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Episode 14 To The Great Dalis Canyon


A beautiful red-eyed girl, calls on Seiya while pointing to the front. Seiya looked towards the direction of her finger and noticed something.

In this direction was a large horde of animals resembling cattle. And the horde was approaching at the high speed towards them.

Their number was about 3000.

「Magical beasts again」
「It seems so……」
「Seiya…what shall we do?」
「I’ll deal with them」

Seiya starts manipulating mana inside his body while lifting his right hand towards the horde of beasts. Yua does not do anything and just watching Seiya with a relieved face.

「 『Dark Wave 』」

Immediately after Seiya said the name of the spell, horde of close to 3000 beasts that was approaching at a high speed toward the two of them disappeared in a flash.

Seeing this Yua said.

「After all, dark attribute sure is convenient ……」
「Sure enough. That what you should expect from the power of heretics」 [1]

Seiya and Yua were trying to go straight to the Great Dalis Canyon, but monsters and large mountains got in the way.

Having no other choice, Seiya destroyed every one of them.

By restoring Seiya’s mana consumed by the 『Dark Wave 』 using 『Holy Flower』, they headed to the Great Dalis Canyon in an extremely swift manner.

In the surroundings of the facility, captives were held, there were rocks and dead trees.

But there were no obstacles on their road now, they all disappeared from the『Dark Wave 』.

Proceeding as such, they finally reached a green forest.

This lush forest, located in the dark territory and surrounded by rocks looked like an oasis in the vast desert.

The two raised their guard and entered the forest, then they encountered something.

They saw a bipedal monster with the head of a boar and body of a bear.

And this bipedal boar-bear was not alone.

Their numbers roughly exceeded 100, and the scene of 100 monsters with such bad head and body balance was really strange.

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More than 100 monsters turned their sharp nails towards the Seiya and Yua, their appearance was quite intimidating.

According to the research of the church, they can be described as such.

Species: Boad
Danger: ★★★★
Description: An average magician isn’t able to defeat them. Often move in a group. You should escape as soon as you encounter it. Their speed is not so great; escape is most likely possible.

Although it was documented, Seiya and Yua couldn’t possibly know the research materials of the church, so they didn’t know the name of the monster.

Normally, this information can only be seen by senior magicians who are going to subjugate magical beasts in the dark territory, but Seiya, who was the lowest of the beginner magician until a while ago, does not know.

Judging from Yua’s face she is not aware either.

「Their balance sure is bad」

Since they do not know the details of boads, they could only recognize it as another magical beast.

A group of boads engaged Seiya and Yua as soon as they saw them.

Seiya immediately fires『Dark Wave 』towards the group of boads. This should have made them disappear in a second. However, this doesn’t happen to a group of boads.

「Hey, this can’t be happening」

While watching the boad’s uninjured appearance, although surprised, Seiya immediately casts a new spell.

「How about this … … 『Dark Wind 』」

The magic exercised by Seiya is the dark attribute beginner magic 『Dark Wind 』, it is not targeted at extinguishing opponent, but slashing him

This spell is supposed to have a high offensive power and it should have sliced the boad in half. But once again the spell does not work against boads.

「Crap……that is a problem」
「What should we do, Seiya?」
「It is dangerous. My magic does not work」

Seiya is nervous fighting against boads with their magic immunity.

He tried to remember what he learned at the Senabia Magic Academy’s lectures, but since there were few lessons about the dark territory, he couldn’t think of anything useful.

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At that time, Yua makes a relieved face as if she remembered something.

「Seiya … … maybe they have magic resistance … …. dad said before … … if you meet some weirdos with magic resistance weapons will work just fine……」
「I see. It is worth trying」

Seiya believed Yua’s words and decides to try it.

Seiya thinks that her father is a figure of the church and his position is quite high. So the credibility of information should be high too.

Seiya immediately summons Hollins, his trusted weapon. Because of a『Dark Wave 』, the chant is not necessary, Hollins was immediately summoned in the hands of Seiya.

Meanwhile, boads are trying to quietly surround them.

There are many trees in the forest, but fortunately, the boads are so big that you cannot lose sight of them.

When Seiya takes a stance, boads moved.

Two boads are thrusting towards Seiya, but he also runs to the boads and thrusts, he pours the power of light attribute onto his feet.

And as he took the first step, he accelerated and stabbed Hollins into the sides of the two boads.

Boads were unable to respond to the rapid acceleration and end up getting hit.

The accelerated with a spell『Mantle of Light』, which partially activated 『Single Light』.


Confirming that Hollins stabbed into the boads, Seiya pours mana of the dark attribute into Hollins.

