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Episode 2 The Outcast Of Senabia

A comfortable wind was blowing like letting you know about the beginning of May; a new day was about to begin. It was holiday until yesterday, the students from around the world are walking around seemingly dispirited.

It was the same for the students of Senabia Magic Academy here.

Senabia Magic Academy is one of only 10 magic academies in the Leiria Kingdom and is located in the city of Orna in the northern part of the country.

In addition, this Senabia Magic Academy is a famous magical academy, especially among the rest of magical academy in the region.

Among the students of such famous Senabia Magic Academy, while wearing a particularly depressed face, there was a student heading to the classroom at the last minute just as usual.

The name of this weak looking, blonde haired, blue eyed youth was Kiritsuna Seiya, second-year student of this academy.

Seiya who was walking with a depressed face got to the front door of the class to which he belonged, he opened the door of the classroom then quickly went to his designated seat by the window and sat down.

Classmates looked at Seiya for a moment but they instantly lost interest and resumed chatting with their friends. His classmates behaved like they couldn’t see Seiya at all.

However, not everyone was like that, and three boys come to Seiya in the same way as usual, and the same thing started again.

「Yo, so you came here again, Unknown」
「Aren’t you brave coming here over and over again, Unknown」
「Well, it can’t be helped since it’s you~. You don’t know your family after all~」

Today as well, three boys Zach Runias, Hoa Teir, Shura Neins came to him. These three people were rare students among the class who talked to Seiya.

However, because of the unfriendly attitude of the three people, an unpleasant atmosphere is being unleashed. Three boys kept talking about this all the time, without getting tired at all.

Why are these three involved in Seiya like every day, the reason for these three people to bother him every single day was based on Seiya’s birth.

Currently, Seiya goes to this Senabia Magic Academy while living alone. The reason why Seiya lives by himself is simply because there are no parents.

But even if his parents aren’t there, these three people would not bother him every day, and the classmates would have more exchanges with Seiya.

The problem is that not only Seiya had no parents, but the fact that Seiya knew nothing about his parents or about his clan at all.

It is particularly important for magicians to have a good family, because their family may decide their position within the kingdom after graduation.

In addition, in the Windistan district where Seiya’s Senabia Magic Academy operates, there is a strong tendency to emphasize the family’s power in particular, and the caste you belong in the academy is determined by the family as well.

For that reason, Seiya who did not know anything about his family was called Unknown, Unknown because he knew nothing about it, and he was treated as if didn’t exist in the class.

Even if Seiya is in trouble, no one will help. At the same time, if Seiya tries to help someone, they treat him like air and trying to not get involved.

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To avoid weird rumors and hurt their reputation they keep ignoring him.

But only those three were different.

A man with a short black hair trained body is called Zach Runias, the second son of the Runias family. The Runias family is an intermediate magician clan belonging to Windistan, that mainly specializes in fire attribute magic.

The man with brown hair is Hoa Teir, the third son of the Teir family. Like the Runias family, the Teir family is a magician clan belonging to Windistan, but unlike the Runias family, it is a beginner magician clan.

Finally, bald head, the man who seems to be in motion all the time is Shura Neins, the second son of the Neins clan. Like the Teir family, the Neins family is a beginner magician clan belonging to Windistan.

About half of the population of the Leiria kingdom are magicians and the other half are civilians.

Magicians earn their livelihood mainly by succeeding the family business or in the kingdom’s defense force, and for the magicians who are in the defense force of the kingdom the higher the rank of the clans, the more important your job.

For the magicians, they are classified into four classes: expert magician, senior magician, intermediate magician, beginner magician, and the number decreases as the class goes up. For example, there are only twelve expert magicians in Leiria kingdom.

And the class of the family is determined by the class of the owner of that family.

For example, the family of Zach is an intermediate magician family, but the intermediate magician is Zach’s father, and Zach himself is still a beginner magician.

However, even though it is said that Zach is a beginner magician, he is an intermediate magician family, so his position is higher than the beginner magician of the beginner magician clan.

