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Episode 11 Awakening

Seiya never heard the voice resounding in his head. From that voice, hatred and killing intent flowed densely, it was very dark.

The darkness seemed to envelop Seiya without any resistance.

However, the deep darkness strangely gave Seiya incredibly nostalgic feeling.

Seiya asks the deep darkness in front of him.

(Do you hate, boy?)

The voice coming from the deep darkness. For some reason, Seiya couldn’t ignore this voice and started a conversation.

(Hate who?)
(The ones who abandoned you, unjust treatment, this world)

Seiya felt that a mysterious voice came from inside of his heart. It felt like the voice asked his inner self, and Seiya answers as if it is natural.

He felt like he was stepping somewhere he shouldn’t enter and was about to pass a point of no return.

But he couldn’t lie.

(I hate. The ones who abandoned me. Unjust treatment. This terrible world)

Seiya ended up saying as such. He couldn’t turn back anymore.

(I see… then, do you want power?)
(Will you give me the power?)

Seiya reacts to the word power. That was something he could not possibly ever have, and Seiya wanted the power the bottom of his heart.

(Wrong. The boy already has power. Power to destroy everything)
(The power to destroy everything? I do not have such power)

Seiya doesn’t have the power to destroy everything. If he had such power, no one would have called him Unknown.

(You have. You just forgot. Remember it, boy. Your true power)
(Can I really remember my power?)

When Seiya said so, the voice in the deep darkness approaches him.

If it is usual Seiya he will run away or defend, but at this time somehow he had no choice but to accept.

He didn’t know himself, why he didn’t run, but he did not feel like rejecting the deep darkness.

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The deep darkness envelops Seiya more and more. Being swallowed by the darkness he experienced a peculiar feeling.

Twelve years ago, Leiria Kingdom, Windistan, south of Erenerita city.

There were two figures in a deep forest far from the city.

「What is it, Seiya?」
「Look her, look here, it is a purple magic circle」

The identity of two people is a pair of father and son. Father was taller than an average human, with red eyes shining like rubies and white hair.

Furthermore, there is a characteristic big scar on his face, and anyone who saw it for the first time will become afraid of him. However, the face of the man was that of a gentle father.

The child was about 5 years old boy. A boy with beautiful blue eyes and golden hair, although he didn’t resemble his father, they had a strange affinity.

A characteristic purple magic circle was deployed on the boy’s hand.

Because the boy was able to deploy a magic circle, you can understand that they are both magicians.

If a magician while being a child can create a magic circle, it should make his parents extremely delighted, but his father’s face does not seem to be very happy, his face looked rather sad.

After all the magic circle created by the golden-haired boy belongs to a magic treated as a heresy in the Leiria Kingdom.

In the Leiria Kingdom, the colors are: yellow for the light attribute, red for the fire attribute, blue for the water attribute, green for the wind attribute, the complex circles can have different colors, but they won’t become purple.

This was a common sense among magicians, it was an unchanging fact. However, this is the common sense of the Leiria kingdom, not the common sense of the rest of the world.

The dark territory is spread around the Kingdom of Leiria, lots of monsters live in the dark territory and almost no humans.

That is also a common sense of the Leiria Kingdom.

But the reality is different.

There is a country in the dark territory. And the dark territory separates the two countries.

That country’s name is the Dakuria Empire, and just like the Leiria Kingdom, it has a lot of people living in it.

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The size of the Dakuria Empire is about the same as that of the Leiria Kingdom’s central region. Instead, there are seven similarly sized cities under the wing of the Dakuria Empire.

These cities have no names; they are called simply Dakuria First District all the way to Dakuria Seventh District.

The seven cities are not adjacent to the Dakuria Empire but are spread across the dark territory. The country which combined this Dakuria Empire and the Seven Districts under one flag is called Great Dakuria Empire.

The Great Dakuria Empire is traditionally led by the demon emperor Lucifer. In each district, there was a demon king ruling the populace.

The common sense of the Great Dakuria Empire is different from the Leiria Kingdom.

The magic circle of the dark attribute is purple, the magic circle of the fire attribute is red, the magic circle of the water attribute is blue, the magic circle of the wind attribute is green, the concept light attribute does not exist in the empire.

There are almost no interactions between two countries.

However, it is not like they are not aware of each other existence, some people in the Leiria Kingdom also know of the existence of the Great Dakuria Empire.

It could be attributed to the gag order given by the church. They concealed the existence of the Great Dakuria Empire and the dark attribute magic from the people.

Let’s return to the parent and child.

「So Seiya also has a dark attribute ……」

Seeing this magic circle the father-like person makes a “the time has finally come” face. The child was looking at his father with shining eyes.

