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Chapter 149 – AIEEEEEEE?! (Part 2)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

While discussing such matters and returning to the guild, we went to the counter, and once again, the guild master was there to assist us. Huh, is the guild master here always free?

“I’m not free, you know?”

…Apparently not. Did he sense what I was thinking from my expression? He should just stay quiet since I didn’t even ask.

By the way, during the currency exchange, I got some information through casual conversation. As I expected, goblins were not often seen within a day’s travel range anymore. Currently, preparations were underway to clear out several large-scale nests at distances that take 2-3 days or even more to reach. They were also in the process of creating relay points for that purpose. I mean, besides the Legion, there were several large nests like that? Everyone must be really busy.

The guild master seemed to want me to participate in clearing out the nests, but I gracefully ignored him and made my escape from the guild.

“Ren, you’re not thinking of accepting that, are you?”
“Huh? No, I’m not.”

It’s just too much trouble.

“I’m against it too! Traveling is such a hassle!”

Arisa, you’re truly my comrade! …Or so I thought, but the real reason for her objection was that she didn’t want to expose me to the public eye. Even if she told me to behave myself, she was sure I would mess something up.

Hey now, I do behave myself in crowded places, you know? I tried to argue, but they said that building a makeshift camp with earth magic by myself was not normal. Apparently, such makeshift camps, created with earth magic, are usually built by several people. There are some who can do it alone, but they are a minority.

I mean, even if it’s a minority, if there are people who can do it, isn’t it fine not to worry so much? I was thinking that, but they seemed to have realized my thoughts and both of them gave me sharp looks, so I decided to stay quiet.

While discussing such matters and making our way back home, we heard some commotion coming from the direction slightly away from the town center.

“…I wonder what’s going on?”
“Shall we go check it out?”
“Let’s go!”

The three of us looked at each other and thought for a moment, but since we didn’t have a clear idea, we decided to head toward the source of the commotion.

Hmm… it sounds like they’re saying things like “Nice!” or “Close!” or “Do more!”

As we turned behind what looked like a warehouse-like building a little further ahead, there was a crowd of people. Judging from the commotion, it seemed like someone was having a fight, and everyone was watching it?

I peered through the gaps between the onlookers and saw people with weapons vigorously sparring on the other side.

Wait, a deadly fight in the middle of town!?

I thought that at first, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Upon closer inspection, their weapons were sheathed swords or wooden sticks, so it appeared they were taking precautions not to cause fatal injuries. Also, it wasn’t just two people fighting; there were several pairs engaged in one-on-one combat.

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When I glanced around the area, it seemed like all the onlookers were adventurers?

Huh? What on earth are they doing?

While I was pondering this, Lily approached one of the onlookers and started asking questions.

“Um, what are they doing here?”
“Huh? Oh, this is, like… a mock duel and a betting game using it. It originally started when idiots who didn’t get along began to fight, and the people watching found it interesting and started placing bets.”

Huh… are they really doing something like this with so many rough-and-tumble adventurers? As I was thinking that, the man Lily approached seemed quite talkative and explained various things even though she didn’t ask.

While it may have had a questionable start with a bunch of dubious characters, it seems that now it’s focused on training for the younger ones and sparring between skilled individuals. Killing each other is strictly forbidden. Additionally, the bets involve things like buying a round of drinks during that night’s drinking session or contributing to a big plate of snacks that everyone shared. It was much more wholesome than I had expected.

In fact, the guild has intervened to some extent and put some order to it. It seems they used this as sort of an outlet of stress to prevent unexpected trouble due to the sudden gathering of a large number of adventurers, according to this man.

There were still some folks who seemed like they might cause trouble, but a few responsible adventurers seemed to take care of them, physically if necessary.

It’s strange how most of them looked rough and tough, but they were actually quite organized…

Well, in that case, I’m not opposed to watching. As for the betting… I guess we don’t have to participate, right?

While thinking about that, I looked to my side and saw that Arisa was already observing intently. Following her gaze, I saw that one of the participants was none other than Rad.

Oh… Rad seems quite strong. His movements were pretty fast, he seemed quite powerful, and on top of that, the way he moved was oddly skilled. It seemed like he would put up a good fight against Arisa without using [Acceleration]…

“Arisa, what do you think?”
“…Without [Acceleration], if things go well, it might be an even match… No, I think I’d have clearly lost.”

What!? Is Rad really that strong!?

“Without Feather, I still have a long way to go.”

Really…? Arisa, even without [Acceleration], I lose sight of you quite easily…

“Even when you aren’t using it, I can’t really keep up with your movements…”
“Lily, you’re a mage, so I don’t think you should worry too much about that. [Hawk’s Eye], which Ren has, is a good skill, but it’s essentially a basic skill that enhances various aspects of vision, so it might be a bit lacking just by itself. If you want to enhance your dynamic vision, [Insight] is essential, I think. Also, without the combat instinct of a warrior, it might be difficult to track movements visually, don’t you think? Oh, I want [Hawk’s Eye] too.”

… Arisa, you talk a lot, huh? Even while chatting, her eyes were constantly following Rad’s movements.

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By the way, I’ve been thinking this for a while, but Arisa, your knowledge in these matters is amazing, and you’re quite intelligent, huh? Are you not playing a ditzy character, by any chance?

Well, it doesn’t matter either way, and I have no intention of changing how I interact with her. Anyway, it didn’t seem like I’d gain much by watching Rad’s movements, so maybe I should check out other matches. I started looking at the other people fighting, and there was someone who looked familiar…

Wait, isn’t that Ryuu!? Why is Ryuu here!?


And just as I was surprised by Ryuu’s presence, I was suddenly body-slammed from behind and knocked down.

Ugh! An ambush!? What happened to Norn!?

I struggled to escape, but my arms were restrained, and I couldn’t break free. Hey, what’s going on!? What are Lily and Arisa doing!? Please help me quickly! As I wriggled and struggled, I heard a familiar voice.

“Ren, found you.”

… Wait, is this Kuro!?


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