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Episode 37 Selena

Arsenia Magic Academy is as large as Senabia Magic Academy, so you can’t see a lot of people in the corridors.

However, even if there is almost no one around, someone spotted Seiya and Lily walking hand in hand. Therefore, this someone calls out to them.

「Hey, you two over there」

Seiya and Lily thought that this person wasn’t calling for them and continued to head in the direction of principal’s office. However, the owner of the voice raised the volume and called again.

「Wait a little. Hey, you two, who are holding hands」

Seiya became aware of the voice and looked around.

There he found a few students, but Lily and Seiya were the only ones who were holding each other’s hands.

He understood that the voice was calling for him and turned in its direction. Lily also stopped and looked back.

There was a girl with beautiful red twin tails and yellow eyes like topaz.

However, her face looked angry for some reason, and the students who saw that girl swiftly left the scene.

In addition, the girl with twin tails stared straight at Seiya and Lily.

「Do you mean us?」

First things first, Seiya decided to confirm. And the red-haired girl with twin tails answered with an angry tone. [1]

「That’s right. Who else is here? 」
「You have a point」

As she said, no one except Seiya and Lily walked with connected hands.

「All right, what can I help you with?」

Seiya inquired about her intentions and the girl answered while in a bad mood.

「I haven’t seen you here before. Are you an intruder? 」
「Nope, I’m a transfer student」
「Transfer student? Why was I not made aware of this? 」
「When you are in a different class it’s hard to meet you know」

The academy is spacious enough in the first place.

Therefore, it is natural for other students to not be told about every new student, and it is natural to see an unfamiliar face from time to time.

Just what is this girl saying? Thought Seiya. And the girl declared her reason soon enough.

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「It is different. I will know when a new student appears」
「Who are you? 」

Facing this unknown entity, Seiya, for a moment, thought that she was hit in the head. But seeing her serious face he understood that he guessed wrong.

Although her aura felt weaker than Seiya’s, she was quite powerful.

Just when his thoughts arrived at this point, the girl revealed an unexpected reason.

「I’m the Vice President of student council of Arsenia Magic Academy, Selena Phoenix」

The student council of the Arsenia Magic Academy

So this is the representative of the student council right here. The student council of a magic academy is different from the one in a normal academy.

The student council of the magic academy has the right to pass judgment. They are also the gathering of top class magicians of the academy

A student council also existed in Senabia Magic Academy and they were quite powerful.

By the way, Jin belongs to that same council. They are the students with impressive abilities; they also have a lot of authority in the academy grounds.

In that student council, this girl is the vice president. Thinking that her level is quite high, Seiya introduced himself.

「My name is Kiritsuna Seiya, from now on I’m a part of class 2-A」
「So your grade is the same as mine. I’m from 2-C, best regards」
「Best regards from me too. This girl is Lily; she is a trainee in the second grade. Similar to me, she is going to attend this academy from this very day」
「Oh? Glad to meet you, Lily-chan」

Selena calmly greeted Lily, despite her cuteness, and Lily greeted her back. [2]

「Nice to meet you!」

She became very friendly at this point. Selena was in a bad mood at first, but now she is the gentle vice president.

But her mood suddenly dropped again.

「By the way, are you two engaged? You were holding hands earlier」

Seiya hesitated to answer that question.

She is a part of the student council.

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If he gives a wrong answer here, there will be an additional faction against him, adding to that the fan club and the royal guard.

It will be quite troublesome and Seiya wanted to avoid it.

Nevertheless, while Seiya was contemplating the answer, the beautiful little girl dropped a bomb again.

「Wrong! I’m his mistress! 」[3] 「Eh…….」

Selena suddenly solidified. It’s understandable. After all, the little girl of 14 (temporary) years old said that she was his mistress, not even a fiancée.

「This was a fun one, Lily-chan. But it is bad to joke about that」

Somehow, Selena was able to produce an answer, although with a trembling voice.

「This is not a joke! Lily is truly Seiya’s mistress! Seiya has a fiancée! 」

Lily kept revealing their circumstances. At this point, not only Selena, but also Seiya became paralyzed.

And Selena glared at Seiya while trembling.

「What is the meaning of this?」
「Even though you have a fiancée, this little girl is a mistress?」
「About that…..」

Seiya desperately searched for a way out but couldn’t find one. Because it was a fact.

「Are you a lolicon or something?」
「It’s different」

Being labeled as a lolicon, Seiya tried to come up with an excuse. But before that happened, Selena asked Lily.

「Does Lily-chan knows the meaning of the word “mistress”?」
「Un! They are doing improper things with married people! 」

Seiya’s HP was being depleted at the fast pace and Selena’s eyes were spinning in circles.

「Li-Lily-chan, does his fiancée knows about you?」

To the flustered Selena, Lily continued dropping bombs.

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「Un! Big sister knows Lily! 」
「Eh, oh…Big sister!? 」
「Slow down Lily, you will cause a misunderstanding……」[4]

Somehow retaining a little bit of his HP, Seiya tried to stop Lily. But right after, he felt an intense contemptuous stare.

「Just what were you thinking about?」
「Being intimate with your fiancée’s sister and she is even so small」
「Wait, wait, wait」

Selena’s eyes were getting increasingly threatening.

As a result, Seiya’s HP further decreased. There, Lily released her final bomb to finish him off.

「Lily is fine with that. Big sister properly accepted me too! Besides, we are already connected! 」

Lily was talking about the complete contract between them, but Selena completely misunderstood her.

But to tell the truth, her adult version…. (I will leave the rest to your imagination)

Selena glared with an incredible scorn.

「I swear in the name of the Arsenia Magic Academy student council’s Vice President Selena Phoenix. Kiritsuna Seiya, the enemy of all women. The student council will not acknowledge you. Be prepared for things to come」

She left it as her final words and ran off somewhere.

Seiya headed for the principal’s office filled with indescribable emotions.


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