If it is useless from the outside, how about from the inside?

Two boads, who had the dark attribute mana injected into their body, had their intestines disappear, leaving only fur behind.

Boads, who saw them disappear leaving only the fur, became agitated. Fear of the boy in front of them mixed with anger from having their comrades killed.

「Apparently, magic seems to work from the inside of their bodies. Only the outside is protected」
「I understand……」

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Yua hearing his words casts a spell.

「『Holy Maiden』Yuriel」

Immediately after saying the spell’s name, rapier appears in her right hand.

The spell she used is holy attribute beginner spell 『Holy Maiden』, it creates a rapier utilizing the special effect of the holy attribute『creation』.

The rapier created by Yua is one of her favorite weapons, its name is Yuriel.

Yua stabs the bellies of the three boads with the Yuriel and immediately pulls out.

Of course, they won’t die from such a small wound, they tried to hit her using their claws.

Regretfully, they couldn’t even touch her.

Just before their claws were about to land on her, they exploded from the inside and became a meat paste. Although the blood splashed in all directions, Yua avoids it by deploying a light attribute intermediate spell 『Wall of Light』and remains unstained.

「Are you kidding me……」

Seiya has a bitter smile on his face after seeing her attack. He has read about a similar attacking method in a book once.

Among the magicians who use the fire attribute, it is a technique used by especially high-level magicians, it is a technique that detonates the body by pouring the mana of the fire attribute inside the opponent’s body.

The body can’t hold against the pressure created by this spell and explodes. And the victim becomes a minced meat.

Yua’s way of attacking is similar to that attack method, but there were no signs of using fire attribute. The magical attribute used by Yua is a light attribute, and it shouldn’t be possible with the light attribute alone.

But Yua did it right in front of his eyes.

So how did she do it? She pushed the magical power of the light attribute in boad’s body and raised its power.

The special effect of the light attribute is『rising』, which has the effect of improving the object. Yua activated『rising』on the whole body of boad.

Originally it should be strengthened, but boad’s fur is resistant to magic and will not improve.

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When inflating the balloon, if the endurance of its material is not enough, the balloon will just explode from the excessive air. It is the same principle here.

Boad’s fur, whose durability has not increased, couldn’t bear the pressure of the raised body and exploded.

This technique is probably possible only for those who have the holy attribute. For an average magician, it is impossible to raise the capabilities of the body that is not his.

Although it is grotesque, her appearance while strengthening others resembles a goddess from the church.

On the other hand, all boads were shivering.

In one moment one’s body is stabbed, as his inside disappeared, leaving only the fur behind. In the next moment, the other one is stabbed and explodes.

Ordinary animals would flee if they are at disadvantage, but boads had their pride and refused to yield.

Driven by their cheap pride they pounce on Seiya and Yua.

Seiya pierces Hollins into the closest one, pushes the mana of the dark attribute inside him, and goes for the next prey.

Right after confirming the death of the boad, he immediately stabs the next one.

Yua also pierces one boad after another with Yuriel. The moment boad is stabbed he explodes from within in the rain of blood.

Yua does not mind whether boad will become a meat block, and will steadily pierce Yuriel sticking to the next prey rapidly.

Before they noticed the massacre was over.

The corpses of boads with only their fur intact and the bunch of meat lumps littered the ground around them.

Because the number of furs and meat lumps are roughly the same, they seemed to have killed roughly the same amount of them.

After that, Seiya and Yua passed through the forest without any troubles and caught sight of their target, the Great Dalis Canyon.

The bottom of the Great Dalis Canyon is so deep it couldn’t be seen.

From where they stood, Seiya threw a stone inside, trying to hear a sound of it hitting the bottom, but he didn’t hear anything.

「Hey, Yua. What should we do now? Do not tell me we need to jump? 」

Just plunging ahead seemed rather stupid, so he confirmed first.

「Can you fly, Seiya?」
「I said, can you fly?」
「No, no, no. Do you think people can fly? 」

Seiya was confused, but Yua seemed to understand his answer in her own way. Seiya noticed it and tried to stop her.

「There is no way……」
「Then I guess we have to jump……」

Yua’s logic is a method of elimination.

People cannot fly. Then you have no choice but to jump.

Using this simple logic there is no need to search for complex solutions.

Yua gently holds Seiya by the hand.

However, for some reason, he couldn’t resist her grab, and in the next moment Seiya felt his spine freezing.

「Well then … let’s go …」
「Stop, please waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

In the next moment, Yua jumps into the great canyon while pulling Seiya by the hand. Their figures disappear in the darkness.


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