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Episode 35 Lily’s Class

Arsenia Magic Academy is located in the middle of the Aquaristan region in the center of Moru city.

Moru city is filled with beautiful waterways and fountains. And among the entire Leiria Kingdom, it is known as a famous sightseeing spot. There are plenty of tourists here all the time.

And currently, inside the Arsenia Magic Academy, the second lesson was in progress.

However, since there were no teachers in the trainees’ classroom, trainees were free to use this time for self-study.

But although it was in the middle of the lesson, the class was unusually noisy.

Most of the boys were desperately trying to talk with a girl in the center of a crowd.

A young girl with blue eyes and beautiful blue hair was in the center of this crowd, and she was looking around anxiously.

「Hey, Lily-san, where are you from?」
「Arunia is Yua-sama’s surname, right?」
「What magic can you use?」

They were burying this young girl under an avalanche of questions.

「Would you like to study with me?」
「Do not step ahead of everyone, how about studying with me?」
「Then how about me?」

They were trying to get close to this young girl.

And the name of a beautiful blue-haired girl was Lily. [1]

Boys were trying to approach her and start a conversation.

If you are to do something like this during the lesson, the teacher will get angry. However, there are no teachers in the trainees’ classroom.

「Etto, etto」

Lily didn’t know how to answer all these questions. That was normal. After all, Lily was living in the Great Dalis Canyon and rarely met people.

Even if someone came, adult version of Lily dealt with them, so she had no chance to converse with anyone. Especially with men.

If she switched to her adult version right now, the conversation will proceed, but then everyone will know that she is the Undine.

If that happens, there is a possibility that she will be forced to drop out. So Lily had promised to Seiya that she won’t become an adult version in the school.

「Hey, let’s train together. I am from an advanced magician family」
「I am also from an advanced magician family. Let’s work together, Lily-san」
「I am from an intermediate magician family but let’s do it together」
「Please study with me, Lily-san」

Without noticing her flustered appearance, the boys invited Lily to do self-training with increasing vigor.

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The young girl, surrounded by the swarm of boys, was incredibly troubled.

「Etto, etto」

Then, a certain girl saved Lily from her predicament.

「Hey, boys. You are troubling Lily-san. As a class head I will guide her around, so you should continue your self-study」

This girl had a short red hair. She reached with her hand to Lily and said.

「Lily-san, let’s go.」

The red-haired girl tried to save her from the horde of hungry beasts.

Her eyes were as red as her beautiful hair. If you call the blue-haired Lily a sapphire, then she is a ruby.

But the boys didn’t let her escape so easily.

「Oi, wait」
「That’s right. Lily-san will study with us right now」
「Yes, even if you are a class head it’s too tyrannical」
「Right, right」

Male students complained to the red-haired girl, that tried to save Lily.

Apparently, they already decided that Lily will study with them. The girl with red hair says as if looking down on them:

「Control your urges. Or do you want to have a duel? 」

Suddenly, strong pressure was released from the girl with red hair.

It was quite powerful for a trainee, and the boys easily got intimidated.

The red-haired girl ignored the boys and brought Lily out of the classroom, into the courtyard.

There were many fountains with benches around them, and the two sat down on one of them.

「Are you alright, Lily-san? I’m sorry for our boys」

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There was no pressure emanating from the red-haired girl, she looked very kind.

Lily wanted to thank the girl, but she remembered that she didn’t know her name.

「Etto, thank you. Etto….」
「Oh, sorry. I didn’t introduce myself yet. I’m your classmate and the head of the class, you can call me Nari」

The girl with red hair introduced herself as Nari.

「Thanks Nari! I’m Lily, you can call me Lily! Also, don’t be so polite! 」 [2] 「All right, best regards Lily」

Thanks to Nari, Lily regained her previous vigor.

「By the way, did you transfer from somewhere?」
「Then this is your first time in magic academy?」

When Lily answered that she was attending a magic academy for the first time, Nari suddenly assumed a sister-like atmosphere and proposed to Lily.

「I see, then I’ll show you around」
「Really? Thank you! 」

After that, they roamed around the school for the whole 2nd hour.

On the way, they were found by their homeroom teacher, but with a guidance as a reason, they were permitted to walk around.

When the two of them finished walking around the school, the chime, signaling the end of the second hour, just rang.

「It’s break right now. Let’s return to the classroom, Lily」

Hearing the word “break”, Lily remembered a certain matter.

「What’s wrong, Lily?」
「Lily should head to the principal’s office. It’s entry greetings or something」

As she said, Lily and Seiya were called to the principal’s office for a talk. Nari made an understanding expression and asked.

「Do you know where it is?」
「I don’t know, but I have a place to go before that!」
「Etto, class 2-A!」

Lily was asked to go to the principal’s office together with Seiya, so she wanted to find him first.

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「I see, do you know the way?」
「It’s more or less fine!」
「Then I will go to the classroom, so please come to the classroom when you are finished」
「Thanks Nari!」
「It’s okay, we are friends after all」

After saying their goodbyes, they split up.

Nari returns to the classroom and Lily tries to locate Seiya.

Because they are bound by the contract, she can sense his location. [3]

And she found him pretty easily.


  1.  Dun dun duuun! 
  2. She meant without honorifics and polite speech (keigo). 
  3. If she becomes a yandere, Seiya-senpai will be in danger. 

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