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Episode 36 Seiya’s Hardships

There was a heated atmosphere in class 2-A.

That was due to Yua-sama’s fan club and Yua-sama’s royal guard, of course.

For a while already, Yua was resting on Seiya’s lap and receiving his head pats. And Seiya was glad to oblige.

Of course, the two groups won’t stay silent forever.

So the two groups questioned Seiya.

「You, what do you mean about being Yua-sama’s fiancé?」
「That’s right!」

Said the members of the royal guard, while intensely staring. Apparently not just the royal guards, but the fan club was interested to hear an explanation.

「Hey you, what are you planning to do?」
「That’s right, for you to be Yua-sama’s fiancé」
「Yua-sama, if he blackmailed you, please say it!」
「The royal guard will protect you, please tell us the truth」

The fan club and the royal guard interpreted it as a blackmail and were awaiting the “truth”.

However, Yua just closed her eyes pleasantly and completely ignored them.

So the two groups had no choice but to direct their eyes at Seiya.

「Hey, immediately release Yua-sama」
「If you do that, the royal guard will let you off」
「Make a decision quickly」

Hearing the words of the royal guard, Seiya made a troubled face.

「If you want to approach Yua-sama, enter the fan club. That’s the rule of this school」
「For those who break the rules, the fan club will administer punishment!」

The two groups demanded Seiya to follow their unreasonable rules.

They even tried to scare him with punishment. But from his point of view, this punishment can’t hold a candle to the monsters of the Great Dalis Canyon.

But still, he couldn’t just erase these two groups. Erasing your classmates on your first day is rather inappropriate. [1]

In the end, the troubled Seiya turned his eyes towards Aruna pleading for help.

But Aruna looked away with a “please spare me” face, Connie and Glenn also followed suit.

Seeing Seiya’s behavior, Yua said:

「You just looked at another woman…..」
「Wait, Yua. This couldn’t be helped」

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Seiya was further troubled by her unreasonableness. In response, Yua puffed her cheeks and made a displeased appeal.

「Forgive me」

When Seiya started patting her again, she immediately narrowed her eyes and relaxed. They really looked like a good couple.

However, the mood of the fan club and the royal guard was worsening by the second.

「You even called Yua-sama without honorifics…..」
「Have more respect」
「That’s right! Stop patting her head!」
「Why are you not answering?」

Being told so far, even Seiya thought of this as troublesome, so he decided to say just one thing.

He already lost his peaceful life after all.

「You are annoying」

Facing his stare, the two groups faltered for a moment. There was a faint killing intent in his eyes.

But they were magicians after all, so they immediately replied

「What do you mean by annoying?」
「Yes, we were just warning you」
「We can still protect you from the fan club」
「That’s why hurry up and release Yua-sama」[2]

Apparently, the royal guard proposed to protect him from the fan club. But he couldn’t just release Yua.

In the first place, if the two groups really fought with Seiya, the possibility of winning would be zero.

Seiya was in a completely different league from them.

However, it is difficult for adolescent boys and girls to calmly analyze his abilities. So they refused to withdraw.

「You want to have a fun school life, right?」
「Kind of」

Seeing him ignore the royal guard, the fan club asked. And Seiya answered the truth.

「Then you should enter the fan club」
「That way, we can talk to Yua-sama equally」

Seiya found this rather incomprehensible.

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He couldn’t understand why he, a fiancé, should lower himself to their position.

This proposal was an absolute bullshit, but the two groups prompted him to answer.

「Just decide already」
「Will you accept the protection of the royal guard?」

The fan club wanted an answer. The royal guard wanted it too.

「Enter the fan club」

The whole classroom was wrapped in an unusual atmosphere.

Students outside of the royal guard and the fan club took their distance from Seiya, Aruna’s group included.

The two groups surrounded a student on his first day. But Yua ignored the commotion and continued relaxing.

But this atmosphere was blown away by a vibrant voice.


A beautiful blue-haired girl with a cheerful voice entered the classroom. And as soon as she discovered Seiya, she immediately hugged him from the back.

「Good job finding me, Lily」
「Yup! Amazing, right?!」

While clinging to Seiya’s back, Lily noticed Yua sitting on his lap.

「Ah, big sister!」

「「「「「「「「「「「「Big sister!?」」」」」」」」」」」」

Classmates were surprised at her statement and closely looked at her.

Certainly, Lily is a beautiful girl like Yua, but her appearance is quite different from Yua, so their stares were justified.

Not caring about her classmates, Yua talks to Lily.

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「How is the academy, Lily?」
「It’s fun! I made a friend!」
「I’m glad…..」

Hearing that she found a friend, Seiya and Yua made a relieved face.

Seiya and Yua were worrying about her being a fairy and attending the academy, so when they heard that she made a friend, they were glad from the bottom of their hearts.

After they calmed down, Lily said:

「Seiya, let’s go to principal’s office, quickly!」
「Come to think of it. Yua, I will go meet the principal」
「All right……」

Said Yua and returned to her seat.

Seiya and Lily left the classroom, on their way they heard a voice saying「Since when does Yua-sama have a younger sister? 」[3]

Feeling sorry for Yua, Seiya heads to the principal’s office.

As they left the classroom, Lily immediately grasped his hand. And holding each other’s hands, they proceeded to principal’s office.


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  2. Must say, I was irritated halfway through the translation. Really want to throw a dark sphere on them. 
  3. Big misunderstanding temporarily avoided? 

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