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Episode 7 Practical Training (3)

Suddenly the『Mantle of Light』has melted and Seiya exposed his defenseless appearance to Zach.

However, Seiya did not understand why『Mantle of Light』suddenly dissolved.

To tell the truth, Seiya mistook the amount of magical power used for『Mantle of Light』.

Seiya thought that『Mantle of Light』is a way to raise his physical abilities by wearing the magical power of light attribute. But with this alone, this spell cannot be cast.

It is impossible to withstand the rise in physical ability of the body as it is, else it will destroy the body on the caster.

So, you must raise your endurance for the magical power of the light attribute.

Because Seiya unconsciously increased the endurance of his body, he managed to consume more magical power than expected, causing mana shortage.

As soon as you think calmly, you can understand immediately but Seiya wasn’t in the mood for complex analysis.

「What’s wrong, Unknown. Is it okay to not the magic you used moment ago? 」

Zach, who is happy to see Seiya’s pitiful appearance, casts a spell towards Seiya.

「I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」

Zak continues exercising『Fire Bullet』one after another, and Seiya receives it all without an opportunity to prevent the attack.

「Uwa ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a」
「It won’t over with just that」

Seiya is suffering from Zach’s attacks, unleashed without any mercy, and Hoa and Shura, having seen enough, are trying to stop Zach.

「Hey, you are overdoing things」
「That’s right~. As expected it is an overkill ~」

Zach stared at the two who tried to stop him.

「Shut up. If you do not want to end up like this, do not go against intermediate class magician clan」

Zach raged, he didn’t satisfy all of his grudges yet.

He was far from the usual Zach, which the two people knew. However, if they try to stop Zach of an intermediate magician family while being in a beginner magician family there is a possibility that they can suffer the same fate as Seiya, so they stayed silent.

「Hey, hey, what happened, Unknown? Is this the end? Huh? You are a disgrace of a magician」

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Receiving most of Zach’s attacks with his body, Seiya falls to the ground. It seems that his consciousness is already almost lost and he is reaching the limit, but Zach didn’t stop.

「『Fire Bullet』」[1] 「You are overdoing things, Zach」
「Right, any more and he~…」

Hoa and Shura are trying to stop Zach’s spell by jumping on him.

Even though Zach is from an intermediate magician clan, unleashing excessive attacks on non-resisting magician is not going to be praised, even if it is training.

If an accident happens, some kind of penalty will come down from the school’s management and the three of them will end up getting penalized.

「Release me!」
「Wait a second, Zach」
「That’s right ~」
「Shut up. This scum is trying to consolidate his position by meeting the director. Why do you even try to protect him?」
To the people who cannot understand what he suddenly said. Zach tells then what happened in the morning.

「The director said that he wants to greet him as his adopted son. And then, all this bullying will disappear. This guy was selling himself to the director to become the part of an intermediate magician’s family, same as me」
「What is this all about……」

The two didn’t know what to say.

「He is trying to become equal with me by becoming an adopted child of the director who is in intermediate magician family. And I don’t want to be equal to this one」

What Zach says is not a mistake, but it is still different from the facts. In the morning, Zach happened to hear that Seiya and Edward were talking on the rooftop.

Usually, students are prohibited from approaching the rooftop.

However, as Seiya was casually heading towards the roof as if he had permission (he actually had one), Zach decided to tail him.

So Zach saw Seiya and Edward talking with each other.

They did not seem to have a relationship like between student and a director, and Zach was listening to the door trying to hear the conversation between them. But because the door was made of iron, he could not hear all of it.

The only thing Zach could hear is the phrase of adopting Seiya. And Zach made up the conversation of the Seiya and Edward from the phrases he heard and convinced himself that it is true.

「That’s …something」

Zach’s assertion is incorrect, misunderstanding is mixed within, Seiya wanted to them, but couldn’t utter a single word due to damage from Zach’s outrage.

Adding Seiya’s bad luck, Zach realizes that he is still conscious and wants to continue the “training”.

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Even the two who had been trying to stop Zach until that time didn’t stop him once again after hearing this story.

Seiya is going to be above, Unknown in front of them will be above. They couldn’t accept such a thing.

