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Episode 12 Yua

Seiya found a girl lying down in front of him, but he did not think she was still alive.

Because the spell that Seiya cast earlier is a spell to extinguish all things other than the user, the fact that this girl’s body remains is close to a miracle.

What can be thought of as the reason for that is that the girl defended herself with light magic, but in the end could not overcome the power of Seiya’s『Dark Tremor』, leaving only the body intact.

The dark attribute and the light attribute are attributes that are mutually good and bad against each other

In the end, the winner is decided by the power of the spell itself, and the 『Dark Tremor』casted by Seiya didn’t lack in power.

『Dark Tremor』 is a powerful high-level spell of the dark attribute, but few magicians use this spell.

Because 『Dark Tremor』is a spell which annihilates everything in the surroundings indiscriminately at the price of all of the magician’s magical power, it’s mostly used for suicide bombing.

At the same time, the spell used by Seiya in the beginning『Dark Wave』is an elementary spell and it is a basic of the basics of the dark attribute.

It is a spell that will eliminate only the object that the magician wishes to destroy, and the greatest feature is a possibility to destroy the chant.

Among the magicians who use the dark attribute, high-level magicians while casting complex spells, use 『Dark Wave』at precise timing, doing so they can eliminate the chant of that spell.

This is a theoretical chant omission. And this was the reason why Seiya was able to cast『Dark Tremor』 without a chant earlier.

However, when a low-level magician attempts to do the same, the timing may not match, and the spell that he/she intends to manifest is getting extinguished itself.

From this Seiya’s level could be seen.

It was at this time.


Seiya was surprised at the fact that a girl who seemed to have already taken her last breath started moving, right before his eyes.

「Just what is happening……」

Seiya approaches the girl since he was interested about the way the girl survived after receiving the『Dark Tremor』with full force.

But Seiya’s movement contained a lot of wariness against the girl. As long as he doesn’t know her identity, he doesn’t dare to leave an opening.

Being ready to cast at any time, he talked to the girl.

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「Hey, are you in one piece?」
「Hey, are you in one piece?」

The girl opens her eyes hearing Seiya.

For the moment he felt relieved and then carefully examined her with his eyes.

The girl stretched her slender white limbs, she had beautiful red eyes that fascinate the viewer, beautiful shiny white hair, and neat face. Calling her extremely beautiful won’t be a flattery.

But even facing an absolutely beautiful girl, Seiya was still on high alert. Then the girl said her first words.


The was very clear and beautiful voice.

Seiya tells his name to her.

「Me? I am Seiya, Kiritsuna Seiya. And you are? 」

When Seiya names himself, the girl also follows suit in a small voice.

「Yua…..Yua Arunia」
「Yua then. Are you hurt somewhere? 」[1]

Seiya immediately tries to confirm her body condition.

Seiya is not a battle maniac, nor does he finds pleasure in a slaughter.

He thought it is better for people to live than to die, and he didn’t want to kill too many people too. That’s why he was worried about Yua.

「I’m fine…..」
「I see, that is good」

Listening to her words, Seiya rests assured. But he is still wary against Yua.

Because too many strange things are related to her.

If she can resist his power, they how did they caught her in the first place?

Besides, if she is that powerful she could have escaped the range of the spell easily.

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So, seeking answers Seiya asks the girl.

「Why were you captured here?」
「I was careless … … they approached from the back and drugged me, when I noticed, I was already trapped … and then everything disappeared ……」

She said that she is a 16 years old magician living in Aquaristan, a student of the second year in the magic academy, and was kidnapped on the way back from the school.

Listening to her explanation, Seiya was amazed. He was neither being sneak attacked nor drugged by medicine.

Yua is sixteen and she if and of the school year as Seiya.

Her appearance is that of a beautiful girl, but she gives off the impression of a trainee. It is hard to guess that she is sixteen on the first look.

Such Yua is staring at Seiya right now.

Her beautiful red eyes make her expressionless face somewhat mysterious, Seiya felt uncomfortable looking at them.

「What is it? You are staring too much」
「Seiya is seventeen ……so you are my older brother ……」
「Well, that’s right. Although we are in the same year」

Hearing that Seiya’s wariness against her disappeared, rather the girl became interested.

But the girl named Yua was an unimaginable existence to Seiya.

「That’s why, walk me home…..」

What did she say?………… Seiya could not understand it at all.

「Walk me home……」
「Wait a little. Why is this happening? If you are a magician, you can go home alone. We are even of the same grade. Although I’m older … …」

To her request that disregards common sense, Seiya did not know what to say.

But, Yua proceeds with her explanation.

「The grade is the same but older brother is older brother … Seiya is seventeen years old …… I am sixteen years old … Seiya is an older brother. Besides, it is impossible alone……」

Seiya blanked at such an answer. Using logic, he couldn’t understand Yua asked him to walk her home.

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No matter how much of a girl you are, there is a way to return to Aquaristan from the Freestan, which is close by.

