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Episode 33 Seiya’s Class

There was a commotion in Seiya’s new class right now.

「Hey, it seems a transfer student is coming today」
「Male? Female? 」

It seems that the rumors about the transfer student have already reached the classroom.

「It seems he is a guy」
「I wonder who he is」
「Is he a pretty boy?」 [1] 「I don’t know that much」

The transfer student was a hot topic in the classroom. A lot of people were looking forward to seeing their new classmate.

When the chime rang, Yayuna entered the classroom and the students took their seats.

Of course, there was also Yua, sitting in the back row, close to the window. And around Yua, there were girls sitting as if surrounding her.

Then, as Yayuna was sitting, she declared to the students:

「Today I will introduce to you a new friend. He is Kiritsuna Seiya-kun. Please come in」

Hearing Yayuna, Seiya obediently stepped into the classroom.

Looking at the new transfer student, the boys thought that he was kind of normal, and the girls thought that he was somewhat cute. A lot of people directed their eyes at him.

Then Seiya faced the class and said his greeting.

「I’m Kiritsuna Seiya, I will be in your care from now on. I’m an elementary magician of light attribute, best regards」 [2]

As a matter of course, Seiya said that he specializes in the light attribute, and failed to mention his dark attribute.

Classmates were curiously eyeing Seiya, but he didn’t care. Only Yua, the girl in the back row, was in his line of sight.

「Seiya-kun, please sit there, it’s empty right now」
「All right」

Listening to Yayuna, he sat in his new seat

Seiya’s seat was in the second row close to the corridor. When Seiya took his seat, students around him wanted to approach him, but they were in the middle of the class and restrained themselves.

The system in Arsenia Magic Academy was the same as in Senabia Magic Academy, six hours a day. Therefore, a sufficient amount of rest was provided between lectures.

During the break, students tried to approach Seiya.

「I’m Aruna, best regards」

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An orange-colored girl with a short hair sitting on his left named herself as Aruna and shook his end. Seiya felt that she was an active type of a girl who always smiled.

「I’m Glenn, hello」

The boy that named himself Glenn was sitting in front of him.

Glenn had a short black hair and was wearing a refreshing smile on his face.

「I am Connie. Nice to meet you」

The student seating diagonally to the left of Seiya was Connie. He had yellow hair and was wearing glasses. He seemed to be the knowledgeable type. [3]

When Seiya finished re-introducing himself, everyone around him fired a barrage of questions in his direction.

First of all, Aruna asked a question.

「Kiritsuna seems like a rare surname. It should be a pretty famous name, is there anyone with the same surname?」
「Only me, it’s no wonder you didn’t hear about my surname」
「Oh, I see. I’m sorry」
「It’s fine」

Aruna immediately apologized, but Seiya didn’t mind.

She apologized because she thought that Seiya was the only one left. In fact, however, he didn’t know much himself.

The next to ask a question was Glenn.

「Where are you from? Do you live in Aquaristan?」
「I’m from Windistan」
「That is quite far away. How rare」
「Kind of」

It is rare for people to transfer, but it’s not like this never happens.

Sometimes people transfer because of their work, but even then it is in boundaries of Aquaristan.

So in the end, students like Seiya were quite rare.

Because Seiya answered Glenn’s question, Connie wanted to ask next but was interrupted by a loud angry voice.

「Huh? Why did that happen? 」

The voice was resounding from the back of the classroom. There three boys and four girls were arguing with each other, and Yua was behind those girls.

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Seiya looked at the quarrelling people, while Aruna and Glenn said.

「They are doing it again. They never tire」
「Well, both parties are stubborn after all」
「Even so, I would have got bored already」

Facing the two, Seiya asked.

「What are they doing?」
「Oh, you don’t know yet」
「You better not involve yourself in that one」
「Yeah, you should be careful around them Seiya-kun. Otherwise, you might get some troubles on your head」

Three people said that it is better not to involve yourself, but he had to. It seemed like Yua was involved one way or another, and Yua was his fiancée.

That’s why he asked them for details.

「So, is this a fight?」
「Seiya-kun is quite curious~」
「Well, I guess it does not matter if you know」
「I also agree」[4]

Looking for confirmation from Glenn and Connie, Aruna explained the circumstances.

「Fine then. Um, Seiya-kun, there is a beautiful white-haired girl behind them, right?」

Seiya was convinced.

It was Yua, she was the cause of that argument. And he was about to be involved too.

「Her name is Yua Arunia. A member of a special magician’s family」

Seiya knew but pretended to be unaware to avoid questions.

「And the four girls around Yua-sama are her royal guards」
「Royal guards!?」

This was something incomprehensible, for them to be her guards of all things.

Raiga said that she had no friends, but she had a royal guard for some reason.

Seeing his surprised expression, Aruna explained further.

「Those girls will crush every boy that tries to approach her」
「And what will happen if someone does approach her?」
「Are you planning to get close to her? You’d better quit. You will throw away your future school life」
「I see……」

Apparently, it was his destiny to throw away his calm school life.

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His happy school life ended on his first day after transfer, he thought it was somewhat funny.

「That is dangerous…..」
「Certainly Yua is cute, but you will die before you get closer. Some of the members of the royal guard are advanced magicians」
「That’s too…….」
「Well, the best way is to stay away」

Even if they say to stay away, Seiya is already too close.

Seiya thought what to do from now on, while Connie and Glenn continued their explanation.

「There is also a fan club in the name of Yua-sama among the boys」 [5] 「Fan club?!」
「Yes, it is a club that is formed from 80% of the male population. Of course, there are also advanced magicians, like in the guard」

Yua-san, you have a fan club and a royal guard, why can’t you make any friends? This question suddenly floated inside his head, but he then remembered her trust problems.

「And what kind of activities does this club do?」
「They are trying to approach her」
「I see」

Having learned about the existence of this fun club, Seiya somehow understood a lot about this academy.

In other words, men are trying to approach her, while women are trying to prevent it.

「Is it always so intense?」

It was a bit too intense for a fight. Seeing a glimpse of his own bleak future, he asked that question.

「That might not be true」
「It’s usually calmer」
「Then why?」
「That’s because Yua-san came to school after a long absence」

Seiya finally understood everything with Aruna’s explanation.

After being kidnapped, she spent all her time beside Seiya, until they reached Aquaristan.

Meanwhile, the academy was still active, but Yua wasn’t able to attend it.

That means that Yua wasn’t around for a while. [6]

「I got it」

After he said that, Seiya looked at Yua. And their eyes aligned.

Apparently, Yua was watching Seiya, and Seiya’s eyes seemed to say「You are a bunch of problems」.

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Receiving his eye contact, she puffed her cheeks and emanated a pouting appeal.

Seiya wanted to rescue her, but because he didn’t want to cause problems on his first day here, he looked away.

Yua understood that he won’t rescue her, so she made a move herself.

She stood up and walked towards the corridor.

Seeing her move, the members of the guard and the fan club also tried to follow her.

But just before Yua entered the corridor, she suddenly turned to the left, and proceeded towards the front of the classroom.

(Yua……no way….)

What if she wanted to approach him? Thought Seiya.

And as expected, Yua walked to Seiya’s seat and sat on his lap.


The whole classroom was stunned by Yua’s behavior.

But her expression of love was not over yet.

Yua lifted Seiya’s arm and positioned it as if he was embracing her. She seemed to say that she was already claimed.

I’m finished……. [7]

Seiya understood, his calm school life has ended.


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