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Episode 38 The Principal of Arsenia Magic Academy

When Seiya knocked on the door of the principal’s office, there was an immediate reaction.

「Get in」

He heard a voice from the other side of the door. This was an authoritative voice.

「Excuse me」
「Excuse me!」

Seiya and Lily entered inside.

「You are finally here」

When the two entered the room, there were two men inside.

One of them held an aura of power and was sitting in the chair, the other one was standing by his side.

When Seiya and Lily entered the room and closed the door, the standing man started talking.

「Nica to meet you, Kiritsuna Seiya-kun, Lily Arunia-san. My name is Zadman; I am the head teacher of Arsenia Magic Academy. This person is」
「Leonardo, the principal」

The muscular man with scarlet hair sitting in the chair is Leonardo, the principal of the academy. You can even see his muscles through his clothes, he had quite the presence.

And the man with black edged glasses and blue hair standing next to Leonardo was Zadman. Although Zadman was not muscular, his atmosphere was powerful.

To these two people, Seiya and Lily introduced themselves.

「I’m Kiritsuna Seiya, currently staying with Arunia family」

After Seiya’s introduction, Lily continues.

「Lily Arunia!」

When they finished introducing themselves, Zadman immediately started explaining.

「Regarding the two of you, I have heard about the circumstances to a certain extent from Raiga-dono. Seiya-kun is the only one left of his family and is now under Raiga-dono’s protection. Lily-san is an orphan and was adopted by Raiga-dono as his own daughter. Am I right up to this point? 」

The two nodded at Zadman’s question.

However, this was a fictional story prepared by Raiga, Seiya’s parents have disappeared a long time ago and Lily was not an orphan.

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Nevertheless, they could not tell the truth and had to go with this version.

After confirming, Zadman continued.

「Understood. With this, I have confirmed everything」

Seiya was surprised that everything was finished rather quickly and tried to leave with Lily.

But just before Seiya opened the door, Leonardo, the principal, called Seiya.

「Kiritsuna Seiya, please stay for a little longer」

Being called by Leonardo, Seiya was alerted.

Lily looked worriedly at Seiya, but Seiya smiled reassuringly to calm her down.

「All right, Lily, return to your classroom. You have a friend now, right? 」

Lily nodded and ran off to see her friend Nari in the classroom.

Confirming that Lily has run away, Seiya turned around and faced Leonardo.

In the next moment, Leonardo exerted a powerful pressure.

This pressure came attacking Seiya.

As expected from the principal of Arsenia Magic Academy, his pressure was quite stifling for Seiya, even after his experiences in Great Dalis Canyon.

Still, although it was somewhat strong, he swiftly adapted and grinned.

That smile appeared on him unconsciously and held no particular meaning.

Leonardo looked at Seiya and nodded as if convinced of something and said.

「Well, for now, sit down」
「Understood, please excuse me」

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Leonardo pointed at the table in the middle of the room and encouraged Seiya to sit down. [1]

After Seiya sat down, Leonardo also moved to the same table and sat across him.

After he took his seat, he immediately continued.

「Who the hell are you?」
「I don’t understand the meaning of the question」

Because his opponent was the principal of Arsenia Magic Academy, he decided to be careful with his answers.

But Leonardo’s question was quite straight.

Seiya did not expect that and decided to play dumb.

Facing such a Seiya, Leonardo changed the attacking method.

「Let’s change the question. What kind of power do you have? 」
「The power, is it?」

Seiya thought for a moment that Leonardo was aware of his dark element but swiftly discarded it.

If he knew about the dark element, he would not have asked in such a roundabout way.

Besides, it did not seem that Leonardo knew about the dark attribute in the first place.

Sure enough, Seiya was right.

「Let’s see. You are staying with a special magician’s family. They didn’t adopt you like a trainee from a while before, right? The reason is simple. You are currently the head of the family」[2] 「That’s true, but…」

As Leonardo said, the reason why Raiga could not adopt Seiya was not only because of his identity as Yua’s fiancé but also because Seiya was the current head of Kiritsuna family.

As a rule, the head of the family couldn’t be adopted. He had no choice but to let Seiya be a freeloader.

The reason that everyone opposed Edward adopting Seiya also came from that rule.

Although there was also a question of Seiya’s ability.

「You have enough ability to stay in the special magician’s house, so you should have some power, right? I feel bad, but I looked into Kiritsuna family and found nothing. The only thing I uncovered is that there was a student with the same surname in Senabia Magic Academy, although he died after being kidnapped. Besides, that student was rather weak」

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Leonardo told him about the results of the investigation, but he paid no attention to that.

「I see」

At this point, Leonardo doesn’t think of Seiya as a magician from Windistan.

According to his information, the magician from Windistan was an amateur; there was no way for a special magician to pay attention to him.

However, at the same time, there was no other information, maybe, due to some unusual circumstances, the magician from Windistan arrived at this point.

Either way, Leonardo wanted to hear the truth from Seiya.

「If you are that student, then why did you come here instead of returning to Windistan? Not even as a transfer student but a new one」 [3]

Leonardo suddenly shared his guesses.

But Seiya had nothing he could tell him.

「I can’t talk about it」
「Why so?」

Leonardo intensely stared at Seiya.

Strictly speaking, Seiya was not a transfer student, but a new one.

Seiya thought that there was a reason for that and decided to stay silent.

The silence continued for a while and Seiya opened his mouth first.

「I can’t answer, but I have a request」
「I want you to keep the information about Senabia Magic Academy a secret」

It was the same as telling Leonardo that he was the magician from Windistan, which was the highest concession he could make.

Seiya won’t tell any more than that.

Why did he say that in the first place? The reason is simple. It was for the sake of his wish.

And he had only one wish.

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That is, to protect his new life.

If the fact that he survived was known in Windistan, the church and the Holy Church will come with an intention to interrogate him.

If they somehow discover his dark attribute or Yua’s holy attribute, it will become a big problem.

He wanted to avoid this situation by all means.

In the worst case, Seiya can do something with brutal methods, but he didn’t wish for that to happen.

Leonardo looked at him and asked.

「Is this your request?」

There was no reason for Leonardo to comply. In the first place, this was their first meeting.

Therefore, Leonardo asked him.

「I see. Even if I asked for a reason, you will not answer? 」
「That’s how it is」

Leonardo made a troubled face and asked the important thing.

「Let me ask the important thing. Are you my enemy? Or the academy’s enemy? 」
「Both are wrong」
「I see. Then, are you an ally? 」
「It depends, I’m an ally of Arunia family」
「I understand」

Leonardo heard his answer and smiled.

What Leonardo felt from Seiya was a loyalty to Arunia family. Seiya probably acts with Arunia family as a top priority, and he will never become an enemy unless Leonardo goes against the Arunia family.

Leonardo was convinced of that.

As long as he wasn’t an enemy, that was fine for Leonardo.

「All right, you are free to go」
「Then excuse me」

Seiya said so and left.

After he left, Zadman asked Leonardo.

「Principal, so he is after all?」
「Yes. As you expected, he is the student from Windistan」
「Just what is his purpose? 」

Zadman asked that, but he didn’t expect to receive an answer.

「I don’t know. I wonder who is he really. He has enough power to easily overwhelm the teachers but attends the academy as the student. I have no idea what Raiga is thinking」
「I will continue to investigate」
「Yeah, I will leave it to you」

Zadman left and Leonardo once again perused through the information he had on Seiya.


  1. Not on the table. 
  2. Seiya’s family. 
  3. Here I assume that Seiya just tells everyone that he is a transfer student, while on paper he is a new one. 

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