If you go to church you will be able to do finish the procedures, and as soon as you arrive at Aquaristan you are as good as home. Yet, she said she could not do it for some reason.

With no other choice, Seiya asked her himself.

「Why me?」
「Because of the Great Dalis Canyon」

This time Seiya’s brain mouth gave up on him, he couldn’t understand her at all.

Thinking about her words, it is hard to understand the whole picture.

「Great Dalis Canyon. Is it the place with lots of super strong magical beasts walking around?」

She answered with a spaced-out look on her face.

She suggested walking through the Great Dalis Canyon, a den of powerful monsters.

The Great Dalis Canyon is situated in between Freestan’s and Aquaristan’s borders and is known as a monster den.

Also, there is a rumor that Undine is living there, people refuse to approach that place.

The rumor says that people who went into the canyon never came home, everyone in the Leiria Kingdom knows that

In the past, there were cases where some stupid magicians went searching for Undine, but they died after being chased by monsters in the Great Dalis Canyon, the monsters then proceeded to Freestan.

Seiya couldn’t understand why is she going through the Great Dalis Canyon. What kind of reason can force you to go inside on your own volition?

「Why, for god’s sake! Can’t you just return by common route?」
「This is impossible …… I am not good with people …… I can’t pass where there are many people…….I need to go through the Great Dalis Canyon, where no one is ……so escort me, Seiya……」

Seiya is stunned and doesn’t know how to respond.

To summarize, she is saying that she wants to pass through the Great Dalis Canyon, where there are no people because she is not good with crowds. Even though there are strong monsters in the Great Dalis Canyon.

「No, THIS is impossible」

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Naturally, Seiya does not want to go with that proposal. Although he managed to survive somehow, he didn’t want to commit suicide yet.

But at this point, Seiya thought.

「Hey, if I come with you to Freestan will that be fine?」

If you can’t do it alone, let’s do it together. However, Seiya still could not comprehend the person called Yua.

「No … … if we arrive at Freestan Seiya might disappear …. So I will go to the Great Dalis Canyon… … it is already decided … … Seiya, escort me …」

Yua dared to pass through the Great Dalis Canyon. How much does she hate crowds to the extent of trying to pass through the infamous Great Dalis Canyon by herself.

Again, doubts sprouted in the mind of Seiya.

Like Seiya was on guard against Yua, Yua also does not trust Seiya from the bottom of her heart.

Yua has a secret. If the secret is known to Seiya, she can’t predict his reaction.

That is why she chose to pass through the Great Dalis Canyon.

Whatever she thinks inside her head, Seiya doesn’t understand. It is a suicide to go through the Great Dalis Canyon with a strange girl around.

「Wait a little, I won’t run anywhere, I will properly walk you home. Let’s go to Freestan, please consider it」
「I don’t believe you……besides, going through the Great Dalis Canyon is also for your sake……」

Listening to her words, Seiya’s expression changed in a blink of an eye.

「For my sake?」
「Yeah……if people discover your dark attribute you will be in trouble……」
「Why do you know about the dark attribute?」

The atmosphere around Seiya changed drastically.

Why does she know about the existence of the dark attribute? The existence of the dark attribute is a very confidential matter, only some people in the church and powerful clans are aware.

Seiya’s first thought was that she is the spy from Dakuria, but he quickly dismissed that thought.

If you are saying that she is a spy from Dakuria, then you are probably an idiot.

Her character is not suitable for spying. Dakurian spy should be more competent than this.

When Seiya contemplates such a thing, Yua explains why she knows of the dark attribute.

「I heard from my father …… But it’s the first time seeing the real thing….」
「Who is your father?」
「An amazing person …」

Seiya mulls over her story. Yua’s father knows the existence of the dark attribute. That may mean that he knows about the relationship between Leiria and Dakuria more than Seiya himself.

Or perhaps he just can’t remember it.

Actually, Seiya has not regained all of his memory yet. A while ago he got back his memory up to eight years old, but could not remember the memory from eight to ten years old yet.

Certainly, Seiya’s darkness attribute is dangerous if it is known. He may be attacked by many magicians the moment he enters the Leiria Kingdom.

If that happens, his life is over.

Also, he is interested in Yua’s father. He knows of the existence of the dark attribute. Just who is her father?

The dark attribute is the biggest concern for Seiya. If he returns to Windistan but ends up revealing himself, he can’t predict the consequences.

However, the risk of going with Yua is low, in Freestan there is a possibility that you can fail to enter the Leiria Kingdom safely.

The Great Dalis Canyon is indeed a dangerous place. But now Seiya has a strong power of dark attribute.

In some cases, weak but smart people are much more dangerous than powerful but simple monsters. In that case, it would be better to go through the Great Dalis Canyon, relying on his own power.

Besides, if Yua betrays him it is okay to just erase her with the dark power.

That is why Seiya decided to accompany her.

「All right, let’s go through the Great Dalis Canyon」
「Thank you……」

In this way, they decided to go to the Great Dalis Canyon.


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