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Episode 4 Seiya’s Guardian

He was on the rooftop in a dark blue suit, a chubby elderly man with kind eyes. He has a black beard and gives an impression of a gentle uncle.

To tell the truth, he was a graduate of Senabia Magic Academy and his name is Edward. He is also a guardian of Seiya.

Edward and Seiya first met when Seiya was ten years old.

Seiya at that time had lost his memory and was wandering around the city of Windistan. He was coincidentally picked up by Edward, and since then Seiya and Edward have come to live together.

Because Edward had no children, he loved Seiya like a real son and taught him magic. But such happiness soon ended.

From the guardians of the students attending the Senabia Magic Academy came to complain to him, as he was a director of the academy because he pays to mush attention to a useless person.

At first, Edward said that he will adopt Seiya, but was stopped by his family who knew about the life and ability of Seiya, Edward had no choice but to abandon Seiya who was left crying.

But even so, Edward at least decided to let Seiya stay in his own villa and enroll in a Senabia Magic Academy in the range reachable to himself.

Since Seiya entered Senabia Magic Academy, the two of them started meeting on the academy roof during a break every day.

Edward is also a father figure for Seiya, as well as his magical teacher.

Even so, meeting for such a short time is unbearable for them. But for two people this time was very important.

And today Edward made a proposal to Seiya.

「Seiya, I think of you as of my own son」
「Thank you, teacher. Teacher is like a father to me too」
「So become my son. If I adopt you, Seiya won’t be Unknown anymore and no one will despise you」

Edward knows about the bullying that Seiya is receiving.

However, in his position, he cannot be concerned with what is not considered a problem. If Seiya asks for help, he can act immediately, but Seiya never asked Edward for help.

I do not want to bother Edward anymore. That thought was in the heart of Seiya.

That’s why he proposed to adopt Seiya many times.

If Seiya is adopted by Edward, Seiya can acquire a family protection and the current bullying will naturally disappear. But Seiya did not accept it firmly.

Seiya is already a child of Edward, and once he finishes a procedure for adoption even if the family is opposed it they won’t be able to do anything. Edward has this much resolve.

「Teacher, I can’t do that. I received a lot of help and was protected by a teacher. I can’t bother you any more」

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The annoyance that Seiya mentioned is that Senabia Magic Academy cares deeply about reputation.

Because Edward has no children, adopting Seiya inevitably makes him the next family head.

In this case, it will diminish the name of Edward’s family.

Besides that, there are harsh legal issues in the way.

Seiya, who understood it well, never agreed to Edward’s proposal.

「I see. I do not care about such a thing so tell me as soon as you change your mind」
「Thank you teacher」
「Well then. Let’s do our best」

That said, Edward went out of the rooftop, but his back view seemed very disappointed. And Edward, who came out from the roof, never noticed the people lurking near.

Then Seiya that remained on the rooftop starts his self-training.

He started to train the magical power of light attribute in his body and started to gather the magical power of light attribute around Seiya. Yellow magical power slowly wraps around the body of Seiya, but in the next moment the magical cover of the light flickers and disappears.

Seiya stops magical training and brainstorms.

「Hmm, after all, it is impossible. It is difficult to do so without chanting. However, since this magic is original, I do not even know the perfect chant」

While saying as such, Seiya agitates the magical power of light in his body again. The magical power of the light attribute clinging to the body of Seiya, but it runs out quickly and disappears.

While sitting, Seiya tries the same thing over and over, but in the next moment, it vanishes again.

What Seiya was trying was his original magic.

Since original magic is constructed based on theory, chant is hard to create. So it takes a tremendous amount of time to develop. For this reason, it is very unusual for new magic to be developed in this world.

And Seiya was challenging such gigantic goal.

「I should try chanting it. But last time, I used words for light attribute reinforcement and magic continuity but I did not succeed ……」

Mumbling to himself, Seiya looks at the clouds floating in the sky while lying sprawled on the roof.

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Seiya talked to Edward about his original magic he’s trying now, but he told Seiya to quit immediately.

