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Chapter 149 – AIEEEEEEE?! (Part 1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

Good morning. It’s Ren, and it’s currently the morning of my first daily routine after almost a month.

I’m an early riser today as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done this routine, but I decided to keep it moderate. After all, I couldn’t afford to keep at it for hours when I had work the next day.

And now, as long as I can secure some time, I can return to my own room at home anytime, anywhere without going on long trips. It’s like, the sense of pressure disappeared; I didn’t feel pressed to finish what I still had backed up in one go… I was like, I guess I can call it a day here? I guess you could say that I felt a sense of security that I could do the daily routine as the words implied – daily, just like during my shut-in days.

…Anyway, my daily routine situation is not important!

Let’s refocus and prepare breakfast… oh, I can’t. As a punishment for what they did the day before yesterday, those two will be responsible for breakfast for a while.

Once breakfast and various preparations like that are done, we’ll head to the guild and take on a suitable quest for work! Yes, there has been another change in direction, and we will finally accept the goblin extermination job that we disliked so much!

…Or not.

Well… you see, it’s pouring rain today. So, today’s work is already done. I still need to check with the other two, though. It’s like a massive letdown.

As I gazed out the window with mixed feelings, the other two also woke up, prepared breakfast, and we had a meal. After that, we had a little discussion, and we decided to take a break from work for about four days, starting today.

Why did we decide to take such a long break? Well, it seems that this rain is going to last for 2-3 days. How do I know that? Well, it’s actually information from Norn. I don’t know why, but Norn seems to have an intuition for things like this. It could be her wild instincts or a specific trait of the Fenrir race, but the reason is a mystery.

Actually, even when I was holed up in the forest, Norn used to inform me when it was going to rain or when there would be a prolonged rainy period.

During such times, I couldn’t go outside, so there wasn’t much to do except stay in my room. Hahaha.

By the way, according to Lily, even in weather like this, there are quite a few adventurers who take on extermination quests and go out. Some do it because they are struggling for food, while others do it deliberately to avoid being detected by monsters.

There are also a few individuals among mage types who specialize in water and ice magic, and they are classified as eccentric for going out on rainy days. However, in reality, they are said to be incredibly strong when fighting in the rain, so that approach seems to have its merits.

Leaving that aside…

Since I suddenly have no work, I’ll lock myself in my room and focus on crafting! Or so will be my excuse to get back to my daily routine.

Even though I took it easy last night, it turned out like this in the end! I can be quite relentless with myself! But hey, I want to try out the various new equipment (if you know what I mean) I’ve made, you know?

Thanks to practicing blacksmithing and experimenting with the [Magic Sword Crafting] skill, I’ve become able to create various equipment (if you know what I mean) by combining [Creation Magic] and [Skill Granting]. So, I made a lot of them!

About a month ago… well, it’s been more than a month already… about a month and a bit ago, I was busy making things like magic armor and equipment for the girls, so I didn’t really get a chance to try them out! Plus, my intellectual curiosity is whispering to me, “Research various things,” so I can’t help it, right? So, I’m off to work on that again!

Since I already established some achievements during my previous development session, Lily and Arisa didn’t doubt my excuses and were being deceived.

Oh, by the way, I’m fine with my own food; I can manage it myself. But make sure the two of you eat properly, okay?

Why am I saying this? Well… it’s because after hearing that I’m going to lock myself up to craft, both of them went back to their rooms with somewhat awkward expressions. Are they gonna go at it again? Amazing!

And so, four days later, it was morning again, and I was up early as usual.

By the way, the rain stopped on the third night. And the reason we waited for an additional day was that we didn’t want to enter the rain-soaked forest. We decided to give it at least one more day, though a single day might not make much of a difference. Well, from the start, we had planned for a four-day break.

Now, today, breakfast preparation was still the responsibility of the other two, and I didn’t have much to do, so I decided to let Norn and Bell have their meal first. When I went to their place, they had already finished eating so I instead played with Bell to pass the time.

…Sorry, that was a lie. Actually, this was part of my training with Norn. Sometimes, when the timing for training with Arisa doesn’t align, I engage in exercises like this. It’s just a simple thing of avoiding Bell as she jumps at me, but it’s surprisingly tough. It’s not just playing around; it’s serious training in terms of movement.

However, I do have work afterward, so I make sure to balance things properly, or rather, they help me with that.

After spending some time on this, I returned to the living room, and the other two were already awake and finishing up with breakfast preparations.

We had a briefing session for the day while having breakfast.

“You two, it’s goblin extermination from today.”
“Goblin extermination, eh…”
“Goblin extermination, huh…”

The first thing I brought up was the topic of goblin extermination! My preemptive strike had the effect of drastically lowering their enthusiasm! It was quite effective!

But isn’t it a bit too much to worry about it so much? I think the heat around the topic should’ve settled down by now, right? I casually persuaded them in that direction and, after finishing breakfast and taking care of various preparations, and locking the house, we headed to the guild!

As expected, or rather, as I anticipated, there were no substantial quests other than goblin extermination, so we smoothly accepted it.

As an additional unsurprising twist, when we entered the guild, there was no particular attention drawn to us, and we received the quest just like any other adventurers. People may gossip, but in reality, everyone cares more about their own meals.

After accepting the quest, we set off towards the depths of the forest. However, it’s not a distance that would take more than a day to return; it’s within a day’s travel.

“Ah, it feels like it’s been a while since we entered the forest.”
“Lily, it’s not just a feeling, it has actually been a while, hasn’t it?”
“Well, that’s true… Anyway, if we’re doing it, we should do it properly!”
“Yeah, we’ll be decapitating plenty of them!”

Oh, wow, Arisa, that’s quite a strong murderous intent right from the start…

So, even though it had been a while since our goblin extermination, the results were lackluster. Two on the way there, and none on the way back!

“And here I finally got in the mood for goblin extermination… this is disappointing!”
“Hmm, we defeated the Legion, and a few days later, a special quest came in, and it’s been over ten days since then. Perhaps they’ve already pretty much cleared out this area that’s within a day’s distance.”
“Yeah, it might be something like that… What should we do, Arisa? At this rate, it might be a bit tricky unless we go further out.”
“Going further out, huh? That does sound a bit tricky.”
“What do you think, Ren?”
“Well… maybe we should continue accepting the same quest for a few more days and see how it goes. If we’re still in the same situation after that, it might be time to consider moving to a different town.”
“I see… considering relocation does make sense.”


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