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Episode 13 Holy Attribute

Seiya and Yua who decided to head to the Great Dalis Canyon, faced two problems.

First, Seiya used up most of his mana due to 『Dark Tremor』, his remaining mana is close to zero.

Second, Seiya does not know their current location precisely, nor does he knows where the Great Dalis Canyon is.

When he told that to Yua, she said it was fine.

「Hey Yua, what do you mean “It’s fine”?」
「I will restore your mana …… Great Dalis Canyon is there … …. I saw the map in the laboratory …」
「You will “restore” it … …. Why did you even saw that map?」
「I was looking at the guard and he gave me the map, he said to look at it instead」

Ohh ~ guard-san I understand your feelings. If someone constantly stares at you, this is creepy~ Seiya felt strange empathy with the guard, but he didn’t know if his feelings reached him.

And Yua said she will restore his power, common sense tells Seiya that this is impossible.

Mana is the source of the magician’s power; you can say it is his stamina.

Restoration requires eating, resting, sleeping and so on. It is said that only the goddess who went missing was capable of such a feat.

Yua silently cast her spell on Seiya, who is deep in thought.

「『Holy Flower』」

The next moment, the Seiya’s body was wrapped in white light. At the same time, Seiya feels that mana steaming inside of him rapidly, his mana recovers in the blink of an eye.

「What was that, Yua? I have never heard of 『Holy Flower』spell. Was there such a spell in light magic? 」

Seiya was surprised by the light attribute spell that doesn’t exist in his memory. He believed that he failed in his studies somewhere. After all, preparing for the future he memorized all spells of light attribute he could.

That being said, Seiya had no idea of Yua’s spell.

「It is not the spell of the light attribute …… it was a spell of holy attribute ……」
「For it to be a holy attribute…….」

Hearing about holy attribute Seiya lost his words.

Because the holy attribute was the magical attribute used by the goddess from the church. Actually, the church of the Leiria Kingdom is also called Holy Church and its name was derived from the goddess.

The magic of the holy attribute is almost nonexistent nowadays. It was said that only one person in hundred years has a holy attribute, and this person becomes a new goddess.

If the Holy Church discovers Yua, she will soon become a new goddess and will be worshiped by people.

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The holy attribute is just that important.

There are three kinds of magic. They are: basic magic, derived magic, compound magic.

All magic spells fall under one of these categories.

Basic magic refers to the magic of four attributes of fire, water, wind, light.

For example, spells such as 『Wall of Light』 and 『Fire Bullet』fall under the basic magic category, and dark attribute magic such as 『Dark Wave』should belong there too.

Derived magic, as its name says, is magic derived from basic attributes.

Specifically, ice attribute and flame attribute are easy to understand. The ice attribute is the magic derived from the water attribute and the flame attribute is the magic derived from the fire attribute.

There is also a special effect in the derived magic attribute, but its special effect carried over from the attribute before derivation.

In other words, for the ice attribute it is『calm』and for the flame attribute it is 『activation』. Of course, there are exceptions, but that is how it usually works.

Composite magic is a magic that combines multiple spells at the same time, the example is Seiya’s『Dark Tremor』with no chant.

Although the details are slightly different, it can be said that Seiya’s previous spell is a composite spell consisting of『Dark Tremor』and『Dark Wave』.

But the holy attribute used by Yua was an exception, standard classification doesn’t apply to it.

Holy magic is considered a top class derived magic of the light attribute in terms of classification, but magicians who use light attribute magic will never become able to use holy attribute magic.

In other words, the holy attribute is a light attribute but at the same time, it’s not.

Of course, the holy attribute magic also has a special effect, its name is『creation』. [1]

It is close to the word generation. The magic of holy attribute is a special magic that can generate weapons and mana from nothing.

In fact, Yua defended from Seiya’s attack, not by the power of the light attribute. The dark power was simply destroyed on contact with holy power.

The dark attribute is classified as a basic magic, and the holy attribute is classified as derived magic. If basic magic is compared to derived magic, derived magic is more powerful, they couldn’t compete since the beginning.

It is said that the goddess of the Holy Church was able to restore the mana using holy magic and light magic at the same time, resulting in light speed recovery.

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Seiya’s mana was completely recovered by Yua.

「It is awesome, Yua」
「With this Seiya can go to the Great Dalis Canyon…..」
「Do not be like that. By the way, why can you use the holy attribute? It might be useless to ask though」
「I could use it since the past… I do not know the reason …」
「I see」

The fact that church is not aware of her existence could probably be related to her father’s protection, thought Seiya. Who the hell is her father?

「Seiya, let’s go. Quickly……」

Yua pulls Seiya by the hand.

「All right」

At this time Seiya thought, what if her mother is the previous goddess.

It is understandable if the goddess’ daughter can use holy attribute magic. And if her father is the member of the Holy Church, it will explain his knowledge of the dark attribute.

Given the time when the goddess disappeared and the Yua’s age, you cannot reject this theory. At the same time, the father who can hide it is frightening.

While thinking about such things, Seiya and Yua headed for the Great Dalis Canyon.


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