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Episode 39 Lunch with the Beautiful Girls

When Seiya returned to his classroom from the principal’s office, it was already the 3rd hour.

He thought that he would manage to return before the end of the break, but Selena took too much of his time.

When he entered the classroom, all gazes gathered around him. Yua also noticed him and came close.

「Welcome back, Seiya … How was it…? 」
「It was fine」
「Then that’s good…..」

The whole class was paying attention to them.

Usually, everyone was busy with their own activities, but today was different. Everyone wanted to know about the relationship between Seiya and Yua. Therefore, the classroom was full.

Seiya and Yua completely ignored them and continued with the conversation.

「You aren’t going to self-study?」[1] 「I’m together with Seiya…..」
「I see, let’s go then」

The two decided to do self-training together and left the classroom.

The remaining classmates looked at each other and unanimously got up from their seats and followed them.

「How annoying」
「Should we run…..?」
「It seems so」

The two arrived at the fountain where Nari and Lily were just recently. However, they were not here to do self-training.

The two looked at the annoying classmates and cast their spells at the same time.

They cast『Single Light』on their feet to raise their power and jumped on the gym’s roof.


The classmates looked at two people and rushed in the direction of the gym.

However, Seiya and Yua weren’t so kind as to wait for them. They cast the same spell again and jumped on the academy building.

「I think this should work」

Having jumped on the roof, the two relaxed for a while.

Like in the Senabia Magic Academy, students were prohibited to stay on the roof. However, if no one finds out then it’s fine. The two decided to train on the rooftop.

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The classmates tried to look for them, but they failed.

Seiya and Yua successfully evaded them.

「We did it somehow」
「By the way, were you all right while I was gone?」
「Seiya is a bully…..You left me…」
「Sorry about that」

Apparently, Yua was a little angry that she had to deal with her classmates while he was away.

Seiya patted Yua’s head to calm her down, but this time it didn’t produce the desired effect.

After all, Yua wanted something else.

「Here? 」

Seiya became confused at her sudden request.

Seiya was slightly apprehensive of doing it on the academy ground. However, to fix her mood he gently touched her lips with his. [2]

「Will that do?」

The two smiled and proceeded to train.

Yua practiced Seiya’s『Mantle of Light』.

Yua suffered from Lily last time, she wanted something to easily dodge powerful attacks. Still, it wasn’t that easy and she struggled quite a bit.

For Yua’s sake, Seiya was helping with all his power.

As a result, she achieved a small success. From now on, it is just a repeated practice.

Seiya decided to try a few things too, but as Yua, he didn’t achieve much.

What he tried to do was to summon Lily’s Gedo-chan. [3]

He tried to summon the dragon with mana of the water element that he received from the contract with Lily.

Nevertheless, all he could produce were small animals, forget about the dragon.

Seiya and Yua both needed some special training.

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The two trained until the end of the 4th hour and went to pick up Lily.

While they were walking towards her classroom, a lot of trainees directed their jealous stares Seiya’s way, but he ignored them.

Seiya wasn’t a child to exert his pressure on the trainees.

When they arrived at Lily’s classroom, she was already waiting for them.

「Seiya! Big sister! 」

She was her usual self. Apparently, she got along well with the class.

「Oh, Lily」
「Lily, let’s have lunch」

Seiya and Lily came here to pick her up and have lunch together. Then, a certain girl asked.

「Lily’s friends?」
「Un! Seiya and big sister! 」
「Big sister? Yua-san? 」

The girl with short red hair, Nari, stared at Lily in surprise.

All of the students seemed to be the same, alternating their stares from Yua to Lily.

「Is this girl your friend?」

Seiya asked Lily and she nodded.

「That’s right!」
「Ah, my name is Nari, I am the class head here」

Nari politely greeted Seiya and Yua.

「I see. My name is Kiritsuna Seiya. Thank you for taking care of Lily」
「My name is Yua Arunia, my little sister was in your care」[4] 「No, I didn’t do much…….」[5]

Nari tenses up in the face of Yua, so Seiya gave her a way out.

「We are going to have lunch right now. Do you want to come with us? 」
「Ehh, ah, etto, is that okay?」

Nari looked at Seiya with a surprised face.

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He is a student I met for the first time and she is the number one beauty of the academy, and, and, Lily is her little sister.

Nari thought, is it okay to go with these three? However, Seiya had no way to understand her troubles.

「Ah. Lily is okay with it, right? 」
「It’s decided……」
「Then, then, I accept your offer」

In that way, the four people came to a somewhat high-class restaurant outside the academy.

Although there were no other students of the academy inside, the customers still paid a lot of attention to them.

There was a lot of jealousy toward Seiya who was able to eat with two extremely beautiful girls and a cute neighbor girl.

But Seiya was already accustomed to the stares of jealousy and didn’t bother with them.

Facing such a Seiya, Nari asked.

「By the way, Seiya-senpai, are you going out with Yua-san?」

Nari’s question was normal.

The two always have their arms linked and stick to each other all the time. They should be going out however you look at it.

But Yua’s answer was way above her expectations.

「Seiya is my fiancé……」
「Kh, fiancé!?」

Nari blushed at the word; it seems it was still too early for the 14-year-old girl.

However, facing already blushing Nari, Lily delivered another bomb.

「And I am his mistress!」

Nari froze with her mouth wide open.

And the customers around them stared at Seiya with bloodthirsty eyes.

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Seiya thought of them as annoying and, just for a moment, released his pressure. The customers immediately averted their eyes.

Their instincts told them that it was dangerous to continue.

Then, while Nari still wasn’t able to process the information or say anything, Seiya followed with:

「Calm down, Nari」
「What were you thinking, senpai?」[6] 「If Lily wishes for it, that is fine with me」

Those were Seiya’s true thoughts, he thought that as long as Lily wished for it, everything is fine.

The contract didn’t matter. Seiya just wanted Lily to be happy.

However, Nari, who didn’t know the circumstances, glares at Seiya.

「You are the worst」

He could read「This womanizer! 」from her eyes. But from the standpoint of a 14 years old girl, it was easy to reach that conclusion.

Nari directed her next question to Yua.

「Are you fine with this, Yua-san? Your little sister is your fiancé’s mistress」
「No problem…」
「It can’t be…」

Receiving an unexpected answer, Nari froze again, but after some time she regained her mind and asked Lily.

「Are you fine with this, Lily? You can’t marry your lover」
「Un! After all, I want to stay with both, Seiya and big sister! 」

Nari made a surprised expression. But in the next moment, she seemed to understand something and apologized to Seiya.

「If three people are of the same mind, then I don’t have the right to say anything. I apologize for my previous behavior」
「No, no. Thank you for caring about Lily this far. I’m counting on you from now on」

Nari vigorously nodded toward Seiya and made a resolution to protect Lily from the boys of her class.

After that, the four people finished their lunch, left the restaurant and returned to the academy.

「Senpai, sorry for eating my fill at your expense」
「Don’t worry」
「Yes, until we meet again」
「Bye, Lily」

Seiya and Yua parted from Nari and Lily, returned to the classroom and prepared for the next hour.


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