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Episode 3 Magic Academy Classes

A day at Senabia Magic Academy consists of six lessons. This is common practice in most magical schools, basically, the lessons are divided into two-hour units.

In the first and second hours, you learn magic theory for the school year, sandwiching in between a slightly long break, the third and fourth hour are considered to be self-training time.

The self-training time is the time when you try to solve problems by yourself, and in some cases, it is possible to consult with the teachers.

And in the fifth and sixth hours after the lunch break, practical exercises and training incorporating magic and martial arts are carried out.

Magic is basically composed of three aspects such as theory, technique, and aptitude, and it is possible to exercise magic only when these three are combined.

The theory is, as its name implies, tells about the composition of magic and magic particles.

Technique is a skill of a magician, and it can be said that magicians are usually good in it. It is the only field where progress can be made depending on just efforts.

And aptitude decides affinity for magic attributes. The magician is born with an aptitude for one or more of four basic attributes, fire, water, wind, light, all magic consists of these four attributes.

Some magicians are born with more than two aptitudes, and it is possible for them to handle magic that simultaneously uses multiple attributes from the beginning.

The magic of suitable attribute can be used very easily, but it is difficult to use the magic of the attribute that you have no affinity with. So, the magic that magician can use was decided to some extent since he was born.

Three of the above are very important things for casting magic. By the way, the attribute of Seiya is light, but even the simplest spell, not to mention powerful ones, required complete chanting for Seiya.

With the absence of parents as a reason, magic training during the childhood was not provided for Seiya.

Being unable to train in early childhood the time it takes to learn fundamentals of magic is much more than that of other people, already overwhelmingly different from surrounding people.

Still, Seiya trained his fencing skills and studied theory. Thanks to that Seiya’s grades are considerably good.

Seiya started preparing for classes when Lamia leaves the classroom. The lesson in the first hour is to understand “chanting” and the meaning of chanting used when activating magic.

Each word has its meaning in a chant, and its meaning constitutes the magic attribute. There are words that cover two kinds of magic spells of the same attribute, that word is a word expressing an attribute.

For example, the chant of fire attribute beginner magic 『Fire bullet』is as follows.

「I, the one who received divine protection of fire, require your power『Fire Bullet』」

Here, it shows that you use fire magic with words 「the one who received divine protection of fire」. There are other words that express fire attribute, but these ones are the most popular ones.

Three people’s shadows are approaching Seiya. Of course, these three people are Zach, Hoa and Shura.

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「Are you ready for classes already, Unknown?」
「So diligent」
「Well, Unknown needs to work hard if he wants to be here~」

Three people were involved with Seiya, not just every morning but almost all the time. And Seiya also responds with a humble posture every time.

It is easier for Seiya to forget his pride than to assume a violent attitude and hurt the three people’s mood, that would be even more troublesome.

「Yes…because I am inferior to everyone. I need to work hard」

Seiya answers to the words of Zach with a bitter smile. Usually, they make a fool out of Seiya here and return back to their seat satisfied but unfortunately these three people today were in a bad mood.

「Hey, Unknown. It seems that you will catch up with us soon if you say that」

Zach looks at Seiya with a hateful smile.

「I didn’t mean it that way……」

Seiya tries to resolve the misunderstanding, but it cannot be done easily. After all, these three people are doing it on purpose.

「Aren’t you become conceited, Unknown」
「That’s right~」
「I didn’t……」

No matter what you say, it will become worse. However, staying silent and ignoring them won’t be any better, concluded Seiya.

But Zach didn’t like his answer. Apparently, Zach’s mood is pretty bad.

「Ohh? Do you dare to answer back?」
「Since you are so arrogant you need to apologize」
「Maybe you should do a dogeza~」

Three people begin to demand Seiya to kneel. But however you look at it, they are overdoing things. But no one stops those three.

Some of the classmates are more influential than Zach, but there was no one who helped Seiya.

「Hah, that sounds nice. Dogeza it is」
「Come on, say “Sorry, I was too conceited”」
「Hurry up~ Unknown~」

Having said that, Seiya slowly reached the ground with his head.

There is no such thing as pride in this place, an apology by making a dogeza is like a work to him. Classmates are looking with sparkling eyes, but there is no one who stopped him.

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「I’m sorry for being conceited. Please forgive me」

The trio laughed out loud when they saw Seiya’s dogeza. Then Zach said while stepping on the head of Seiya.

「The bottom of beginner rank shouldn’t talk back to intermediate class magician family. Oh, and this is a punishment rather than assault. Hahaha」

His voice sounded like he believed that his behavior was justified

In the world of magicians, when the lower family goes against the senior family, the senior family has the right to sanction the lower family, if you exercise that sanctioning right, if it is judged that it is not excessive, it will be considered as legal.

And now what Zach is doing has been approved legally.

But if Zach hits Seiya or the other two lay their hands on him it will become a problem. Zach understands it and won’t tread on this road

Classmates pretend they cannot see Seiya and prepare for lessons.

Seiya was treated like that every single day.

Every day you are to apologize if you talk back. Being a beginner magician without background, he can’t do anything about it.

The time of such pain also forcefully ends when class starts. Bocuto, a teacher in charge of chanting, came into the classroom and started explaining chanting.

Standing on the podium and writing words one after another on the blackboard, he is a famous person in the world of magic chanting. He is doing research about discarding or shortening chant at the time of magic invocation, and he is a great person with great theoretical knowledge.

However, when announced, where was an opinion that no-chanting was risky and dangerous, but they were blamed for denying progress and teacher got praised for his innovative research.

Since then, although he continues his research, he seems to be emphasizing education now.

「At least three things are necessary for casting. An attribute is a given. Without it, it would be impossible to build a magic incantation. And then a word of declaring a magical composition. Is it for attack or for defense, does it penetrate or let it go? Without this, it would just be a magical explosion…. 」

The class continues like this, after the first hour is over, the second hour is a lecture.

Today’s second hour’s lecture is about 「Special effects of attributes」, which is the basics of the basics. This lesson is about basics so it’s not that useful for Seiya.

For that reason, Seiya will study the chanting while pretending to listen to the lecture.

Like Seiya, there were many students pretending to be listening to classes and sleeping, but the teacher of 「Special effects of attributes」 did not show any irritation to such students and continued unperturbed.

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By the way, special effects of attributes are like by-products in each magic attribute. It is a phenomenon that can be used in spells because it is possible to apply to magic the effect of 『activation』 for fire, 『calm』for water, 『hard』 for wind, 『rising』 for light.

After the second hour when most of the students slept, during the long break, Seiya quickly left the classroom so that Zach could not find it.

He leaves the class and goes to the roof of the academy building. The roof of Senabia Magic Academy usually prohibits students from entering, but only Seiya was specially permitted.

Seiya spends his time on that roof every day until the end of the 4th hour doing self-training.

Such arrangement was good for Seiya as well as for other students.

If they do their self-training in the same place as despised Unknown Seiya, the air in that spot becomes stifling and it is uncomfortable for Seiya and other students.

So, Lamia gave a special permission to use the rooftop.

Seiya is grateful for the permission to use the rooftop and keeps making effective use of the space where we can focus alone.

When Seiya opened the door made of iron and arrived at the roof, there was a guest there.


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