?」

The winner is determined by the votes of the audience, but everyone except Raiga and Seiya has fainted, so the total number of votes will be just two.

In that moment, Raiga proclaimed.

「I vote for Yua」
「Then I give my vote to Lily」

Raiga gave his vote for Yua and Seiya for Lily.

The troubled host looked around, but everyone except those two has fainted, so she had no choice.

「Etto, the winners are number three, Yua-san, and number five, Lily-san. You are free to receive a melon bread….This year’s Amacon ends at that. Wai…」

The host declared the results with hollow eyes.

Yua and Lily received their prizes with happy expressions, but other entries, especially from number six, had a dissatisfied expression.

With that, the Amacon with the least number of votes in history has officially ended.

「I will deal with the aftermath. Seiya, take the two and return first」

Said Raiga.

「Sorry, you have to deal with annoying things」
「Don’t worry」
「Thank you」

After thanking Raiga, he met up with Yua and Lily, who was already in her child version.

After that, just as Raiga said, they headed home.

On the way home, Yua and Lily passed their prize, the melon bread with cream, to Seiya.

「All right. Let’s eat it together」
「But Seiya wanted it…」
「It’s fine. Might as well eat some」

Yua stared at melon bread with the distressed face, then, as if being enlightened, she tore the bread in two and handed one part to Seiya.

「Like that, each can get a piece」
「Thanks, Yua」

Having said that, he received a half of melon bread from Yua.

「Lily will give a half too!」
「Is it fine?」
「Un! I got it for Seiya in the first place! 」

Lily handed a half of melon bread to Seiya with a smile!


The three headed home while eating the delicious bread.

There was a man looking at the trio from afar. It was a silver-haired man in the white armor.

This man wasn’t looking at Yua and Lily. He was looking at the blonde blue-eyed young man between them.

「As I thought, the incident hasn’t ended yet. I need to question this youth about the facility」

The silver-haired man, Bagil Eight, said that with determination.


  1. Casually ditched everyone and went to admire beauties. Nice! 
  2. Gentle reminder: Melena is green-haired servant girl. 
  3. So they have microphones here. 

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