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Episode 5 Practical Training (1)

Senabia Magic Academy has a vast dome for students to train in.

Even though it is called training, there are various types, including fighting using only close proximity weapons, far range attack using magic, battle using both weapons and magic.

But none of this is necessary for the future magician to use in battle in the future.

A battle for magicians is not just about people. There are also monsters that live in the dark territory.

Even so, churches around the country are wary of the dark terrain, dispatching magicians as soon as they discover monsters and annihilating them, there are little to no monsters attacking the city.

Even so, sometimes strong monsters that cannot be easily annihilated by the army, force their way into the city.

But even when a powerful monster attacks, it is easy to annihilate him even though it takes time, because one of the 12 sages of the kingdom will assume command and the church will provide troops.

Thanks to the that, there were no major problems other than the disappearance of the goddess in the Leiria Kingdom, and for many years, peace is being kept.

Returning to the matters at hand, Senabia Magic Academy’s Training Center. There is a special barrier inside the dome, and the damage received within that boundary will directly damage the spirit without affecting the body.

So it is absolutely impossible to die within the barrier, even if you receive enormous damage equivalent to lethal or faint, you will just turn into particles of light and dust and the barrier will send you out.

Seiya was quite inconvenienced with such training time. Magic is basically learned from the time of birth, but Seiya began to learn when he was ten years old.

At this point, he is ten years apart from the surrounding people. It is impossible for such Seiya to fight equally with other people.

In addition, during the battle training, Zach and his friends can legally assault Seiya.

Seiya can also counterattack, but doing so would worsen Zach’s mood and who knows what he can do after training.

So Seiya had no choice but to flee all the time.

While Seiya waited at the training grounds, red-haired teacher Lamia enters the training ground. When Lamia confirmed that everyone was here, she began explaining the training content.

「Today’s training is a survival. The field is a whole dome. Both weapons and magic are permitted to use. You are considered retired at the point of losing consciousness. Does anyone have any questions?……………… There are none. That’s all. I pray for a good fight」

After confirming that there are no questions, Lamia heads to the bleacher and lowers her back.

There is a screen constructed utilizing reflection magic on the bleachers, and you can see the inside of the training arena. Lamia looked at the screen ready to check everyone’s actions.

Before training begins, Seiya and his classmates are scattered to choose their starting point.

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While making a sullen face, Seiya is looking for a place to hide, and the trio of Zach, Hoa and Shura approaches Seiya.

「Unknown, let’s try our best」

Zach said that to Seiya with a detestable grin on his face. This is a survival training. Everyone is an enemy, but it is also allowed to team up trying to defeat one by the power of numbers.

Basically, even if three people lynch Seiya, that does not count as foul.

Seiya knew what Zack was thinking, but he couldn’t do anything.

As a countermeasure, Seiya could also fight in a group, but this is impossible, classmates who fight with Unknown will be despised. In other words, Seiya can only fight alone today.

「Yeah……. Let’s both do our best」
「Heh. Sure~ Let’s do our best, Unknown」

Three fellows went away before Seiya with a content smile.

(…… Haa, yeah, training. I need to escape somewhere…………)

And the chime signaling the beginning of the class rings.

As soon as the chime is over, the inside of the barrier is changing from wasteland to green forest. This is the power of the illusion that the barrier has.

Even though I say illusions, I can touch forest trees and climb them. So it is not an exaggeration to say that this space feels like a real forest.

「The time limit is 2 hours. Training started! 」

Simultaneously with the signal from Lamia, the explosion could be heard spreading from several places.

Even if you change the insides of the dome from the wasteland into the forest, you can grasp the general position of the enemy, so battles may occur soon. Seiya summons his own weapon that he can call his partner to prepare for battle.

「Me, the apostle of light. Appear, Hollins! 」

When Seiya finished chanting, the yellow magic circle appears and short swords come out from inside right into the hands of Seiya.

This is the basic spell under the weapon summoning category, the weapon summoned by Seiya is a weapon called 「Twin swords Hollins」.

