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Episode 41 Going Home

After practical training, Seiya and his classmates returned to the classroom and waited for the homeroom teacher, Yayuna, to come.

When Seiya was preparing to go home, Aruna called out to him.

「You are awesome, Seiya-kun」
「What do you mean?」

Suddenly being praised by Aruna, Seiya couldn’t catch up. Facing such a Seiya, Connie delivered the answer from the left seat.

「You dealt with Brick in a second」
「Brick? Ah, that guy from the fan club」
「That’s right. Brick is considered to have a top-class ability in this class, and you defeated him in a moment」 [1]

Looking at Connie’s exited appearance, Seiya though that he might be entangled in the fan club one way or another.

While he was thinking these things, from the front seat, Glenn asked.

「By the way, Seiya, how did you do that?」
「It’s a secret」
「Well, of course, that’s the case」

Although was a secret, Glenn won’t hold it against him. After all, it’s normal for people to have their methods.

Insisting on an explanation is considered bad manners. In the worst case, you might even be captured by the church.

「Anyway, you are still hiding your power, right?」
「Why do you think so?」

He listened to Aruna’s question without any changes in his facial expression but was inwardly surprised.

What if she knows about the dark attribute, though Seiya and got nervous. But it was dispelled in the next second.

「I can understand after your fight with Elen. You should have seen through her movements since the beginning, am I right? 」
「Kind of」

Seiya was honestly surprised at Aruna’s observation powers. He had indeed seen through her but tried to conceal it.

But all of this was useless in front of Aruna.

「Easily dodging, getting Elen stressed and making Brick look down at you at the same time. You can’t do that if you aren’t on the completely different level from them」
「I see」

Aruna was right. He had indeed seen through Elen’s muscle movements since the beginning and she also guessed the reason for his dodging.

Seiya was already thinking on how to make his next opponent let down his guard in the first fight. Seiya though that it is the right fighting method, after his adventures in the dark territory, you can’t learn that in the magic academy.

Seiya recognized Aruna’s ability and decided to be vigilant from now on.

But it seems he shouldn’t be wary of only Aruna alone.

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「The thing you used against Brick, did you learn it from somewhere?」
「No. It’s my original」
「This’s amazing. The technique you used to cut his head off is really something! Without useless movements, and unless you know the right way to cut, it is impossible! 」
「I-I see」
「That’s right!」

Although he is speaking while being overexcited, his observation skill is worth taking note of.

When Seiya cut off Brick’s head, he moved at the speed that should be impossible to perceive with human’s eyes. However, Connie was speaking as if he had actually seen it.

Aruna and Connie, there are plenty of able people around, thought Seiya.

For such a Seiya, Glenn comes forward with a proposal.

「Seiya, can you duel with me next time?」

Glenn suddenly said such a thing. Facing his unexpected proposal, Seiya asked for a reason.

「Because I have a feeling that I will be able to understand something if I fight you」
「What do you want to figure out?」
「The important thing for me to progress」
「I see. All right, let’s fight in the next time」
「Ou! Thanks」

It seems there is no need to be vigilant against Glenn, thought Seiya.

Then, the topic changed.

「But if you are this strong, shouldn’t you be scouted by the student council?」
「Come to think of it, it’s possible」

Connie agreed with Aruna’s statement. Seiya thought that this was a good opportunity and decided to ask about the student council in detail.

「What kind of people are there in the student council? 」
「Oh, Seiya-kun is interested?」

Aruna looked pleased for some reason, but Seiya answered with a disinterested face.

「Sort of」
「So it was like that. Etto, I will leave the explanation about the student council to Connie」
「Eh? 」

Connie was surprised, suddenly receiving the baton.

「Explaining is bothersome, so Connie, I leave it to you」
「Can’t help it then」

Connie looked at Aruna with dissatisfied face and started explaining. Seiya thought that he reminded him of a certain previous classmate of his.

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「At present, the student council consist of three people」
「Three people?」

Even Seiya was surprised at that number.

In Senabia Magic Academy, there were more than 10 people in the student council. Compared to that, the three people is not that much. Seiya thought that he could work with that.

「Yup. Third-year president, second-year vice president, and first-year secretary」
「I met the vice president just recently」
「Did they scout you? 」

Aruna immediately reacted to that statement, but he couldn’t give her the desired answer.

「Wrong. I was treated as a suspicious person because of my new face」
「So that’s what happened」

Aruna suddenly lost interest, hearing his answer.

「They are also very strong. It is said that they are a head above other people here. They are powerful enough to defeat everyone without even fighting seriously」
「That’s scary. How about having a duel with them then, Glenn? 」

If he wanted to figure out something then it’s fine for his opponent not to be me, or so he thought. Although his real intention was to avoid unneeded fighting as much as possible, as to not accidentally reveal his dark element.

「Can’t laugh at that joke. Please excuse me of getting close to them」
「Is it so? 」
「Aah, if you want to enjoy your academy life, you better stay away from them」
「I see」

With that, he understood the reason why everyone stayed away from Selena back then.

There are sure plenty of groups that you should stay away from in this academy.

While we were talking about that, Yayuna came into the classroom and dismissed everyone. According to her, tomorrow and the day after there will be no classes, and we are to rest properly.

In the end, Seiya and Yua went to pick Lily up, the fan club and the royal guard didn’t say anything and stayed silent.

When they met up with Lily, Nari also tagged along and they ended up walking her home.

With that, Seiya’s first day after the transfer was over.


  1. I have an intense desire to type “the Brick” for some reason. 

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