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Episode 40 Duel

When they returned to the classroom after the lunch, everyone else was present. Their homeroom teacher, Yayuna, was also there.

When Yayuna confirmed that they took their seats, she started talking.

「Everyone is finally here. I will explain the content of the next lesson. The next lesson is a duel. You are free to pick your opponent. Please, everyone, decide on your opponent. Of course, you are allowed to refuse. The fight is one on one, the location is the training field, you. Well then, everyone should proceed to the training field」

Yayuna finished her explanation and walked away first.

And as soon as she left the classroom, two people walked up to Seiya. They looked like a leader of the fan club and the royal guard.

Then, they said in a loud voice.

「「Fight with me!」」[1] 「All right」

Seiya somewhat expected that and readily accepted.

「I will release Yua-sama from you」
「For the sake of Yua-sama, I will defeat you」

It seems that these two people or these two organizations still thought that Seiya was forcing her to do this and that.

The training field of Arsenia Magic Academy wasn’t particularly different from Senabia Magic Academy.

The only difference was a stream of water flowing through it.

The training field was divided into sixteen segments, 20 square meters in size.

When Yayuna finished explaining, the fifth lesson finally started.

For his first fight, Seiya entered the space number 6.

Seiya’s first opponent is the leader-like girl from the royal guard. The moment Seiya entered the field, she started introducing herself.

「I’m the captain of the Yua-sama’ royal guard Elen Naberia. I’m from an advanced magician clan, so if you want to apologize this is your last chance」

If it was still in the past, hearing that she is a member of an advanced magician clan would have made him prostrate. But now, it is different.

After the monsters from the dark territory, a member of an advanced clan isn’t worth mentioning. Just like the girl before him.

「Mm, I see」
「Keep your attitude while you still can, soon, you won’t be able to」

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The girl with long silver hair, Elen, stood opposite of Seiya, and with the start of the battle, she immediately started to chant.

「My soul of ice, right now, in my hand『Bliss』」[2]

In the next moment, an ice blade appeared in her hand.

Elen, holding Bliss in her hand, immediately closes in on the weaponless Seiya.


Seiya chose to avoid her slash by jumping back. However soon afterward, he noticed that she had a smile on her face.

「The shrine maiden of ice, answer my call『Ice Coating』」

Immediately after that, the ground behind Seiya turned into the ice and he lost his balance.

Elen grinned and slashed at Seiya again.


Seiya turned midair, landed on his left hand and propelled himself outside the ice floor.

Seeing his impressive movements, Elen said.

「You are quite capable. But you won’t be able to defeat me with just that」

Elen slashed with Bliss again.

Seiya stepped back, Elen cast the same spell and he lost his balance again.

However, Seiya performed his acrobatic movements in the same fashion and propelled himself outside. [3]

Looking at his display, Elen’s mood worsened.

「How long are you going to keep dodging?」
「I see. It seems you can’t cast this spell continuously」
「Hee, so you noticed. Yes. So what? You have been avoiding me since the beginning. Could it be that you aren’t able to attack? 」

Elen tried to provoke Seiya into action. However, Seiya wasn’t so immature as to go along with it.

「Then I will chase you until you have nowhere to escape to!」

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Elen came slashing at him again, but this time, Seiya’s movements were different.

Instead of jumping back, he dodged the Bliss by a paper-thin margin. From this distance, she couldn’t use the『Ice Coating』, unless she decided to harm herself too.

Seiya was able to see through her movements and easily avoid the attack. And because of this dodge, Elen’s stress started to build up.

「Stop dodging, how about you attack me already?」
「There is no need」
「Hey, you!」

Her swordplay was becoming increasingly wilder. Looking at such an Elen, he decided to launch the counterattack.

Facing her slash from above, he dodged to the right while wrapping his left fist with the mana of light. Then, he punched Elen in the belly with considerable force.

The dull sound was heard.

With the raised power of his hand, Seiya punched Elen in the stomach the moment she was performing an overhead strike.

「This is the end」

Having accepted his punch, Elen wobbled and lost her consciousness. The moment she fainted was the moment of Seiya’s victory.

The members of the royal guard were watching Elen with stunned expressions.

After all, Elen was at the top of the class and she lost without even putting a scratch on her opponent.

No one could utter a word.

Following that, Seiya carried Elen out of the dueling space, handed her to the still stunned members of the royal guard and headed for his next duel.

When he arrived, the leader-like person from the fan club was already waiting for him.

「I’m the vice president of Yua-sama’s fan club, Brick Steashmer, the second son of an advanced magician clan. If I win, stay away from Yua-sama」

The male student that called himself Brick said so while staring at Seiya. Facing such a Brick, he asked. [4]

「And if I win?」

To his question, Brick muttered “no way” and answered while laughing.

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「Hahaha, no chance. But if you somehow win, the fan club won’t bother you anymore」
「That would be nice」
「Even though I said that I watched your fight with Elen. It seems you can only evade. There is no way I will lose to someone like you」
「I see」

Already convinced that he won, Brick faced Seiya with a relaxed attitude.

He was surprised that Elen had lost, but it looked more like a duel of warriors than magicians, so Brick made a speculation.

He speculated that Seiya wasn’t able to use magic.

There is no proof, but Brick had already accepted it as a fact.

That’s why, he, who can use magic, won’t lose to Seiya.

Seiya looked at Brick with annoyed eyes.

Two groups tried to approach Yua. He can still forgive the women-only royal guard, but the fan club consists of male students that try to get close to her.

Therefore, Seiya will not be lenient towards the members of the fan club. Yua is a precious person to him and he doesn’t want to hand her to anyone, especially to men.

That’s why he decided to end this fight in a moment.

There are 10 meters between them.

The two quietly waited for the start of the duel.

Silence wraps around the surroundings, the students were holding their breath in anticipation.

And in the next second, the duel started.

「I, who received the divine protection of fire….」

With the sign to start the duel, Brick started to cast his spell, but in the next moment, his head fell off from his body.


And Brick, being unable to say another word, becomes dust and disappears. He lost his consciousness and was transferred to the seat close by.

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The students in the surroundings were frozen.

They were unable to understand what happened as well as were surprised that Brick lost.

Under the stares of the frozen student, Seiya left the duel space.

What Seiya did is very simple.

At the start of the battle, he casted『Single Light』on his feet and raised their strength, closed in on Brick and slashed at his neck with Hollins, which he summoned chantless.

Both are simple spells, just without the chant.

With that, Seiya’s training came to an end.

The students around him were discussing his earlier performance, but he didn’t care.

Then, Yua approached such a Seiya.

「Good work….」

This marked the end of the first day after his transfer.


  1. One was rude, the other was normal. That doesn’t translate well though. 
  2. I hate incantations so much. 
  3. Did she think that it would work in she did it once again? 
  4. I really admire your parent who came up with that name. 

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