「I’m not finished yet, Unknown」
「That was dirty, Unknown」
「That’s right~ That’ s right~」

Three people cast their spells eyeing Seiya with contempt. He will retire if the attacks reach him.

Seiya came to this realization intuitively, couldn’t do anything without any mana in his body. The only thing he can do is to accept reality.

「This is the end」
「Wow ….」

It was when Seiya was ready to accept defeat.

「『Wind Fang』」

At that time, a strong wind blew, blowing away the trio, who tried to activate their spells, hitting the tree.


Seiya, who could not understand what happened, managed to keep a strand of his consciousness and looked in the direction of the wind.

There was a boy with a short silver hair with his hand held in front of him.

It was wind attributed magician Jin Heint that smashed the trio using intermediate spell 『Wind Fang』. A magician of the senior magician clan, Heint family, he is a classmate of the Seiya.

A senior magician clan is a family with unique magic derived from the four basic attributes. Their number is small in the Kingdom of Leiria, but at the same time, they have formidable strength.

The spell used by Jin is the wind attribute intermediate spell『Wind Fang』. This is a spell that releases multiple 『Wind Blade』which are the beginner spell of wind attribute at the same time, making fangs from blades.

When shooting multiple『Wind Blade』at the same time, if timing deviates even a little, they will collide with each other and spell will fail. So『Wind Fang』is spell that requires considerable skill.

「You *******……」

Zach, stricken by a tree, stares daggers at Jin while slowly getting up. On the other hand, Hoa and Shura are still stunned by the shock, making their consciousness dim.

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「Jin. What are you going to do? Stealing other people’s pray」
「Nothing much … I just saw three people in front of me, so I might as well defeat them … …」

Jin’s blunt attitude further irritates Zach.

「*******! Don’t mess with me」
「I’m not messing with anyone」

Jin’s behavior is quite normal, so Zack cannot complain. In addition, the opponent is from a senior magician clan above the Zach of the intermediate magician clan.

If Jin is to play like a bully, and sanction Zach it won’t be wrong however you look at it. But Zach was too excited to notice such a thing.

「Damn. Irritating *******」
「Don’t make me repeat myself, I’m not here to play around」

That attitude of Jin is increasingly annoying to Zach. Zach, seemed to be about to pounce on Jin, but the difference in ability is too big.

Zach instinctively understood that and was wary of Jin’s attack.

「Did you come here to……Huh?」

At that time, something pierced through Zach’s back, who was wary of Jin’s attack.

Zach slowly lowered his line of sight and saw his found the light penetrating his chest.

As he turned backward and traced the light, there was a figure of Seiya with his face still on the ground, but the only difference if his right arm facing Zach.

「Unknown…You *******…」

Zach stares at Seiya with eyes filled with hatred, but at the next moment, his body disappears in a cloud of sparkling dust.

(I did it……)

Seiya, who made Zach retire with his own hands, is pleased deep down in his heart. Although Seiya didn’t want to fight back at first, the appearance of Jin forced Zach to show the biggest opening yet

From that point he started exercising 『Triple Length』on Hollins, which is a mere spell of the beginner level, stabbing Zach in the back without thinking of aftermath.

『Triple Length』 is the spell that Seiya practiced during the fourth hour. He had broken branches at that time, but now to his surprise, he didn’t damage the durability of the swords in the slightest.

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He just needed to elongate his sword enough to reach Zach.

Seiya then successfully exercised this spell for the first in his life and made Zach retire.

Seiya rejoiced that he retired Zach with his own hand. And Seiya thanked Jin who helped him.

Seiya thought that there was no one among his classmates who will help the Unknown and was quite happy about that.

「Err……Thank you for saving me Jin-kun」
「I didn’t help you」

Seiya hesitates hearing such an answer.

「But you just defeated those three…」
「Because I didn’t see you here. And now I will also defeat you」

In the next moment, Seiya lost consciousness.

His head was cut off by Jin’s wind blade and he retired. Today’s class is a survival, everyone around is the enemy. Seiya ought to have thought about that sooner.

After that, Jin defeated two people scattered around the tree and headed for a new battle zone.

Today’s class ended as such for retired people.

But the day is not over yet for Seiya. A new problem is waiting for him.


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