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Chapter 143 – Subjugation is Subjugation until We Finish Cleaning Up! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2403 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 985 words

Although Arisa launched her attack, hot air is still flowing out of the room.

With Lily’s full power Fireball, the amount of heat inside the room was considerably hot.

We have to prepare before we enter the room, so I asked Lily to cast the wind magic on everyone and decided to enter the room.

When I entered the room, Arisa was in the middle of beating the goblins who had been baked. It seems that General and Hob are still alive. But they were almost dead. It’s almost a matter of time before they died.

By the way, with this, we’ll have killed all the goblins. It would be nice if the subjugation of the ‘Legion’ is over with this, but we still have a lot of preparations for the small cleanup.

It’s time to search for this Lord’s room and check the hidden room further back.

After collecting the corpses other than the Lord, we check the corpse of the Lord. A big burnt sword is swung nearby. Was it stolen from an adventurer who had been defeated so far? It looks like it was a good one… well, it’s charred.

“My sword… It becomes like this…”

Rad muttered with tears. Oops, so it’s his. Well, we managed to get it back.

Rad was even more depressed when he saw me taking it away in front of him. Yeah… I’ll give it back later, so endure it.

Then the Lord’s corpse was also recovered. Yeah, we obtained a pretty high-quality magic stone because it was an old Warlord. Is it possible to make various things with this? Oh, by the way, I use magic stones and other materials in various ways, so instead of taking all of them, I end up distributing various rewards to Lily and Arisa. When I organized the party, we decided on this first.

“The rest is a hidden room over there.”

I point to the wreckage of the throne-like thing that the Lord probably used before.

“That throne? Behind it?”
“Yes. It seems that they have accumulated quite a lot of treasures.”

At the same time, Norn knocked the wreckage of the throne with his front legs and uncovered the entrance to the hidden room. The road leading inside was wide as it was, so I went to the back with Lily and Arisa, and arrived at the hidden room.

“It’s pretty wide.”

Hmm, it’s really wide. And a decent amount of treasure trove. …Treasure? No, it’s a little dirty, so it’s hard to call them that.

However, it seems that there are some weapons and armor, and there is a considerable amount of money.

“I will collect everything for the time being.”
“Well, Ren. Please.”

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Yeah, if we all look around one by one, no matter how much time we have, there will be no end, so first collect it in my [Storage]. Then write the list on paper later.

However, there may be important or expensive items, so if there are such items, we will report them upon discovery. Well, until now there was no such thing.

But this time…

“There was one thing I was a little worried about…”
“What is it?”

I took out a wooden board. It was too large to be called a wooden tag, and it had some marks engraved on it.

There is one large circle-like mark, and several small marks, some of which are crushed with something like a cross. There are some other characteristic marks.

“…What is this?”
“Just a guess, but I think the location of the other nests is written here.”
“Wait a minute, this is goblin’s, right?”
“Yes, it’s goblin’s, but they were led by an old Lord. Maybe the big mark here is the location of this nest, and this characteristic mark here is the town we’re based in. This I think the nest that we crushed has a cross around it. Then, all the marks around here are nests, and the other marks are villages… ”

If there is a location of this abandoned mine and a town, I remember that the place marked with a cross is almost the same as the position of the nest we crushed.
But then I think that the other marks are villages and other nests.

“That’s… But you’re right about the positions…”
“We should ask Nell and others now, right?”
“…That’s right. Ren, is that okay?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”

If my expectation is correct, there are still many nests left. It’s okay if we’re wrong, but there’s no mistake. Just in case, we should listen to the opinions of other people.

We got out of the hidden room and asked Nell and her friends for their opinions.

“Seriously… But if that’s the case, the villages around here would be in a pretty bad situation if we didn’t deal with it quickly …”
“Fortunately, there is no longer a Lord who can command such a number of nest, right? If you hurry back to the town and make an urgent request, won’t we make it in time?”
“That may be the case… but there are some children who were caught? Even if you hurry back to town with those weak children, there is a limit to the speed of movement.”
“That’s right…”

Hmmm, talking in this stinky room as it is won’t do. Isn’t it better to go out once? I proposed that and decided to go out and discuss it.

And when I listen to the opinions of the children, they were sure that the signs indicated the villages. It seems that one of the marks overlaps with one of the villages in which they live.

“This is bad… what should we do?”
“I don’t know!”

Everyone at Nell’s party was slightly panicking. My bad expectations were right, and I was slightly depressed. This is really bad.

“What are we going to do, Ren?”


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