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Chapter 144 – I’m Sick of Exterminating Goblins (Part 1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

Now then, we’re settled on the clan name, so it was time to start over on a fresh page! Or well, not exactly, but it was still a milestone. But yeah… How should I put it, it’s like there’s nothing to do?

No, well, I guess I shouldn’t worry about it and just accept some quests as usual, but the guild in this town was still caught up in the Goblin hunting craze.

Our party was in a bit of a dilemma that we really ought not to accept any Goblin quests to avoid any more unpleasant nicknames like the Goblin Slayers and such.

“…That being said, it’s been three days since we’ve taken a break, so I’m starting to feel a bit restless already. I think it’s about time we take on some requests… What do you think?”

Yes, with a situation like this ongoing, our leader would have something to say.

“Yes, it would feel a bit unsettling if we don’t take some work soon…”
“I’m fine either way!”

Right, Arisa, you stay quiet. We’re having a serious talk here.

“But no Goblins, right?”
“Yes! No Goblins! We went through the trouble of registering the clan name, so it would be troublesome if a nickname like that sticks!”
“I’m tired of Goblins too. I don’t wanna see one for a while.”

I know, right? Actually, it’s pretty rare for even Arisa to dislike something. Hmm… what would be our choices, then?

I turned my face to Lily, but she had a troubled expression, saying she had no ideas despite bringing it up herself. As for Arisa, well… it was the usual Arisa.

“…For the time being, should we go and check if there are any interesting quests?”
“…That would be for the better. No good ideas are coming to my mind.”

Since we couldn’t think of anything, this would be the next natural action. You could call it going at it haphazardly. But well, I guess this unorganized state really described us well…

And so, Adventurer’s Guild—’s quest board, here we are!

“…It’s iffy as usual.”

We repeated a similar conversation as earlier. I mean there was no helping it since the board was filled with nothing but the usual iffy quests.

As we stood at a loss in front of the unchanged quest board contents, we heard whispers from around.

“…Hey, it’s them…”
“…Are they the rumored…”
“…Are you telling me… those three brats were…”
“Don’t be deceived by their appearances. We’re talking about magicians here. Appearance and age doesn’t matter…”
“…Tsk, it’s pissing me off…”
“Don’t be like that. We profited thanks to them…”

…Oh boy, looks like we’ve attracted more attention than I expected! Can I just go back?

“Lily, should we take a Goblin quest?”
“Anything but that!”
“I’m also opposed!”
“Yup, saw that coming…”

Hmm, since it’s come to this, let’s just take a random quest and just get out of here. Yeah, let’s do that.

In that case, is there any interesting quest… Oh yeah, I remember one of them caught my eye before, didn’t it? Let’s see… Oh, it’s still here. I reached out to the quest that was pinned a bit high up and tore it off.

“Lily, let’s go with this.”
“Huh, this?”
“Uhh… ‘Subjugate the monster at the spring inside the forest’? Subjugate the large magic beast that has settled near the spring where the town harvests specialty cuisine ingredients…? Are you serious…?”
“There are no other interesting quests. Plus, doesn’t it sound fun?”
“I don’t see what’s fun here…”

“Lily, I wanna do it too.”
“Even you, Arisa? But listen, Arisa, if it’s a large monster, we don’t know if your sword can cut it, you know? Are you sure?”
“Huuh? If my sword can’t work, Ren will surely do something about it. And if its a large one, Ren has that thing, don’t we?”
“That thing? By that… you mean that armor?”
“Yeah, that one.”
“……Ren, could it be the reason you chose this quest… is that you wanted to test its performance?”

I stayed silent with my usual smile. A bright smile.

Well, actually, testing the magic armor’s performance was only half of the reason. The other half was half that the quest actually sounded fun, and half my interest in the specialty cuisine1.


Lily’s gaze suddenly turned distant, but soon enough, she folded her arms and started considering it seriously.

“…Well, it’s true that we should check that thing’s performance a bit more… Plus a battle with a large magic beast… I do want to see how effective my magic and Arisa’s sword would be against it…”

She seemed to be contemplating things quite seriously while mumbling to herself.

“…If we fail to defeat it in the worst case, we still have Norn, and Ren’s armor, and we should be able to damage it… there are a lot of adventurers in the town now, so we could rush back and ask for aid, I suppose…… Alright. Let’s accept this quest.

Huh, she was more thorough with risk management than I expected.

“Ren, you can just leave decisions like this to Lily!”

Ack, my shock seemed to have shown up on my face. I seemed to have worried Arisa, she spoke up. But still, I didn’t expect her to give it such a deep thought. I mean, she had only just turned 15 (adult).

…Hmm, yeah, I’m really no match for Lily. Seriously.

At any rate, we’ve accepted the quest, so we should just register it at the counter and head out. So yeah, to the counter we go!

“Oh, it’s you… you finally came! You’re here for the Goblin extermination, right? There are so many of them that we’re really troubled. It is a great help…2



  1. Silva: Of course, it’s all about food for you~
  2. Silva: Lol, even the receptionists are expecting them to pick Goblin extermination quests.
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