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Episode 30 Thunder God’s Aim

「『Lightning Rod』」

The green magic circle appeared, meaning that the spell was that of the lightning attribute.

「『Dark Wave』」

Seiya casts the『Dark Wave』towards the magic circle and destroys it before the spell was completed.

Seeing this, Raiga said.

「『Dark Wave』, huh?」
「What are you doing?」

Raiga grinned widely, facing Seiya’s killing intent.

「Sorry, just wanted to test my daughter’s partner」
「And what about the previous spell?」
「Don’t worry, you will just get numbed for a while」

As Raiga said, this spell had no killing power behind it, it could only slightly shock the target.

Still, this only applies to an average magician, but if Raiga casts it, it’s a different story.

If Seiya allowed this spell to hit him, it would’ve done much more than just sting him. In the worst case, his life could have been in danger.

Raiga’s spell was just that powerful.

That’s why Seiya released his killing intent and asked him.

「Isn’t it a little overboard for a test?」
「Sorry, you are alive anyway」
「I see」

Seiya thought that he was spouting bullshit. And Raiga asked such Seiya.

「By the way, what are you going to do from now on?」
「What do you mean?」
「I mean after you leave this place」
「Ah, about that, I will probably return to Windistan」

Seiya thought about his future plans and answered after a slight delay.

Seiya was a person from Windistan in the first place, so he planned to return there.

Although it might be impossible to return to the magic academy, he can still return to Windistan

Having obtained the heretical power, Seiya probably couldn’t live as a magician in the Leiria Kingdom anymore.

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From now on he had no choice but to live as a non-magician while concealing his power.

He didn’t know how his life would be from now on, but he had an option to apprentice himself to John and his bakery.

Seiya was thinking as such. However, Raiga made a proposition to dispel his anxiety.

「Just live here」
「We have a free room and Yua will be happier this way. Besides, I was planning to add a bodyguard to her escort, but she was against it. And then this happened. As expected, I can’t let her be without protection. If it’s you, then it will work out」
「How convenient for you, isn’t it?」

His mouth was complaining, but he was glad on the inside. [1]

「It  will be beneficial for you too. Are you afraid that people will know about your dark attribute? But I won’t let the church do what they want in this place. Besides, it’s fine for Undine to stay here too」

Certainly, what Raiga said was right. As long as Raiga is a special magician, if Seiya lives in this house, the church won’t be able to lay their hands on him.

「But I have an academy to attend」 [2]

If Yua’s bodyguard wasn’t able to even graduate, she would be laughed upon.

Seiya didn’t wish for that to happen.

Usually, you can’t change the academy midway, so he had to graduate from Senabia Magic Academy.

「Don’t worry about that. I will let you and Undine attend the same school as Yua. We just need to forge some documents, not a big deal」
「That would be nice, but」
「There are no merits for me?」
「Sort of」

It was certainly a good deal for them. However, for Raiga, this was but a small matter.

On the contrary, he will obtain two more sources of trouble.

「There is a merit. That is, Yua will be able to enjoy her school life. She doesn’t say anything, but most likely she doesn’t have any friends with her personality. So I thought it’s good to have you there」
「I see」

Raiga’s answer was reasonable. But there was another big reason for Raiga.

「It’s also to repay you. She might have failed to return on her own, for that I thank you」
「I see」

Seiya thought for a while a came to a decision.

「Then we will accept your proposal」
「I see. Thank you, Seiya」

When they finished talking, they reunited with everyone.

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Three girls, that were previously merrily chatting with each other, called out to Raiga and Seiya.

「Ara, welcome back, dear」
「Seiya, welcome back……..」
「Seiya, welcome back!」

To the three girls, Raiga explained their previous agreement.

「I have an important thing to say to you, Yua」
「This guy and Undine will attend your school as your escorts from now on」

For a moment, she couldn’t comprehend what was just said, but looking at Seiya’s face, she gradually understood.

「Is it true, Seiya?」
「It seems so」
「Seiya……thank you…. 」

Saying that, Yua hugged Seiya. Lily who saw it said “Lily too!” and hugged him too.

Seeing her behavior, Raiga further asked.

「If you wish, I can allow Seiya to be your fiancé」
「Ara, my dear」

Seiya’s facial expression was saying something along the lines of “What the hell is this uncle spouting?”, but Yua immediately answered.

「Then he is my fiancé……」
「Hey, Yua?」
「You don’t want to…..?」
「Of course I’m not」
「Thank you…….」

Facing anxious Yua, he couldn’t possibly say no. He wasn’t against it in the first place, but his heart wasn’t prepared for an engagement yet.

While he was thinking that, Lily dropped a sudden bomb.

「Then Lily is a mistress!」
「Oi,  Lily!?」
「Best regards, Lily…….」
「Un! Best regards, sister! 」

Placed between the two of them, Seiya made a resigned expression.

Living with two beautiful girls in the house of a special magician, Seiya couldn’t have imagined such development. He thought that his happy life was finally starting.

Seiya thanked the voice that returned his heretical power from the bottom of his heart.

That was how a new life started for Seiya and his heretical power, Yua and her holy attribute, and water fairy, Lily.

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