So, Seiya being at the bottom of the Beginner Magician family cannot resist the Zak of the intermediate magician family, and he has no choice but to smile although unwilling.

This was his daily routine.

It also ends when the chime begins to ring, so it’s a test for patience until then. If Seiya while not having family power or personal ability beat up other people, Seiya will be expelled.

Even if Seiya is correct, as long as there is something called family power, Seiya is the weakest magician and the worst at Senabia Magic Academy.

A few minutes after the trio started bothering Seiya, the chime rang and Lamia, who is the homeroom teacher, comes into the classroom.

From Lamia with long red hair and red eyes, you can feel cool adults’ sex appeal. But her gaze today is more severe than ever.

Lamia is from an intermediate magician clan, herself is also an intermediate magician. Among the girls in Senabia Magic Academy, she has top class skills in close combat and she is a famous magician with fire attribute in Windistan.

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Seeing her severe than ever expression classmates became tense.

「Good morning everyone. Absent… …none. Well then, I have an important matter to announce. The frequency of magicians being kidnapped recently is increased. As for this matter, it seems that investigators will come not only from the church but also from the capital, so the criminal will be caught soon, but be as careful as you can」

The church which she mentioned is the institution which manages every place, which in turn is managed by the capital city of Leiria.

There used to be a goddess named Lina Maria in the old days, but she suddenly disappeared several decades ago. Currently, the Leiria kingdom is being ruled by a group of seven wise men.

And the church is located in the central parts of Freestan, Aquaristan, Windistan distributed around the kingdom, and it is an institution that manages everything around.

Since there is no goddess in the church, it consists of several representatives from various places and several people dispatched from the capital.

Looking at the Leiria kingdom from above, its shape is a donut.

It is centered where the capital is located so that Freestan, Aquaristan and Windistan are divided into three equal parts, and the large walls surround the outer circumference of these three regions.

Outside of the wall is the land called the dark territory is spreading, there are monsters called magical beasts and population is close to nothing, the monsters are very ferocious and often invade the walls.

When a horde of beasts invades or when an incident occurs, the churches in each place are to deal with this responsibility. However, there are cases where people are dispatched from the church in the capital when it is impossible to do anything by a regional church alone in particularly violent cases or in a case of enormous damage.

In other words, this incident is considered either a violent case or brings enormous damage.

In the current situation, saying it simply, the magician becomes money by demanding ransom from his family. The deprived house pays a ransom to take back their child and the value of the magician is quite high.

Especially the magician above intermediate becomes considerably expensive. Because there is a unique family magic passed down in such families.

Unique magic is a prerequisite for becoming an intermediate magician and can be mentioned as a symbol of the family.

If a kidnapped child possessed unique magic, it is no exaggeration to say that the child possesses the secrets of the family.

When that child is sold to another family, the family’s secret and unique will be lost, so the clan attempts to prevent that at all costs. It will bring the kidnappers a lot of riches.

Even if the kidnapped child did not have unique magic, while being the eldest son of the family, they will desperately try to recover him. It is highly likely that the eldest son will be the next president of the family, because of that eldest son is often raised at big expense since childhood.

On the other hand, in the case of the second son or the third son, they will try to regain him, but won’t waste too much effort.

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To be able to use magic means to be able to protect yourself, so if he wants to survive he needs to do it with his own power.

At a first glance, it seems to be ruthless, but it is obvious for a person who deals with magic, and most magicians are ready.

The road of an abandoned child is usually to be sold away and become a mercenary or to be enslaved with a collar. Either way, he will become gold for the kidnapper.

In this way the value of the magician is high, and because the demand is high, the kidnapping comes into being.

Because of that, the magical academy where the talents gather represents a huge allure for criminals. That being said, there are teachers experienced in combat, so they can’t easily kidnap people.

That’s why kidnapping in a city with a magical academy present is rare.

「Report is over」

Lamia who finished the report finally leaves us and goes out of the classroom. Thus a new day of Senabia Magic Academy started.

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