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Episode 34 Seiya’s Fiancée

Seeing Yua walking up to Seiya, sitting on his lap, hugging herself with his arm, the classmates became paralyzed.

Aruna was the first one to start moving.

With a surprised expression, she asked.

「Se-seiya-kun and Yua-san’s know each other!?」

It’s too late to play a fool now. So Seiya decided to tell everyone that he is staying at her house.

But before Seiya managed to do so, Yua, sitting on his lap, dropped a sudden bomb.

「Seiya is my fiancé…….」

Aruna was stunned at Yua’s statement. Judging by her face, she didn’t seem to understand anything.

And the surrounding classmates, although already surprised, completely froze.

Seiya ignored them and complained to Yua.

「Yua – 」
「Seiya is a bully……」

Seiya tried to complain, but Yua was the first one to do so…

Facing such a Yua, he retorted.

「No, you just made quite an explosive declaration」
「Explosive declaration?」
「It is about fiancé. In the morning, Raiga explicitly told us to not tell anyone」
「Come to think of it……」

I remembered! Facing her enlightened face, Seiya expresses his dissatisfaction.

「Thanks to you, my fun school life came to an end…….」
「It’s fine…….You can have fun with me……」
「That’s right……」

Seiya answered with a depressed face. It was the first time he thought that his fiancée was such an amazing person.

There, Yua, sitting on his lap, made a seductive appeal. But in the face of her appeal, Seiya just dispiritedly patted her head.

She received Seiya’s patting and made a happy expression, then she relaxed and entrusted her back to him.

At this moment Seiya completely gave up and continued to pat her head.

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And while Seiya was stroking Yua’s head, the classmates finally woke up. Their eyes seemed to ask just who the hell he was. [1]

Classmates saw the relationship between Seiya and Yua and most of the students looked at them curiously, but some students were watching with a different emotion.

That is, Yua-sama’s royal guard and Yua-sama’s fan club, that were fighting just a minute ago.

From these two groups, a lot of bloodthirsty stares were directed his way.

Seiya felt slightly uncomfortable facing their bloodlust, but compared to the magical beasts in the Great Dalis Canyon, it was like a spring breeze.

Then, a chime for the second period rang, and classmates were forced to disperse.

Everyone returned to their seats with somewhat weird facial expressions.

The royal guard immediately tried to question Yua upon returning, but she assumed a dismissive attitude.

Curious eyes were directed not only at Yua, but also at Seiya. Of course, his neighbors included.

「Seiya-kun, what was that?」

Aruna and Glenn pressed Seiya for an explanation, but Connie was still frozen for some reason.

Seiya wanted to give them the answer, but he had a hard time picking the right words.

It takes a long time to explain, and his explanation involves a lot of secrets. So he decided to tell the abridged version.

「It’s just as she said」
「Oh, I see」
「Even so, that was a big surprise」
「Is it rare for a student to have a marriage agreement?」
「Well, it’s not that uncommon….」

It wasn’t a rare occurrence to have a marriage agreement while being a student.

Magician families are often interacting with each other, and they meet a lot of people since a young age. Among them, some are matching each other, while others aren’t.

If they want it, they might be allowed to engage with each other.

After the engagement, the two people will belong to one family, usually to the one with higher status.

For example, in their case, Seiya is an elementary magician, while Yua is from a special magician family, so after the marriage, he will belong to the Arunia family.

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「Then isn’t it fine? 」
「It is certainly normal, but this is Yua-san we are talking about」
「That’s right. She is treated like a goddess in this school. And you are her fiancé…. 」 [2] 「Well, a lot happened and that’s how it ended up」

Aruna and Glenn’s eyes were saying「Who is this guy? 」. And Seiya was calmly waiting for the start of the 2nd lesson.

Although the chime rang, the teacher still wasn’t here. And until he came, Seiya was subjected to a variety of venomous and curious stares.

Some girls who thought of him as cute in the beginning were completely stunned right now.

And the boys of the fan club were trying to kill him with their stares.

In the meantime, the teacher finally came and the second lesson started.

The second hour began, and Seiya finally relaxed.

But Seiya didn’t know. During the next break time, a certain blue-haired beautiful little girl will bring him a new headache.


  1. Again, eyes just like to talk in this novel. 
  2. She has qualifications to be the goddess, though. 

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