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Episode 28 Yua’s House

「Am I seeing things…….」
「It’s big! Amazing! 」

Seiya and Lily raised a stupid voice.

Before the two people stood a real castle.

Seiya was surprised by the sheer size of the castle and Lily’s eyes shined since it was her first time seeing something like this.

From the looks of it, the castle occupied about 10 soccer fields of space. [1]

And Yua entered this giant castle without any hesitation.

Following Yua, Seiya and Lily entered the interior of the castle.

There was a flower garden inside. Colorful flowers were blooming everywhere.

Meanwhile, those who took care of the flower garden noticed people passing through the gate, and all came running towards Yua.

「Lady! Welcome back」
「It is good that you came back!」

People who seemed like servants hurriedly gathered around Yua. From their expression, you can tell that Yua was greatly loved among them.

And then, a young servant appears before Yua and says.

「It’s good to have you back, miss. The master was worried about you. He really wishes to see you」
「All right……」

She was going to proceed but one of the servants asks her about Seiya and Lily.

「By the way, my lady, what about your companions?」
「They are friends….」
「Understood, then I will lead them inside」

Then, Yua was escorted by other servants to her father’s place, and Seiya and Lily were led to the guest room by a young servant girl with beautiful green hair.

Upon arriving at the guest room, they were told to wait, and green-haired servant left.

While sitting on the sofa, Seiya and Lily started picking sweets from the table in front of them.


Apparently, it was the first time she tasted sweets. After that, the rest were devoured by her in a moment.

In the end, Seiya managed to eat only one piece.

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After a while, the green-haired servant came back to the guest room again.

In her hands, there was a tray with a cup of tea emitting a delicious smell and a cup of orange juice.

The servant placed drinks in front of them and introduced herself.

「Sorry for the wait. My name is Melena. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to call me」
「I want this!」

That being said, Lily lifted the bowl that should have contained candies inside.

Eyeing Lily’s behavior, Seiya smiles bitterly and drinks tea placed in front of him.

The tea was moderately sweet and warm, and its taste caused Seiya to almost tear up with joy.

「This tea is really delicious」
「Thank you very much. Also, you don’t need to use polite speech with me」

To Melena who walked to the shelf to get more sweets, Seiya voiced his impressions on the tea, but Melena was somewhat distant.

Seiya looked at Melena again. She had a green hair and a beautiful but simple face. She felt slightly older than Seiya.

And the most noticeable thing was the black collar around her neck.

The collar probably meant that she was sold. But prying too much was a taboo, so Seiya picked the other topic to start a conversation.

「All right. But in this case, you should stop using it too. I’m not used to polite speech coming from those older than me」
「I can’t just…I understand. No, I get it」[2] 「Thank you. So when will we be released? 」

The atmosphere changed around Seiya for a moment, and Melena also responded accordingly.

In that moment, Seiya understood that Melena was a magician with considerable ability.

「Now the lady is talking to the master, I would like you to remain here until they finished」
「All right」

After they waited for some time, the door of the guest room opened and Yua came inside.

Behind her was a muscular giant with dark green hair and a gentle woman with red eyes and beautiful silver hair.

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Apparently, they were Yua’s parents.

Seiya looked at Yua’s mother for a moment and immediately turned his gaze towards her father.

Yua’s father also looked at Lily for a moment, and then turned towards Seiya.

Then Yua’s father stepped closer to Seiya and Lily and introduced himself.

「I am Yua’s father, Raiga Arunia. I’m grateful to you for saving my daughter. Kiritsuna Seiya, Lily」

Following her father Raiga, Yua’s mother introduced herself as Kana…but it did not enter Seiya’s head.

Because her father was a celebrity that everyone knew about, even Seiya.

The shock of that name was too big for Seiya.

Raiga Arunia, he was one of the special magician squad, which only numbered twelve.


  1. So this world also has soccer, huh. 
  2. A little confusing, but she changed her speech pattern, I promise. 

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