The reason is simple.

Seiya’s magic has already been in the invocation phase, even though the theory behind it is not so firm. With magic you don’t understand, you do not know when you will fall into an unexpected situation.

If you mistakenly use the wrong chant, it might hurt the caster.

Casting is the same as chemistry, or so they say. Even if it is not dangerous on its own, it can be harmful to the human body if mixed.

With that as the reason, Edward who judged it to be dangerous told Seiya to stop developing new magic. But Seiya kept developing it secretly from Edward.

That is because if this magic is completed, Seiya’s fighting power will rise dramatically. Then he may be able to retaliate those who look down on him.

Seiya’s expectations for this new magic were that high.

Seiya continued the same thing over and over until the end of the third hour, but he never succeeded.

In the fourth hour, Seiya starts a new magic training, unlike the previous one.

While grasping the tree branch, Seiya starts chanting.

「Me, who received the protection of light. Show, the power of light 『Triple length』」

When he finished casting, the tree branch shines. It was covered with magical power of light attribute.

Seiya increases the amount of magical power that flows into the branch.

Then the length of the branch triples. Even though it tripled, the length of the branch itself was not, but the light that the branches wrapped in extended to three times the length of the branch.

Seiya keeps the length of light as it is, then doubles it.

I doubled it and stopped there. However, the branches wrapped in light six times its length broke and the magical power disappeared.

「Damn it, it happened after all. I need to be gentler and try once more」

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The magic that Seiya practicing is called the light attribute beginner magic 『Triple length』, this magic can increase the length of an object with the magical power of light attribute.

And what he’s doing now is training to change the length of branches freely using light.

Seiya thought that if he could manipulate this magic freely he will be able to change the length of the sword during battles.

Why is it a branch of a tree? Because there is a backlash in a case of failure and the sword itself will break like the branch during battle.

Seiya did the same thing afterwards, but each time he broke the branch and eventually there was no progress during self-training time today.

In the end, the time for lunch break began.

When it’s time for lunch break, he goes out of the school. There is a bakery located a little away from the school. The name of the bakery is 「Bake John」, and it is a shop Edward often brought him to.

Seiya likes this shop and always byes his lunch here. Upon entering the shop, John the owner of 「Bake John」speaks to Seiya.

「Welcome, Seiya」
「Hello uncle」
「Is it usual?」
「Yes, please」

That said, John puts the bread on the tray. Because Seiya is a regular customer, he already remembered his habits.

John is a skinhead with a large body, dense black beard, and seems to be scary, but if you know him better he is surprisingly gentle and very familiar to people.

John hands a tray with bread to Seiya and receives money from him.

「Seiya, this is a service」

Saying that he puts a red apple on the tray with melon bread and ice tea.

「Thank you」
「That’s right, Seiya. Tell that ******* Edward to come by sometimes」
「Will do」

Seiya finds a seat on an open terrace and starts taking lunch.

He likes this shop not only because bread is delicious, it is also because there are no magicians.

Neither John is magician nor any other regular customers touch Seiya the Unknown. Therefore, because Seiya does not need to worry, he always comes here for lunch.

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While eating bread, Seiya thinks about his fighting style.

He is trying to establish a new battle style for himself with close combat as a priority using two spells which he trained during self-training, but it is difficult to realize because neither has succeeded yet.

However, once the new battle style is completed, it is also true that Seiya’s ability will be quite high. Therefore, he definitely wants to complete it soon.

Seiya’s battle style is a super-proximity-type that places importance on speed, but it can also accommodate medium distances.

The battle in super proximity to the enemy is advantageous, but it becomes tough after mid distance.

Therefore, he was planning to deal with that problem using 『Triple length』 which he was practicing during the fourth hour. This style which can be established only with simple magic is the battle style that is most suitable for Seiya who cannot use magic well.

When he finished eating lunch, he returned the tray to John.

「Thank you for the meal. I’ll come again」
「Sure, try your best in the afternoon too, Seiya」

Thanking John, Seiya headed for the classroom for practical training.

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