「Seiya. Do not use this purple magic circle except in front of daddy」
「Because those who use the purple magic circle do not have any friends. You don’t want Rona-chan to disappear right?」
「I don’t want to~」
「Then promise me not to use it, Seiya」
「Yup! I promise」

The boy responds in good spirits and embraces the father, and his father also embraces the boy with a gentle smile.

「We should go home. Mom is waiting for us」

The father placed him on his shoulders and left the forest to go home.

As they enter the residential area, there are small but stylish houses here, and the two people enter one of them.

When the parent and child arrived home, a beautiful blonde woman came out from inside the house.

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「Welcome back Seiya, dear」
「I’m home, Mom!」

The child smiles and runs to his mother.

「Aye, I’m home …」

A woman called mom had beautiful blond hair stretching to her hips, bright blue eyes and was incredibly pretty.

When a child approaches, the mother holds him gently in an embrace and shows a smile to her husband.

The child was smiling while being held by his mother.

But the mother, who realized that her husband’s face is not that bright, asked him gently.

「What’s wrong, dear?」
「Seiya has materialized the magic circle of dark attribute」
「I see….the time has come」

Mother’s expression gets cloudy in a blink of an eye. But this was not the end of my father’s words.

「Yeah, I think he will soon be able to create a light magic circle too」
「I agree……end eventually he……」
「Everything is fine, Seiya」

Father faced his wife with a resolved face and his wife nodded to his husband in response.

「Just five more years……」
「Yes, darling. After that Seiya will have to work hard……」

The next moment his mother started crying.


All children are worry warts.

「I’m sorry, Seiya. I’m sorry」
「Seiya. From tomorrow onwards you will study magic under your father. You need to make sure to master your purple magic」

The mother embraced her child carefully, and his father also embraced them.

Here, Seiya’s consciousness is released from the deep darkness.

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(I……remember……. they are ……my parents)
(So you remembered. That is your power)
(And who the hell are you?)

Seiya asked the owner of the voice. But he didn’t get the answer.

(I’m your memory, I’m you. So use my power to your heart’s content)

Saying this the darkness recedes. In the end, Seiya didn’t uncover the voice’s identity, but it wasn’t the enemy.

(I see. Thank you …… for returning memory)

Seiya thanks the mysterious voice that returned his memory.

He slowly wakes up.

Watching Seiya waking up, the man in the white coat says「What happened!? My anesthesia didn’t work? 」but Seiya didn’t care.

「『Dark Wave』」

The moment Seiya muttered that, a purple wave was emitted from him and erased the restraints binding him.

The man in white seeing this incomprehensible scenery screamed on top of his lungs.

「*******, what did you do? What is this? I have never heard of such a thing. Who the hell are you? 」

The white coat lost his previous composure, his pathetic figure completely exposed.

But it was impossible. A white-robed man was a researcher and had a considerable confidence in his knowledge, but the magic used by Seiya was a first for him.

The man was proud of his magical knowledge but faced with an unknown spell he lost his cool.

The spell used by Seiya originally does not exist in the Leiria Kingdom and even its name is concealed by the church, so it is natural that he does not know.

Seiya disregards the white robe and continues.

There was no killing intent for a white robe or a grudge against this unreasonable world. There was only the power.

At that time, Seiya had already lost interest in the white robe and the world.

「『Dark Tremor』」

Immediately after the words of Seiya, one big wave started spreading out in all directions with him as the center.

Everything that touches that wave if getting extinguished, like it never existed.

The humans disappeared, and the man in the white coat did not even leave the body behind, it vanished in an instant without a trace.

There is a flat ground all around Seiya, if someone said that there were facilities here no one would believe him.

It is a dark territory around, he didn’t know what happened to Zach’s trio, but Seiya didn’t care anymore. [1]

Looking around Seiya muttered in a small voice.

「So this is a magic of dark attribute ……」

Dark attribute. It is magic that exists in the Great Dakuria Empire, its special effect is 『annihilation』. It is magic that can make everything disappear, a magic contrasting to the light attribute.

While looking up at the sky, he notices the change in his thinking pattern.

Until I awakened, I avoided every conflict, I wanted to find a peaceful solution, but now it is different.

If something stands in my way, I can just destroy it. I someone doesn’t bother me then I won’t bother them either.

He felt as if he quit being a human. Seiya did not know whether he was still considered as such.

Seiya’s heart was almost dead at this time.

He didn’t know what to do from now on. He couldn’t think of anything he should or wanted to do.


At such time, Seiya noticed a fainted girl lying face down on the ground.


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