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Episode 10 Abandoned Seiya

Knowing that this is a dark territory, Zach’s trio turned crazy and started crying out loudly.

「This can’t be……」
「You are noise for guinea pigs, should I send electricity again?」
「「「「Damn it……」」」」

Looking at them, the man wearing the white coat shows off the remote again. As a result, they cannot do anything but keep silent.

「As long as you understand」
「Can I ask something?」

Seiya asks a question for a man in white.

「What, smart guy?」

Apparently, a man in white coat seems to have a relatively good impression of Seiya and answers his question readily.

That’s why Seiya tried to pull more information out of him

「Are you the cause of recent frequent kidnappings in Windistan?」

If the kidnapper of Windistan is also the man in the white coat in front of him, the number of kidnapped magicians should be tremendous.

In other words, it means that there are many people in these organization, and the more people they have, the bigger the chance to commit a mistake.

Seiya hoped for that.

「Wow … well done. That’s right. Not to mention Windistan, I am also kidnapping from Aquaristan」
「In can’t be….」

Answer beyond anticipation came back and he lost his words, but at the same time, he saw hope.

According to the testimony of a white coat, the three provincial churches of Freestan, Windistan, and Aquaristan should be on the move to search for him.

Then if he can buy some time, help will eventually come.

「Just how many kidnapped magicians did I kill. Kufufufu」
「What a *******……」
「He is a psycho」
「No way~」
「Take care. Pitiful guinea pigs」

He is a man with crazy eyes. He merely thinks of magicians as just experimental tools, and he feels no guilt regarding lost lives.

This is a problem that must be taken care of immediately. As soon as Seiya got the information, he decided to hold a strategic meeting with Zach’s trio as soon as possible.

「Do your best to stay obedient from now on」

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The white-robed man said so and tried to leave, but someone rushed over to a man in a white robe and whispered to him.

Then the white robe hearing the story of a man looked at Seiya’s group while grinning and said.

「It is regretful news. We have a shortage of funds right now. So for now, choose one among you. I will take his organs to sell. Did you know? Organs of magicians can sell higher」
「「「「This is……」」」」
「Because I am a gentle person, I will graciously give you some time for selection. Decide in three minutes」

White coat with a smile on his face seemed to be looking forward to their discussion.

What choice will you make with your life as a stake? For the white coat, demonstration of the human ugliness was his favorite food.

「He’s insane ……」
「If you have time to beat around the bush then decide quickly, lab rats. Do you want electricity to flow again?」
「If you do not hurry up I will choose myself. Kihihihi」

Seiya started thinking of what should be done in this situation. We are fellow comrades, we agreed to cooperate with each other. First of all, we should talk with each other without white coat listening, I should buy some time.

Thinking such things Seiya turned to face his comrades, just in time to see them looking back at him.

「Ehh……you can’t be……wait guys! We just….」
「Shut up! I’m a part of intermediate magician family, Unknown」
「That’s right, Unknown. No one will grief if you die, right? But we have a family」
「We are counting on you, Unknown~ Be brave ~」
「Besides, this is the only use for you anyway」
「Wait a moment,『It seems it’s decided』……」

When a man wearing a white coat says so, the men behind him open the prison and bring Seiya out.

At that time, Zach tried to steal the keys but failed due to painful electric current.

In the first place, Zach’s trio already lost their courage to escape in the face of the crazy man in white robe

「Well then, they did what I told, can’t be helped」
「Wait! Zach-kun! Hoa-kun! Shura-kun! You said we are comrades!」
「「「Oh, that’s right. That’s precisely why! We will not waste your sacrifice, Unknown」」」

The trio watched Seiya off with a crazy smile. Three people are desperate to survive; most likely they will abandon all their friends from now on.

Seiya stared at the three people with hatred seeping from his eyes, but then he was suddenly blindfolded.

Blindfolded Seiya was brought to an unknown place by the men.

On the way he seemed to go up the stairs, so he knew that they were in the basement so far, but Seiya couldn’t care less.

When they arrive in a room, men remove Seiya’s blindfold. It looked like an operating room, and there was a single bed in the middle.

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Seiya was laid on the bed in the middle of a room, they restrained him by the neck, wrists, ankles and belly.

His body was restrained, and his magic was sealed by magic seal stone. A bright light was shining on Seiya.

After a while, a white-clothed man who changed into a surgeon garment comes into the operating room. There was a researcher-like assistant next to him, it was a moment right before the surgery.

The man in the white coat and the assistant set the surgical equipment, Seiya tried to free himself, but he couldn’t move because of the restraints.

White coat says to frantic Seiya.

「I am not a demon. I can at least hear your last will, kid」

Whether this was his mercy or he just wanted to play, either one was the same for Seiya. Seiya desperately wants to live.

「Please stop it! I beg you. Save me. I will do anything!」
「I see. Regretfully this is impossible. It is a farewell, kid」
「Nnn! Nnn! 」

The assistant presses the mask against Seiya’s mouth to apply anesthetic. Gradually the anesthesia starts to take effect, depriving Seiya of his consciousness.

As his consciousness gets hazy, Seiya thinks.

(Why me … why people despise me and call me Unknown … where are my parents … why can’t I remember them… … if only I wasn’t Unknown … … if only I had real family … why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?)

Seiya felt how pitiful his life was up to this point.

He has no memory until the age of ten, the spells he learned are just basics of the basics. When he entered the academy, he was despised as Unknown by the classmates and received a lynching during training, he was betrayed by people he thought of as comrades ….

(Heh, I’m dying miserably like this. It was a boring life … …. If only I had more power ..)

If I had not stabbed him back then, if I had not brought my wallet, if I was adopted by Edward, if I had been absent from school today, if I did not go to the magic academy.

Seiya sinks in regret.

And finally, anesthesia seemed to disrupt his thoughts.

Seiya trying to resist against anesthesia, thought further.

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If he is going to be killed, it is better to continue to resist anesthesia like this and die painfully, rather than obediently lose consciousness by anesthesia.

Thinking as such Seiya tried to separate his consciousness.

It was at this time.

(Do you feel hate?)

Seiya heard a voice in his head.

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