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Seiya often used this magic, even though his spell repertoire is rather humble. It is Seiya’s belief that if you cannot use magic well you could compensate with swordsmanship.

Magic is divided into beginner magic, intermediate magic, advanced magic, and the power grows stronger as the rank goes up.

Incidentally, regardless of the rank of magic and the rank of a magician, even beginner magicians who could use advanced magic exist, but they are very rare.

In addition to this, there are spells designated as forbidden and clan’s unique magic, but they are all ranked.

Seiya who summoned the Hollins ran towards the sound of an explosion. He did it not to join the battle but to escape from the trio.

The deeper you enter into the battle zone, the more likely it is that three people will get caught up in other battles, and the possibility of being lynched will be low.

And if you are lucky, those three people may be killed by other students.

Fortunately, there are no other classmates joining the three’s lynching team, and they do not interfere with Seiya except the trio, even if you encounter them you will only fight normally.

Seiya arrives where the explosion sounded, as expected, intense fighting was in progress.

A petite boy with blond hair and eyeglasses Chris Haniat was fighting with a muscular big man with shaved head, Kair Dennas.

Both are Seiya’s classmates and are highly skilled magicians.

Kair, with his muscular body holding a large hammer, uses magic of the fire attribute, and Chris was fighting with light magic while avoiding Kair’s attack.

「I、the one who received divine protection of fire, require your power『Fire Bullet』」

A red magic circle is deployed on Kair’s hammer and it becomes covered if fire. Each time Kair shook the hammer, fire bullets were released attacking Chris.

「You are naive!  I who received the protection of light, now let the light shine『Wall of Light』」

When the magic circle is deployed in front of Chris, two light walls simultaneously appear to protect him.

The spell used by Chris is one of the most popular defense spells of light attribute intermediate level spells 『Wall of Light』, it protects the front of the caster by creating the wall of light. [1]

But Chris’ magic didn’t end with just that.

Chris activated 『rising』special effect of the light attribute. The two『Wall of Light』raise each other’s defensive power, to five times the norm.

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Kair’s 『Fire Bullet』cannot destroy Chris’ double『Wall of Light』and gets scattered.

(After all, Chris is awesome……. He is using intermediate light magic so easily…. It is impossible for me…)

It is natural that a fight at a level of Chris and Kair will be possible for Seiya if he studied magic since childhood, but of course, current Seiya cannot do such a thing.

First, his chanting speed is slower than Chris. Second, it is difficult for Seiya to exercise two or more spells at the same time.

Seiya was watching the two fighting while thinking about such things, but suddenly he was assaulted by a cold feeling. It felt as if a hungry snake stared at his back.

A cold feeling clung to the body of Seiya, turning his face to the back, there was the appearance of Zach’s trio deploying magic circles with the hateful grins on their faces.

「Yo ~ Unknown. I was searching for you」

Seiya hurriedly tried to take a stance with the twin swords Hollins in his hand but he was late. A red chain emerged from the magic circle which Zach was deploying and winded around the foot of Seiya.

Seiya tried to remove the chain wrapped around his feet, but the chain was a spell of fire attribute, so high heat attacks Seiya the moment he touches it. It was fortunate that uniform had long pants, otherwise, heat would have been unbearable.

The spell used by Zach is beginner fire spell 『Chains of Fire』. Even if this chain is cut apart, it can be reformed immediately and returned to original condition, so it is a commonly used spell for disabling an opponent.

Zach says while pulling the chain wrapped around Seiya’s foot.

「Ha-ha. Let us also begin our training~, Unknown. But here is a little inconvenient, so let’s change the place」

Zach starts running while pulling a chain.

Hoa and Shura also run after Zac, but Seiya inevitably crawls on the ground since he is still constricted be the 『Chains of Fire』.


The ground and branches mercilessly strike Seiya, but Zach continues to run while pulling the chain without worrying about such things.

By the time they arrived at the small clearing Seiya’s face and uniform were muddy through and through.

Seiya felt it was probably here that Zach’s trio is going to lynch him under the name of training.

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Three people were watching Seiya while flashing a small detestable grin. From those eyes, he felt a strong despise and hatred.


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