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Episode 6 Practical Training (2)

The trio of Zach, Hoa and Shura surrounded Seiya.

You can’t escape even if you want to. There are no people in the surroundings and it seems that they won’t encounter anyone anytime soon. Although no one would have helped Seiya even if they saw.

The three people stare at Seiya with disdain.

「Let us have fun fighting, Unknown」
「It’s a survival after all. Everyone is an enemy」
「But who should we fight first~? Let’s first defeat a single person~」
「I agree. Well then, let’s start from Unknown! 」

Three of them, having finished their farce, started casting magic towards Seiya one after another.

「I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」
「I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」
「I, who received protection of wind, call upon your power『Wind Blade』」

The spells cast by three people one after another land on Seiya, scorching hot wind blades burn and slice Seiya’s body.

「Damn it……」

Seiya starts to deflect their attacks on his vital parts with twin swords, Hollins, using precise moves and utmost concentration.

Seiya is under a storm of numerous attacks, but it does not reach his protected spots。

Thanks to the special barrier which is put in the training dome Seiya’s body is fine. However, since the damage itself goes to the spirit, Seiya has an expression of agony.

Both of the spells that three people used are classified as beginner spells, but it was a powerful attack for Seiya who cannot use magic satisfactorily.

Even though he managed to prevent this round of attacks with Hollins, but it won’t be strange if Seiya’s will have a lapse in concentration as time goes on.

「What’s happened, Unknown? You won’t fight back?」
「Or you can’t fight back?」
「Come to think of it, you can’t even use magic properly~」

Three people laughed loudly while watching the Seiya defending. Certainly, Seiya could not use magic well enough, but if it is those three it is possible to counterattack.

However, Seiya absolutely refused to act.

If he counterattacks here, he will be bullied even harsher. Seiya is aware that Zach is such a type of a person.

And Zach’s trio also knew that Seiya won’t fight back.

「I, who received protection of light……ehh」
「Ha-ha, if you do not chant it properly, magic won’t come out, Unknown」
「What should we do Zach? Shall we finish him?」
「No, not yet. I have yet to fight properly. Gahahahahahahaha」

Seiya does not counterattack but tries to defend himself with a defensive spell. However, before the chant is completed, it is forcibly interrupted.

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The trio knew that Seiya will not fight back, as such defensive magic was unneeded. Attacking to their heart’s content they didn’t bother with defense at all.

Three people were tormenting Seiya, but only Zach raised laughter of delight from the bottom of his heart, somewhat different from the other two.

Seeing the delighted appearance of Zach, Hoa and Shura started to hesitate.

Seiya thought that Zach was behaving strangely today. Usually, they make Seiya retire quite swiftly, but today was different.

Tormenting Seiya over and over, he does not seem satisfied and continues his assault.

Looking at the state of Zach, Seiya understood that he was in danger. However, there is no way the three people will forgive him if he tries to use defensive magic

While numerous attacks continued to hit Seiya, he thinks of a way out.

It is a spell that he always practiced during the third hour.

He never succeeded, but Seiya was convinced that with his spell he could overcome this predicament.

He didn’t know if it will succeed.

However, Seiya’s instincts tell him to use that spell here.

Seiya starts to move the light attribute magical power inside his body while preventing attacks that are likely to become fatalities with twin swords Hollins. There is no need to be impatient. Thinking to himself as such, Seiya calms down.

「Unknown is trying to do something」
「It will misfire anyway」
「Useless struggle~」

Three people knew that Seiya was up to something, but since he was not chanting, they were convinced that magic will misfire.

In theory, it is said that casting magic without chant is possible, but such a feat can only be achieved by a magician with some power. And Seiya is not such a magician.

An ordinary magician needs an aid of a magic stone to omit the chant, but even if Seiya in front of him has a magic stone, he couldn’t believe he will use it.

In other words, it is impossible for Seiya to unleash a spell without chanting. Zach’s trio thought as such.


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While breathing out, Seiya was quite impatient at the bottom of his heart. If the spell he tries to complete does not succeed, he won’t be able to tell what will happen to him.

Seeing the state of Zach, if he couldn’t cast it well, there will be no end to Seiya’s torment.

The moment before completion of Seiya’s spell, the trio finally noticed. While having no idea what Seiya tries to do, they were able to perceive strange magical waves, different from usual.

The impatient trio immediately launched a fierce assault.

「『Fire Bullet』」
「『Fire bullet』」
「『Wind Blade』」

Those spells launched by the three people were supposed to hit Seiya. However, at the next moment, the figure of Seiya, who had an expression of agony until the moment ago, disappears from the sight of three people in a blink of an eye.


The trio saw their spells hit the ground while raising dust clouds. Completely unable to process what happened.

Being unable to find his figure, they were able to understand that he surely didn’t retire.

Three people quickly looked around trying to find Seiya, and found him a slight distance away from them.

Seiya’s body is shining clad in the magical power of the light attribute. To be exact, it would be better to say that he is wearing the magical power of light.

(That will work!)

Seiya was elated in his mind due to successful casting.

The magic used by Seiya is his original magic『Mantle of Light』. It clads the body in the power of light and makes use of 『rising』special effect of the light attribute to dramatically raise his physical abilities.

If you cannot defend and cannot fight back, just avoid the enemy. Seiya thought so and used 『Mantle of Light』.

As for results, Zach’s trio was unable to grasp the way Seiya moved out of their field of vision.


Zach rages in anger and thinking of Seiya. It didn’t defend nor counterattacked, just avoided him. That was the most humiliating thing for Zach.

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Despite focusing on the attack all the way, despite concentrating on the appearance of Seiya, he still could not capture his movements and was taken aback.

Moreover, Zach does not know the spell used by Seiya, nor does he heard of it. He was inferior to Seiya the Unknown.

That fact was unacceptable to Zach.

「Don’t be so arrogant! You a just an Unknown! I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」

Although Zach cast 『Fire Bullet』towards Seiya, he couldn’t capture the appearance of Seiya whose physical abilities have been increased by 『Mantle of Light』.

And Seiya continuously avoids Zack’s attacks. This further raises Zach’s anger, but Seiya does not care.

Their attacks did not hit him anymore.

「You guys, help right now. Let’s attack together」

Two people are disturbed seeing Zach’s demon-like face. But immediately cast their spells towards Seiya.

「 I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」
「 I, who received protection of fire, call upon your power『Fire Bullet』」
「 I, who received protection of wind, call upon your power『Wind Blade』」

Being clad in『Mantle of Light』the movements of fire bullets and wind blade launched by the trio seemed extremely slow in Seiya’s vision.

「Damn it. Why? 」

Not being able to hit Seiya irritates Zach greatly.

(After all, it is slow)

Seiya, feeling himself getting stronger, can counterattack however he desires.

With the help of 『Mantle of Light』it is easy to escape from Zach and it is easy to attack him either.

(In that case, I will do just that)

Seiya, who decided to counterattack, tries to slash at Zach while holding Hollins in both hands. Zach was still unable to react to the speed of Seiya.

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In this case, it was OK to fight all three people.


However, after the moment he took a first step Seiya feels the body suddenly getting heavier. Then he stumbled and fell to the ground.


Unexpectedly the magical power of the light that had been wrapped around the body of Seiya disappeared and the state of 『Mantle of Light』 had been released.

「It can’t be happening……」
「Yo, Unknown」

Zak is smiling while staring at Seiya who is stunned by the disappearance of 『Mantle of Light』.

Hate was radiating from his eyes.

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