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Episode 42 Aquamarine Festival

At the dinner after his first day, Seiya asked Raiga about the plans for tomorrow.

「Come to think of it, do you have something planned for tomorrow?」

Since it was the day off, they didn’t plan anything yet. There, Raiga came up with a proposal.

「Then how about going in the central district tomorrow?」
「Central district?」

To Seiya’s question, Raiga swiftly provides the answer.

「It’s about time for the water maiden festival, Aquamarine」
「I have heard of it before」
「Well, it is famous after all」

Aquamarine is the famous festival held each year at the end of June; it is famous across the Leiria Kingdom

Seiya heard of this festival, but he never thought that it is held in this city.

The content of the festival is basically a parade.

They parade to show the appreciation and gratitude towards the water maiden, lots of palanquins proceed through the main street, while people perform ceremonies involving the water attribute on them.

「Shouldn’t it be held later?」

As Seiya said, there were still three weeks until the Aquamarine festival.

「The festival itself is. However, there are already shows and stalls on the main street. You can say that this is a really long festival」
「Quite long for a festival indeed」

As Raiga said, there are already people setting up stalls on the main streets, the central district is gradually turning lively.

「I don’t mind, do you?」
「If Seiya will then I will too….」
「Lily wants to go! It seems fun! 」
「Then it’s decided」

With than, the trio decided to go to the central district.

In the next day, Raiga brought the trio to the center of Moru city.

Yua’s mother, Kana, is absent since she had some things to do at home.

When they reached the city center, Raiga said.

「I will go greet some important people. Here we will split up. Feel free to play to your heart’s content」
「And you just leave us」

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Complained Seiya, but Raiga said with a laugh.

「That’s because I trust you, Seiya. Properly protect Yua and Lily」
「I know even without you telling me」

When Seiya said that, Raiga went off somewhere.

The trio, who were left behind, discussed their plans.

They decided their first destination rather quickly.

The trio first went to the stall that was selling the cotton candy. That’s because Lily was too excited seeing it.

When Lily received the cotton candy from the stall owner, she started eating it with sparkling eyes. And Yua also delightedly tasted it.

Looking at the two gleefully eating the cotton candy, Seiya showed a smile.

When Yua notices his gaze, she looked alternatively between the cotton candy and Seiya and gave him just a little.

「Are you giving it to me? Thanks」

Seiya said his thanks and tried to take the cotton candy, but Yua withdrew her hands for some reason.

「Wrong, a~n…..」

Yua tried to feed him with cotton candy.

Doing it with lots of people present was quite embarrassing, but in the end, he lost and obediently complied.

「Of course」

Hearing his answer, she delightedly returned her attention to the cotton candy.

When Lily saw this, she tore off some of her candy and handed it to Seiya.

「Seiya, a~n!」

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Facing Lily, he just resigned and ate it.

「Seiya, tasty?」

To her question, Seiya, of course, gave a positive answer.

「Yeah, it was tasty. Thanks, Lily」
「Un! 」

Lily nodded with a blooming smile.

Seeing him being surrounded by the beautiful girls, people stared at him with jealousy, but Seiya didn’t mind.

After that, the trio went around different stalls, and then, Seiya noticed a signboard and stopped.

Yua asked the reason Seiya stopped.

「What’s wrong….Seiya…? 」
「Nothing, just though that it’s nostalgic」
「What is….?」
「That signboard」
「Melon bread?」

What Seiya was looking at, was the signboard with melon bread written on it. However, it wasn’t just the melon bread, it also had the cream inside of it.

「Seiya, what is melon bread?」

Lily didn’t know what melon bread was, and Seiya was troubled how to answer. For now, he said.

「It’s tasty bread」

It seems Lily is unable to imagine melon bread. Well, not surprising.

「What do you mean by nostalgic….Seiya….? 」

Yua was filled with questions at his statement.

「When I was still in the Windistan I ate my lunch in the bakery. This bakery had limited sales of melon bread once in a month, a thing to look forward to. The owner always left some for me, so I was able to eat it once a month」

「Bake John」produced 30 pieces each month and Seiya was always able to eat it, their taste was superb.

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When he went to the store, he was always able to receive 2 pieces, one for himself and one for Edward. [1]

Melon bread was Seiya’s and Edward’s favorite, but since he was kidnapped, he was unable to eat it any longer.

So once Seiya noticed the signboard he felt nostalgic.

「Do you want it, Seiya? 」

Asked Lily.

And Seiya earnestly answered.

「Sort of」
「Then Lily will go and get it! 」

Once Seiya affirmed, she puffed her chest out, giving off “leave it to me” feeling, but he swiftly stopped her.

「Lily, read the signboard to the end」
「Etto, contest? 」
「Yeah, that’s right」
「What’s that?」

There was:「The winner of beauty contest gets two pieces of melon bread with a cream」, but Lily had no idea what that contest was.

Therefore, Seiya earnestly gave up. But there was a concerned person close to him. That was of course Yua.

「Leave it to me, Seiya…..」
「Eh, are you going to participate?」
「Un…..For Seiya’s sake…」 [2]

Apparently, she is motivated. And if Yua is going to do it than Lily will also go.

「Lily too!」

As Lily said that she would participate too, Seiya tried to stop her.

Because if these two beautiful girls participate, the audience will flock and something will happen.

To avoid the trouble, he tried to stop them, but his persuasion was absolutely ineffective.

「You can’t think of participating today?」
「It’s fine……..It says that today is okay…」

There was a「It’s okay to apply today! It’s time to display your beauty! 」written on the signboard.

「But it will take a lot of time….」
「It’s all right! I will end it swiftly! 」

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Although Lily didn’t know anything about a contest, she was filled with confidence for no apparent reason.

「Leave it to me, Seiya…..」
「Leave it to me!」

If it has escalated up to this point, Seiya couldn’t stop them anymore. [3]

「All right」

Seiya decided to give up and leave it to them.

After that, having finished their registration, he proceeded to his seat.

Yua and Lily were taken to the dressing room to change clothes. Just what would they be forced to wear, worried Seiya.


  1. Who is currently mourning your disappearance. 
  2. I cried. 
  3. Win for 2 pieces of bread. That’s some treasured bread. 

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