Chapter 142 – Goblin Legion Strategy Battle (Part 3-2)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3566 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1341 words

Even if you ask me that… Lily is the leader, okay? Why not ask Arisa? Ah, asking her would be useless, though.

What about Nell? Ah, they’re following us. I see…

“…Then let’s take a break and have a meal.”

We had rescued all the hostages, so we took a break there. It would be better to replenish our energy here. Everyone should be tired.

“…Are you sure? Won’t the goblins wake up?”
“It’s fine.”
“Is this fine…”

Yeah, it’s okay. The golem still pouring the sleeping gas, and I’m increasing the gas concentration just in case. By the way, when I was treating the hostages, Norn and Bell went around to patrol, and there were no enemies around us.

I made a rest area with earth magic and quickly prepared for the camp and started cooking. I make a lot of soup since it is easy to digest, nourishing, and fills my stomach. Add vegetables and orc meat to make it taste like miso. I wish I had some bread, but Lily stopped me because it wouldn’t be good to provide too much bread. Guess we should adjust our image as well.

Lily had become a judge that stops me from being too excessive. I’m grateful.

“Ren, are you thinking of something strange?”
“Not really?”

I feel that Lily is a little mean these days…

After filling our stomachs, we drank hot barley tea and took a break to completely digest the nutrition. There were some people who were eating a lot, but I don’t mind. As long as the full stomach didn’t affect their work, there is no problem. What if it does? Well… I’ll have them endure with it.

The work resumed and we went beyond the branch near the second hostage room. On the way, we finally arrived at the innermost large room. I’ve been watching the road so far, but it seems no one relaxed their guard due to taking a meal break.

“Is this the last one… We finally arrived here.”
“It was long… I’m tired of goblins…”
“Killing goblins can be this painful…”
“This is the last step, so let’s do our best!”

Those words were said by members other than me. Isn’t it good enough that we didn’t have to risk our lives?

“Well, stop complaining already. Let’s do this well.”
“Right… Ren, we won’t rush in and deal with the Lord, right?”
“Of course.”
“Eh!? Is that so!? I thought we would rush in and fight normally…”
“I thought so too…”
“We did that until now, but we can’t be too reckless.”

Why would I do that! We had no injury so far, but I don’t intend to start here. I gently put my hand on the wall next to the door and [Analyze] the inside of the room.

“Goblin Lord. One warlord, one general, two spellcasters, two hob, and ten normal goblins.”
“Not just a Lord, but also a warlord… Can we beat them? …But more than that, you can get that much detailed information with a skill…”
“You have great ability… What kind of skill was it? Can I learn it…”

Nell’s team was whispering that, but I ignored them. This was a serious problem.

“..The Lord is awake. It’s pretending to be asleep.”
“That’s bad… If we rush into the room, they’ll surround us and force us into a fight. We’re at a disadvantage here. The quality of our equipment is superior, but I don’t think we can win that easily.”
“We’ll get hurt… So let me think for a moment.”
“I have a bad feeling.”
“Lily, shut up. I don’t want any of you to get injured.”

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Why does she sound happy? They’re my friends, so of course I’m worried, okay? Or is it some other emotions? Like, girls love…? No, let’s not ponder over it. I’m a little scared of Lily since our distance was so close recently… Wait a little longer, I’m not ready yet.

That’s not right. I’m talking seriously right now!

“…First I’ll immobilize all of them, then Lily should shoot a fireball into the room with all her might. At the same time, I’ll shoot magic at the entrance and put a barrier to prevent the blast from coming into the aisle. When the blast subsides, Arisa rushes in and decapitates the warlord. Maybe Fireball alone will not kill the Lord. Oh, Lily. Just in case, please cast wind magic on Arisa as a measure against flame heat. ”
“Finally my time to shine!”

Norn and Bell would wait just in case. If Arisa failed, they would support her.

“Can we help? We have nothing to do.”
“Sorry, but I afraid no. it might ruin our cooperation.”
“…I see. I understand that reason. But I can participate in the fight just in case.”
“Okay… Let’s get started.”

Lily used [Magic Sword] to cast wind magic on Arisa and was ready to go.

I took out a sword from [Storage] via the bag. The b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ sword was the ice magic sword that had been improved; I succeeded in downsizing it. ‘Jozuhnwein’.

It’s kind of my black history since I’m bad at giving names, but its performance is great, so there’s no way I won’t use it. Above all, it is one of the magic sword series that I made as a substitute for magic in such a situation! By the way, the [Pouring Shower] weapon series is also a member of this “magical alternative” classification.

I held out the Jozuhnwein with both hands and thrust it against the ground, putting in a large amount of magical power.

“What is that sword… There’s an overwhelming amount of magic from it…!?”

I can hear Nell’s muttering but I ignored her, pouring my magic power into it.

Eventually, when the blade was full of magical power, the power hidden in the sword is released…!

“Tie it up, Jouzuhnwein……! [Ice Bind]!”

At the same time as the weapon skill is activated, ice runs on the ground from where the sword was thrust. It goes under the door as it is and entered the room. Eventually, I heard some sounds from inside the room without delay.

“Ugh!? Wargh!? Ahh!?”

From the echo of the goblin’s voice, it sounded as if they are rampaging to release the restraint caused by the ice vines. [Ice Bind] is a weapon skill that entangles and restrains the whole body the more you scratch your feet. If you do not resist the restraint, you will not be able to move as it is, and if you continue to resist, you will not be able to take any other action during that time.

“Lily, now!”
“Yes! I’ll go with full power! ‘Fireball’!”

Lily, who was preparing magic in the same way when I put magic into my sword, unleashes the magic. Powered up by the effect of the magic ring I made for her, it broke through the door with a tremendous amount of heat and was shot into the room.

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At the moment when the compressed fireball completely disappears into the room, I use [Barrier Magic] to cover the entrance. I was worried for a moment, so I made a wall around the room with barrier magic. It is reinforced so that it’s okay if the wall collapses due to the power of Lily’s fireball.

The next moment, a roaring sound echoed and the soil fell from the ceiling.


The goblins screamed.

“Wah, is this okay!?”

Nell and his friends are surprised, but I ignore them and give the following instructions. At the same time as my voice was heard, Arisa rushes into the room at a bullet-like speed. I released the barrier at the right timing so that Arisa does not collide. The rush was successful. But the next moment, the goblins screamed three times.

“Guhh! Gu… Gubu…! Buhh…”

However, the voice stopped abruptly.
…Did they avoid the first hit? Or did she successfully decapitate them?


Hmm, just what is this relaxed atmosphere…


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