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Episode 29 Thunder God

Limited express magician —- It refers to one of the twelve magicians, whose ability is equal to or greater than that of the 13 apostles of the Holy Church. [1]

Twelve special magicians are the valuable fighting power of the Leiria Kingdom and they also exist to stop the Holy Church if it ever goes into a rampage.

And currently in front of Seiya stood one of the twelve, Raiga Arunia, also known as Raiga the Thunder God.

Affiliated with Aquaristan special forces in the past, he made a name for himself. He was famous across the Leiria Kingdom, including to Seiya.

Seiya was surprised twice. First, he didn’t expect Yua to be to be a daughter of a special class magician.

Second, the daughter of a special class magician was kidnapped by non-magicians, people wouldn’t believe that if they heard of it.

When Kana finished introducing herself, Raiga said to still shocked Seiya.

「I want to talk with this boy, sorry, but everyone except Melena should exit the room」
「As you wish, dear」
「I understand……Lily, let’s go……」

That said, everyone except the three people left the room.

Raiga who confirmed that the rest left the room opened his mouth while watching Seiya.

「Are you Kiritsuna Seiya?」
「Yes, I am」

As long as Raiga is still a special class magician, Seiya’s position will be lower than his.

Since he started living in Windistan, Seiya always used polite speech. Raiga was watching Seiya with a look that seemed to be saying「He’s different from what I’ve heard」

「Stop with this polite attitude, I want to see your true nature」
「All right. Although I think that assuming such attitude in front of a special class magician is normal」

Seiya managed to somehow switch to his usual tone, but the pressure Raiga was giving off was too strong, so he was still a little apprehensive.

「That’s fine too. First of all, I appreciate you for saving my daughter」
「I was just going with the flow and it somehow happened」

Then Raiga starts speaking with a nostalgic look.

「But still, she was betrayed by an attendant that was like an older sister to her in the past and was captured as the hostage. She was unable to trust people ever since. However, it seems that she trusts you now, as her parent I’m glad. That’s why I wanted to thank you.」
「So that’s what happened」

One of Seiya’s questions was now solved.

In the Great Dalis Canyon, Yua said “Seiya betrayed me too”, the “too” part was bugging him ever since. At the same time, he understood why she wanted to go through the Great Dalis Canyon.

「By the way, the blue-haired girl next to you, is she a kind of fairy?」
「Yes, she is Undine」

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Even if people knew that she is Undine, it won’t be that surprising.

Raiga was a special magician, so he has probably seen a lot more in this life than Seiya. If he ever fought with spirits and fairies, he could notice them with a glance.

「Have you made a complete contract?」
「Kind of. I’m impressed you managed to tell with a glance」
「I’m a special magician after all. Have you seen Kana? Do you think that she is the goddess from the church?」

True, he paid a little attention to Kana.

He thought that if she if Yua’s mother, she might be a goddess from the Holy Church.

Seiya didn’t know the appearance of the goddess, so he couldn’t tell for sure. He looked at her for just a moment, but Raiga noticed it.

「Unfortunately Kana is not a goddess. Although, I met the goddess in the past. It is true」
「I see. But you are really connected with the church. No wonder you know about existence of dark magic」

It turned out that her father was a special magician, it wasn’t surprising for Yua to know about it too.

And Seiya was also convinced that her mother is not a goddess.

「I’m not connected with the church right now, so relax. And you should never go to the church too」
「I’m relieved to hear that」

A special magician is a precious fighting force of Leiria kingdom, but they aren’t controlled by the church.

That’s why Raiga had no obligation to report Seiya to the church. Hearing that, Seiya was relieved from the bottom of his heart. But that didn’t last long.

「By the way, how far did you go with Yua?」[2] 「Pffft

Seiya spat his tea out, hearing Raiga’s question.

「What do you mean?」
「I meant to ask how far your relationship has progressed?」

With Raiga’s sudden question, the scene of their passionate kiss appeared in his mind involuntarily.

「Well, until the kiss I guess」[3] 「I see ……That’s why she felt more feminine when she came back」

Raiga’s aura transformed right this instant.

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His aura spread with a bang and applied a great pressure on Seiya. From the intensity of this aura, he understood just how powerful this man was.

Breathing in

To oppose Raiga, Seiya entered a battle mode and manipulated his mana to shake the pressure off.

Raiga looked at Seiya with a teasing smile. And in the next moment, he suddenly fired a spell in his direction.

「『Lightning Rod』」

The green magic circle appeared in the air facing Seiya.


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