Episode 1 Prologue

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The dead red-brown ground spreads all over the area, dried land where plants and trees are nowhere to be found. The only things in sight are big red rocks and mountains.

There is no sign of people around. In this desolate land, Seiya was standing with a single girl.

A girl standing next to Seiya has beautiful white hair, beautiful red eyes and a beautiful face that can fascinate people.

Her height is a bit low, but the girl can be expressed in one sentence, absolutely beautiful.

The appearance of such a girl was a true opposite to Seiya with blond hair and blue eyes.

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White haired red eyed beauty calls on Seiya while pointing forward. Seiya looks at the direction pointed to by Yua, a girl with scarlet red eyes, and finds something there.

In this direction was a large horde of animals like cattle. And the horde was approaching at the high speed towards them. Their number was about 3000.

「Magical beasts again」
「It seems so……」

Said Seiya looking at the large horde of cow-like magical beasts.

Magical beast is an animal-like living being in a dark territory, a place where no man lives, they’re powerful enough to easily deal with ordinary people.

It depends on the species but basically, the weakest ones need a team of average magicians to defeat it. However, the monsters that come closer to the Seiya are not the weakest however you look at it

Three thousand beasts were approaching Seiya and Yua.

「Seiya…what shall we do?」
「I’ll deal with them」

Seiya starts manipulating magical powers inside his body while lifting the right hand towards the horde of beasts. Yua does not do anything and is just watching Seiya with a relieved face.

「 『Dark Wave 』」

Immediately after Seiya said the name of the spell, horde of close to 3000 beasts that was approaching at a high speed toward the two of them disappeared in a flash.

Only the dust was left from the gigantic running horde.

Seeing this Yua said.

「After all, darkness attribute sure is convenient ……」
「Sure enough. That what you should expect from the power of heretics」

Said Seiya while looking at his right hand.

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