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Episode 8 A Problem Occurred

When Seiya woke up, a white ceiling was spreading in front him. After looking around and finding medical instruments placed around him Seiya understands that he was sleeping on the bed in the medical room.

Apparently, the retired Seiya seems to have been brought to the nurse’s office, so as the still asleep Zach.


Seiya reminds himself of his previous actions, quietly gets up the bed and leaves the school so as not to wake Zach up.

Leaving the room, he saw the clock and confirmed the time. The practical training seems to still be in progress.

Seiya decides to head to the shop situated in the school to moisten his dry throat.

Since the shops are not located in the same building as train stations and gymnasiums, he had to return to the main building where classrooms are.

The magic academy has a lot of facilities, the academy building is large, and it is hard to move around. It took about five minutes to return to the main building and arrive at the shop.


Seiya tried to buy an energy drink with a fatigue restoring effect but noticed something. There was no wallet in his pocket.

Seiya tries to think just where on earth it went.

During practice training, it was certainly in the pocket, so it might be in the bed in the nurse’s office.

「It can’t be happening to me……」

Seiya succumbed to disappointment and despair.

Zach’s trio is still in that room. But he couldn’t buy dinner tonight without his wallet. So he went to the health department while praying that the trio is still sleeping.

Seiya came back to the nurse’s office, opened the doors quietly so as not to wake them up.

Fortunately, Zach is still asleep, and relieved Seiya starts searching the bed in which he was sleeping.

However, the wallet was not in bed, flustered, he searches down to the bottom of the bed. At such time, a very low voice was heard from behind Seiya.

「Is this what you are looking for, Unknown?」

While thinking「Crap … …」Seiya slowly looks back. Then there was Zach who had a disgusting smile holding Seiya’s wallet.

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Shura and Hoa who also regained consciousness also have that revolting smile os their faces. Apparently, the three had already regained consciousness and seems to have been waiting for Seiya to come back.

「I heard, Unknown. You seem to have stabbed Zach?」
「Not bad for an Unknown~」

Seiya seeing the face of the three people realized what was going to happen. If he goes against them, he will receive violent “sanctions” and won’t get back his wallet.

「If you want this back, come closer to me, Unknown」
「I understand, Zach-kun. So return the wallet」
「What with that attitude? I told you to come closer」

Zach’s mood is the worst ever after seeing Seiya.

This should be that. Zach misunderstood that Seiya met with Edward in order to become a member of intermediate magician family, and adding to that he was suddenly backstabbed by Seiya, the beginner magician.

Seiya was pulled by Zach the back of the alley outside the school grounds.

There is little traffic in this alley, and it is a dark place. Especially during classes. Of course, the teachers of Magic Academy are in the academy building, so people will never come here all of the sudden.

In such an alley, Seiya’s punishment has begun.

「Take this! You stabbed me rather nicely, Unknown」
「A cheeky Unknown trying to become an intermediate magician. Don’t be so conceited」
「What’s wrong, Unknown? Why don’t you say something~?」
Cough cough……」

Seiya is getting himself kicked and stepped on repeatedly.

There is no barrier like in a training dome here, and bruises will remain. Seiya has trouble breathing with his belly and chest getting stepped on.

「Hey Unknown. Don’t you think it will end here? Cheeky brats need to take responsibility for their actions. Hey! It’s presumptuous for a small fry to become an intermediate magician 」
「Take this! Do you want to step on us using director’s authority? Don’t screw with me! Do it after showing sufficient ability」
「That’s right~. You should belong to the bottom of beginner’s class for the rest of your life ~」

Three people kept assaulting Seiya while misunderstanding, but Seiya wasn’t able to fix it already. Even if he told the truth, there are no reasons for three people to believe him and stop.

There is also the possibility of getting beaten up further by being told that he is rebelling. It’s better to just quietly wait until they finish. Seiya was thinking as such.

「This scum of a magician!」
「Fight fairly if you are unreconciled」
「That’s right~ That’ s right~」

Just how much he had been kicked?

Seiya thought so, but the brain stops thinking after a while and his consciousness gradually becomes distant. A lot of stains and bruises were made on the face of Seiya, and it was the same with the clothes.

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(Is it over already……)

Seiya feels time flowing slower than ever.

During the usual training time, damage to the body does not persist, but now it is different. The wounds remain on the body the more he gets kicked, and it’s only getting worse.

And longer beatings further burdened Seiya’s heart.

The simultaneous burden on the spirit and body was immense.

(It hurts … it hurts … someone … … someone help me……)

Seiya suddenly gets agitated. It is a work Seiya, the weakling who sleeps deep inside his heart. He desperately prayed inside his spinning head.

(Anyone will do … …. help me)

Immediately after teary-eyed Seiya thought so, he caught a shadow in the field of his view.

Did people in the city who found them came to intervene? Hoping so Seiya checked his surroundings. And at the same time, a tremendous chill hit Seiya.

Several men come into the alley, but the atmosphere is not looking peaceful, those people held guns in their hands. [1]

In this magical world there are guns, but those who use belong mostly to the dark organizations of non-magicians. For magicians, handgun holds no threat, and non-magicians ask for church’s help if there is something, there weren’t many people using guns in the first place.

Seiya saw a handgun only in a book, this was the first time seeing the real deal. However, he was convinced that the handguns of those men were dangerous.

Zack’s trio are concentrating on adding an insult to an injury and do not notice.

Seiya tries to tell the three people that the danger is coming from behind, but his voice doesn’t come out well.

「Ugh …… behi…」
「Oh? I can’t hear you ~」

Somehow he tried to tell the trio about the threat approaching from behind, but they have no ears that are willing to listen, and further trample Seiya.

His chest is stifled, and Seiya cannot breathe well. At this point, those men were pointing their handguns on the trio’s backs.

The men who pulled the triggers of their handguns.

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Poof Poof Poof

Immediately afterwards, the trio foams from their mouth, and then they lose consciousness. The men having confirmed that those three fainted gave a sigh in the direction of the entrance of the alley.

Then more men appear.

「Capture is complete」
「All right, pull them on the wagon. Let’s drive them to the laboratory」

Looking at those men he understood that they are the gang of kidnappers mentioned before. Seiya thought of leaving a clue behind while remembering the incident that Lamia told to the class in the morning.

(If I leave behind clues the church will……)


However, Seiya was also shot with a handgun and lost consciousness.


  1. Yep. 

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