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Episode 9 Crazy Scientist

Cold. The moment Seiya felt so, he regained his consciousness.

When Seiya woke up and looked around, he found walls made of inorganic materials and iron bars spread around, as it turned out he was in the artificially made prison.

「Here is……」

Seiya who tried to remember what happened before he fainted finds Zach’s trio scattered around. Looking closely, they were even restrained with handcuffs.

「Zach-kun! Zach-kun! 」

Seiya tries to wake Zach up. Fortunately, Zach regained consciousness only after a few nudges, and Hoa and Shura also quickly followed suit.

When they regained consciousness and realized that they were imprisoned, they quickly asked Seiya for an explanation.

「Hey, Unknown. What did you do? Where is this place? 」

Zach, who decided this situation to be the Seiya’s fault, pounces on him. Seiya hurriedly began to explain to Zach.

「Zach-kun, wait! I have not done anything. It is the men of the dark organization that did this!」
「Ahh? Dark organization? Do think I will believe you?」
「It’s true. I’m captured too」
「Ohh? You must have orchestrated it somehow」

With Zach getting noisy and sticking to Seiya, Hoa and Shura gave a helping boat to Seiya. Both of them seem to have judged the situation calmly.

「Hey Zach! Apparently, we were captured. Look at those handcuffs. Besides, this place…」
「It’s strange~ I cannot use my magic~」
「What, you cannot use magic? What do you mean? Hey, Unknown」

Zach thought that it was Seiya’s work that he could not use magic.

「Wait … I do not even know. But I know that we were shot by something like an anesthetic gun and were brought here」

What Seiya is saying is definitely true, but from standpoint of Zach, when that happened Seiya suddenly lost consciousness.

I couldn’t believe Seiya so easily.

「Zach, apparently what Unknown says is true. This handcuff is probably made of magic seal stone. And only dark organizations deal with magic seal stones. And I do not think that Unknown is capable of preparing a magic seal stone」
「For it to be a magic seal stone … Is this true, Hoa?」
「Yeah, no doubt. I have once touched the real thing; this handcuff is the same as the magic seal stone I touched at that time. The culprit probably … …」

Magic seal stone is a mineral that seals the magic of the magician as its name implies.

Originally it was used by the church for arresting magicians who sinned, but in some underground societies, it was used for kidnapping and so on.

It is near impossible for individual magicians to obtain them because of their rarity and price.

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「It seems this is the gang of kidnappers that teacher mentioned in the morning. Crap, we are in trouble」
「Do not be like that. Considering that they also use magic seal stones, the criminal is a large organization」
「What should we do~ ?」

Zach finally understood their current perilous situation.

As it is impossible for Seiya to acquire magic seal stones, Zach also understood that Seiya is innocent. But if Seiya isn’t a culprit, the situation becomes worse.

「It was said that the church is investigating this case, but probability of us being rescued is low」

Zach’s face morphed into that of a member of intermediate magician clan. Hoa and Shura became nervous seeing that face.

Even if they are magicians, they are still children, it is not known whether they can judge the situation rationally. In that case, by the teachings of Senabia Magic Academy you should obey the one with the highest rank, in this case, they should follow Zach’s instructions.

「What are we going to do, Zach-kun?」
「There is no choice but to escape」

Unlike usual, Zach readily answered Seiya’s question.

Zach does not pick on Seiya, for the time being, escape is a top priority. Getting the four of them out of here is a responsibility of Zach of the intermediate magician clan.

「What do you do to break out of the jail?」
「That’s right, Zach ~」

They are anxious, but they are both magicians. They have to get used to dangerous situations.

「First of all, we will cooperate with each other and wait for a chance to break out.」
「That’s right~」

Considering the current situation, it is quite natural that Zach treats Seiya as an ally, but Seiya is happy about Zach’s words and trust.

If all of them can escape, then Seiya thinks that they can become friends born from a struggle. [1]

「First things first, we need to do something about these handcuffs」
「Come to think of it. Unknown, what kind of guys were the enemy?」
「Well, I could not see clearly, but they were no good men and they had handguns in their hands. We fainted when we were shot by those handguns」

Listening to Seiya’s explanation, Zach thought.

「If it is a handgun … …, the opponent is highly likely to be from a non-magician organization」
「So if the handcuffs go away….」
「Yeah, it’s our win」

Zach’s face is not that of a bully, but that of a leader, Seiya and others leave their lives to him. Immediately switching his behavior, that’s what you expect from intermediate magician family.

Facing serious appearance of Zach, trust naturally appears in other’s chest.

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「The problem is, how are we going to get the key……」
「The guards won’t carry the key on their belt right?」
「Yeah, no way~」
「That’s right, Zach-kun. There is no way they will do something so stupid … …」

clink clink

In that moment, a good-looking guy with something like a key on his belt, and a man wearing a thin, dirty white clothes appear.

「Apparently I’m stupid」

As the dirty man in white clothes said that and Seiya and others ended up crying out loud.

Looking at them, the white coat man scratched his neck, but Zach quickly questioned the man.

「What are you planning to do, *******? You have guts to mess with Runias family」

Zach shows off his family background to man in white. It was a threatening act and it was also a warning saying that if something happens, an intermediate magician clan would move.

「Runias family? I do not know such a family. Besides, you are my test subjects. Do not make so much noise」
「Test subjects? Do f*ck with me. Get me out of here right now!」
「You’re a noisy fellow」

Man in white coat treated Zach as a laboratory rat, he pulled out from his pocket something that resembles a remote control device and pressed the button.


Zach’s scream echoed in the prison.

「Next time the current will be stronger by two times. The guinea pig should behave like a guinea pig. By the way, this is Freestan, and we can do not like the common sense of Windistan. I advise you to remember that.」
「「「「Damn it……」」」」

The Leiria Kingdom’s Freestan is a province in the upper third of the donut looking from the sky, your position here is determined by you own ability and now by your lineage.

And there is only one reason why magicians from other provinces are being brought to Freestan.

Seiya heard rumors before, but he did not think that it was really being done. While thinking as such he listens to the man in white.

「Do you brought us here for the purpose of magic research?」

To Seiya’s question, a man wearing a white coat reveals a smile. From that expression, Seiya understood the answer to his own question and despaired.

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「It helps me that you understand. Yes, I will use you as a tool to further my research and improve my position if Freestan」

In Freestan everything is based on ability, the top members of the church are also decided in battle. In Freestan, the human experiment like this one is not unusual.

In particular, in all kinds of underground societies.

Seiya asks the white-coated man.

「Even in Freestan if your human experiments come to light it will be the end of you. Besides that, the church is on the move, it won’t end well for you」

As Seiya said, the human experimentation is prohibited. If it comes to light he wouldn’t be able to save himself however high his ability is.

However, the white coat laughed at Seiya’s words.

「He-he-he. Too bad, little brat. No one will find out. Because this is not Freestan but the dark territory close to Freestan」
「Dark territory……are you sane?」
「Are you kidding?……」
「It can’t be……」

Hearing the words “dark territory”, they despaired and at the same time became afraid of the man in white. The dark territory, it’s population is negligible, it is a place where monsters live.

No matter how strong the church is, they won’t search for the criminal in the dark territory.

And even if they escape, there was no way they could return home safely from the dark territory.


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