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Episode 26 A New Companion


With a very sad expression on her face, Yua was looking at Lily, who straddled Seiya like a horse.

The figure of Seiya kissing a little girl was somewhat troubling in a variety of meanings.


Seiya separates his lips from Lily’s and calls out to Yua, but she turns her face away without answering and runs towards a waterless lake.


Seiya quickly lowered Lily on the ground and grabbed Yua’s arm.

「Let me go…..」

Yua quietly said. Since he couldn’t see her face, he did not know what kind of facial expression she had, but she was definitely sad.

「Please wait, Yua」
「You betrayed me too」
「No one betrayed anyone」
「You betrayed … … you kissed another girl ……」
「I’m surprised myself」

Yua tried running away again but he firmly grabbed her hand, refusing to let go. Yua desperately tried to shake him off, but couldn’t muster enough power.

Seiya couldn’t understand what was going on inside her head.

Still, Seiya thought that he will regret if he didn’t tell her his true feeling on this occasion, so he said.

「You are the only one for me」

This was Seiya’s true feelings.

Yua needed him, who was ostracized and useless. It might have been egoistic of him, but he was happy to be of use to someone.

When he felt that she placed her full trust in him, he was incredibly delighted.

And when he lost Yua, Seiya understood that he already fell in love with her.

That’s why he decided to reveal his feelings.

「I love you, Yua」

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It was an embarrassing confession, yet he steeled himself and conveyed his feelings.

But Yua says without turning back.

「You didn’t hate it…..」
「This was….」
「As I thought……」

Yua turned back, her face was in tears.

It was the first time since they met when he saw Yua’s emotional side, her red eyes were overflowing with tears. [1]

Yua also loved Seiya.

Although she only thought to use him at the beginning, she was gradually able to rely on him, as they braved the dangers together.

And that trust transformed into love, Yua completely fell for Seiya.

So when Yua saw him kissing Lily, her heart became a mess and she didn’t know how to react.

「I believed in Seiya … … but got betrayed … …」

Seiya hugged her tightly. She thought of pushing him away, but with time, her will to resist vanished.

Being embraced by the loved person felt extremely pleasant.

And then Seiya gently whispered into her ear.

「I love you, Yua」
「Yes, it’s true」

She couldn’t feel a lie in his words.

Hearing Seiya’s words, Yua touched his cheek with a right hand and slowly put her lips on Seiya’s.

Their first kiss was very light, but the next ones were far more passionate.

And then Seiya’s hand at her back started moving, the time seems to have stopped for the two of them.

「Sorry to interrupt, but can I have a moment of your time?」

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The kissing duo was started at the sudden voice.

There was a certain fairy staring at them. Flustered, they quickly separated, ignoring the glistening line connecting their lips.

「You are….」
「Wait, Yua. It’s fine」

Seeing Lily, she entered a battle mode, although sluggishly, and Seiya immediately tried to stop her.

「But…..」[2] 「Don’t worry. Lily was only fighting to protect the source of her mana, and now that I contracted her, she is not an enemy anymore. Rather, she is our companion now」
「Is that true?」

Even with Seiya saying it, Yua was still wary against Lily.

It is not surprising, after all, Lily is the cause of Yua’s death and she is also the lord of this Great Dalis Canyon. It was impossible for Yua to believe her so easily.

Seiya understood this and had no choice but to explain everything.

「Lily is our comrade now. Right, Lily?」
「Yeah, right now I’m a fairy contracted with Seiya-kun. Until the contract disappears, I live to serve him」
「But you …..」
「I understand. Even though I did it to protect myself, I almost killed you, Yua-chan. For that, I apologize. Sorry」

Lily lowered her head towards Yua.

Unlike Undine boasting overwhelming strength, her figure was what of an ordinary woman. In Lily’s words, Yua didn’t feel any malice or impure desires at all. She understood that Lily wanted to serve Seiya from the bottom of her heart.

「I understand……」
「Thank you, Yua-chan」
「Seiya already decided, can’t help it……」

Yua muttered with a blushing face.

From that appearance, Seiya and Lily understood that she was being shy. But then Yua remembered something.

「But humans should not be able to make a complete contract……how did you do it? 」

Magicians can’t make full contracts with fairies and spirits.

It was a common sense for any magician.

The amount of mana exchanged between magicians and fairies during a complete contract is enormous, humans aren’t able to withstand such amount.

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While receiving mana from fairies and spirits, humans couldn’t accept the enormous amount of mana and end up receiving a backlash. Conversely, when humans transfer their mana, an enormous amount is taken, until they are sucked dry.

In this situation, no matter how advanced you are as a magician, it doesn’t help.

In the past, some people were able to solve one of those problems, only to die from the other or cancel the contract.

Just like that, in Leiria, partial contracts are the mainstream when contracting a spirit.

However, there are very few magicians who have partial contracts with fairies and spirits, after all, they aren’t beings you can casually encounter.

In this world where it is difficult to meet a faerie or a spirit in the first place, only a few can sign a contract.

Even if they signed a contract, the power they gained doesn’t equal the power they lost. So there is a very small number of magicians with contracts.

The news that Seiya made a complete contract can cause a commotion outside.

「Seiya is amazing……」
「Oh, thanks」
「Can you stop flirting with my husband, please?」
「What do you mean……?」

With Lily’s words, the atmosphere at the spot solidified in an instant.

Seiya’s eyes were saying something amongst the lines of「What the hell is this woman spouting? 」, while Lily declared without hesitation.

「But we will always stick together from now on, right? Besides, I cannot live without your body anymore. I won’t ever forget that hot and pleasant feeling. How are you going to take responsibility, Seiya-kun?」
「Hot and pleasant……」
「What nonsense are you talking about!?」
「But it’s true」

What Lily meant was the feeling of Seiya’s mana flowing through her body during the contract ceremony, it was true that she can’t live without his body anymore.

However, omitting important words and skipping complicated explanation caused a strange impression to form in Yua’s mind.

「Seiya is my husband……we even kissed……」
「If it is about the kiss, then I did it too」
「That is different……being forceful is prohibited… that’s why I am a wife……you are the mistress….」
「Ufufu, mistress sounds nice too」

Yua affirmed her own position and directed a bright smile at Lily.

「Then I’m a wife……’s decided……」
「Then let me introduce myself again. I’m Lily, Seiya’s mistress. Best regards, Yua-chan」
「Best regards, Lily……..」

Since a while ago, Seiya wasn’t able to keep up with the girls’ conversation.

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But since they made peace in the end, he decided to let it go. He definitely wasn’t happy being surrounded by beautiful girls and making a harem. Definitely. [3]

And just like that, Lily, the water fairy, became a new addition to the group.

Their next goal was to safely reach Aquaristan. From the place they currently are, it is not that long of a road.

「Well then, we shall return to Leiria Kingdom」
「Yes…I can finally return home…」
「I’m looking forward to seeing this place. Thank you again Seiya-kun, Yua-chan. For bringing us outside」

Lily deeply lowered her head to Seiya and Yua again.

「Don’t worry」
「Yes……Lily is already a friend, it is fine to let things go……」
「Both of you」

Lily shed tears at their words.

「Thank you Seiya-kun. I love you!」

Lily thanks once more and clings to Seiya again.

Yua didn’t want to lose to Lily and also hugged Seiya.

「Oi oi…..」

In this way, the trio started their journey to Leiria Kingdom’s Aquaristan district.


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