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Episode 27 Aquaristan

As the morning sun shone, a big dragon could be seen flying above the dark territory.

The dragon gradually advanced through the beautiful cloudless sky, with its destination being Leiria Kingdom’s Aquaristan.

And there were three people on the back of the dragon. They were Seiya, Yua, and Lily.

Three of them were approaching the Leiria Kingdom by riding on the Gedo-chan’s back, that was a dragon strengthened to a limit by Lily

「Great job, Lily…….」
「Right!? He might have lost to Seiya-kun, but Gedo-chan is strong! 」

The landscape spreading below Gedo-chan was not the Great Dalis Canyon anymore, the was only soil and occasional plants everywhere.

From that aspect, you can see that Aquaristan is getting closer.

「We are getting close…….」
「Then let’s go! Gedo-chan, hurry up to my sister’s hometown! 」


Gedo-chan responded to Lily’s words with great enthusiasm, and it’s flying speed rapidly increased.

By the way, Lily is calling Yua as her sister simply because she said to Lily to call her as such.

Lily hesitated at first, but now she got used to it, and every time Yua called her a sister, she looked happy.

Lying on Gedo-chan’s back and gazing at the sky, Seiya thought about the time they left Great Dalis Canyon.

When they mulled over the way to leave Great Dalis Canyon, Lily proposed to ride on Gedo-chan.

Although it looked like there was a ceiling above the isolated island, in fact, there was none, it was a kind of illusion produced by the lake’s reflection.

In other words, they just flew away normally.

But it was that easy only because of Lily, it is hard to tell what they would have done without her.

While Seiya was thinking about it, Leiria Kingdom appeared in their field of vision.

「That is……」
「We arrived…..」

Three people rejoiced in unison. Seiya and Yua were finally going to return home after a long journey, and for Lily, it was a new world. It was impossible not to make noise.

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Three people wanted to go as far as Leiria Kingdom’s borders, but that wouldn’t be wise.

If a big dragon suddenly appeared in the sky, it will cause a big commotion in the whole kingdom, so they flew to the nearby forest and got down from Gedo-chan without being discovered.

And from there on the trio proceeded on foot.

After walking for about an hour, they finally saw the walls of Leiria Kingdom. They just needed to pass through the gate and enter the kingdom.

After walking for another hour, they reached the gate. There were two soldiers with spears stationed at the gate, who seemed to be gatekeepers.

As the trio walked towards the gate, the moment gatekeepers noticed them, they took a stance with a spear and raised a loud voice.

「Stop! Who the hell are you?」
「Present the proof of your identity!」

The gatekeepers asked the trio who they were and from where they came from.

If you ask Seiya of his identity, then he is a magician of Senabia Magic Academy from Orna city in Windistan region, but he had nothing to prove his identity.

If someone is able to prove his identity, that would probably be the teachers of the academy.

「Well, I do not have anything to prove my identity at the moment, but I’m a student of a magic academy in this kingdom」
「Do you think that I will believe you? Rules are strict recently because of kidnapping incidents. In such circumstances you won’t tell me that you don’t have a proof of your identity, right? 」

What was said by the gatekeeper was reasonable.

「Anyway, raise your hands first and don’t resist. We also need to ask you why a group of kids came from a dark territory」

Young man Seiya, beautiful Yua, and pretty little girl Lily. However you look at them, they seemed like a bunch of kids to the gatekeeper

They couldn’t believe that this youth troupe came from the dark territory. The gatekeeper glared at Seiya and said.

「First of all, body check」
「Raise your hands」

Seiya felt some inconsistency in the words of the gatekeeper. Because while they were talking to Seiya, their eyes were on Yua and Lily.

At that time, Seiya noticed their aim.

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「Is it really necessary?」
「What!? Are you going to defy us?」
「Do you know what will happen if you go against us? Your treatment will change according to our report」

Seiya was convinced.

The gatekeepers were trying to touch Yua and Lily’s body in the name of body checking.

The gatekeepers were also men. Seeing two pretty young girls, they couldn’t help but want to touch.

However, Seiya will not forgive such behavior, so he decided to make the first move. But just before that happened, Yua stopped him.

「Leave it to me……」

Yua stepped forward and stood before the gatekeepers.

The gatekeepers misunderstood that she was obediently undergoing body check and approached Yua trying to touch her body.

「I am Yua Arunia. The eldest daughter of Arunia family…..」
「Eh, she said Arunia family……」
「Is it that Arunia family?」

When Yua affirmed the question of the gatekeepers, they stiffened for about five seconds and suddenly changed their attitudes.

「This was rude of us. I will let you in right away」
「Please wait a moment, the carriage will be prepared shortly. Forgive me for being disrespectful」

The moment she said her name, the attitude of the gatekeepers has changed by 180 degrees, Seiya and Lily looked at each other with puzzlement and simultaneously tilted their heads.

The dominating gatekeepers became Yua’s servants in a matter of a few seconds.

「Hey Lily, what just happened?」
「Dunno! Do you know, Seiya?」
「No, I have no idea」

To two sneakily conversing people, one of the gatekeepers points his spear and asks.

「And who are you guys?」
「Those two are with me…no problem…」
「I’m sorry. Both of you may go inside」

Hearing Yua, the attitude of the gatekeepers changed by 180 degrees yet again. [1]

Who was she? Seiya and Lily really wanted to know, but right now was not the right time to ask.

After that, they waited on a bench for about 30 minutes, and a horse-drawn carriage appeared.

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The carriage seemed as luxurious as it could be, definitely a carriage for the VIP passengers.

And again, who the hell is she? Thought Seiya and Lily, they still couldn’t figure that out.

By the way, while waiting for a carriage, the gatekeepers, who saw Yua and Lily peacefully embracing Seiya’s arms, sitting next to him, were burning with jealousy. [2]

Seiya was obviously aware of that, but he pretended to not care.

When they boarded the carriage, they found plenty of space for four people.

Seiya sat in the back of the carriage, Yua was next to him and Lily was in front, then the carriage started to move.

At that time, no one knew that the gatekeepers were trembling from anger, with deeply lowered heads.

A problem appeared after they were riding for a little while.

Since Yua was sitting beside Seiya, she immediately seized his hand. And Lily who saw this swiftly occupied Seiya’s lap.

「Hey, Lily?」
「Sister is sitting next to Seiya! That’s why Lily will sit on Seiya!」
「It’s dangerous so sit in the front. Also, Yua, can you relax your grip? It hurts since a while ago」
「This is expression of love……」
「Then Lily is expressing her love too!」

By herself, Lily was not heavy, so he didn’t really mind, but the pressure on the right gradually increased, Seiya was almost on the verge of crying.

He even felt the light attribute mana from her hand.

「Hey, Yua-san!?」
「It is fine…….」
「No, it’s not….」
「It is fine…….」

While he tried to pass through this ordeal, the carriage finally arrived after a very long time.

Seiya didn’t remember how much it took but from the position of the sun, he could tell that it was around noon.

And as the Seiya got out of the carriage, he saw a big castle in front of him.


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